How Did a Honduran Immigrant Get This T-Shirt?

Any guesses?


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  1. I’m betting he got it from one of his leftist cheerleaders along the way. Poor guy probably can’t read (especially not in English!).

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  2. Actually, some of those shirts are printed there. Pay the workers 25 cents an hour, sell tghe shirts inh the US for $19.95

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  3. That is interesting indeed. I’ve seen pictures of nice new baby strollers, Nike shoes, new-looking backpacks, one guy had on a tee shirt that says ‘Fly Emirates’ and another guy has on a hoodie with a Walt Disney logo.
    I don’t know if it’s Soros or not, although that’s likely, but there is definitely some American influence going on.

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  4. Well, that proves it. Caravan sponsored by Hillary et al. She’s got her hands in everything lately–from inciting violence against Republicans to invasion of our country. “Nice job Hillary.”

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    • That immigrant caravn, now, by the way, is up to 5000. I think this calls for all out war against these people.
      And I think you are right! Hillary has a hand in this. I also think Soros’ Countries without borders organizations has big hands in this. He hates the US Constitution and our freedoms. He’s done all he can to destroy us.

      On November 6: #VOTEstraighRepublican!


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