Tweet(s) of the day! For encouragement!







Check out how many people Obama was speaking to. Then look at Trump’s 18K plus the outside 80K.






This is happening in Texas as well. More R voters than D’s in early voting.







Keep up the good work. Do not let this make us slack! The tide is turning! WE ARE #WOKE!



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  1. Obama’s not helping, lol. They’re running from Hillary, and all that leaves is dirty ol’ Joe. Although Ellison should have been the one in front of a Senate committee, the story of his abuse still made enough headlines that people are rejecting him too. I’d walk away too if that were all my party had.

    We voted today and noticed that there was quite a crowd, so I’m hopeful that they were voting R like we did.

    Thanks for the encouraging news, tannngl!

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  2. You’d better not be messing with us, tannngl!

    I looked at the article on Ellison, and while it’s great news that he’s fallen behind I am despairing for the reasons given for his sudden fall from grace. He pulled the girlfriend off the bed by her feet (if she’s dumb enough to date a leftist, who cares?) and he got cozy with Louis Farrakhan (no kidding!). Only later is it mentioned, in passing, that Ellison is a left-wing extremist. I guess that’s not enough to wake anyone up anymore.

    Oh well. We’ll take it anyway, won’t we? 😀

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