“Community Standards” vs FACTS and Federal Laws

Two of my friends have run afoul of the extreme left wing censors at Facebook. Both expressed support for US federal immigration laws. One was told that supporting such laws is HATE SPEECH. The other was told that knowledge of such laws goes against Facebook’s “community standards”.

How much more proof do we need that Facebook is no longer neutral in terms of political speech?



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  1. I left FB years ago. Read once that their monitors are all over the world. They may have a problem with the many in interpreting the ‘rules’. And of course bias.

    In other news, read today that they continue to hemorrhage members.

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  2. Hmmmm, yes. I see what the problem is, Crawfish. You told the truth.

    Shame on you. You should know better.

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  3. I don’t understand their system, if there is one. I’ve seen similar posts and have posted similar comments myself, but haven’t been put in time-out. The same picture that our friend Rob had pulled, I posted with no problem. There’s no consistency and they never seem to have a problem with all the hateful things libs post.

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  4. Should have been reduced to zero.


  5. At least they were honest and told you what they were banning. I’ve had 3 posts deleted in the last month without even a chance to respond or change the wording. Facebook and Twitter are nothing more than left wing propaganda machines that can’t handle having the truth exposed.

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    • Thanx for stopping by and commenting. I myself have had a 3-day ban for a month old meme post that “violated community standards” but they couldn’t tell me how, and a 7-day for “hate speech” (reduced to 3 when I showed their hypocrisy).

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