#TweetOfTheDay – Ted Cruz Signs!

Leftists are truly insane.

But I didn’t have to say it-it’s obvious.



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  1. Holy cow! This guy belongs in a padded cell….along with several million others like him!

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    • I know. I thouht he was acting childishly when he said he was going to take all the Cruz signs but then! he got really stupid! And with insane facial contortions. Wouldn’t you love him for a husband?


  2. Unhinged much?

    We’re at the point where the Left doesn’t even think they need to hide their infringement on other people’s freedom. Time to send the evidence to the local sheriff, and when they pick this guy up for destroying other peoples’ political signs they should make sure to add littering to the charges.

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  3. Isn’t taking down campaign signs some type of felony? For certain, it’s obvious that the guy is a ‘libtard’ because he behaves like a bratty toddler.

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