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  1. Looking at Beto reminds me of watching Obama campaign. He was smooth and said the things Dems and some fence-sitters wanted to hear, but we soon learned what a snake in the grass he was.

    On the other hand, we have Ted Cruz, who is a straight shooter, a master at debating, and knows how to summarize by leaving viewers with that final question in the minds. Are we better off than we were two years ago? You bet we are. Keep Texas Red!

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  2. Cruz did a great job of drawing the distinction between himself and Beto O’Rourke and was very smart to focus his closing message on keeping the strong economy going. It’s disheartening to think that a nanny-state leftist like O’Rourke could manage to muster so much support in a state like Texas, but that’s the consequence of the cultural shift taking place there as people migrate from Mexico and California and elsewhere, bringing their nanny-state values with them.

    I live in Nevada now but sent Ted a donation to help protect my friends in Texas. GO TED!

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    • I donate to him with every election.
      The money for Beto is from outside the state. And I think it reflects more on billionaire financiers than Texas voters. Then there are the cultural marxists in Texas and the sheep who just believe what the media tells them. I can’t stand to see Texas go down that path. Also…illegals.

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