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  1. I wish Nikki had stayed until the end of Trump’s first term, at least, but she leads by example regarding term limits.

    I don’t know who Trump will pick, but I hope they’re as tough on the UN as she’s been.

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  2. Hmmm…..

    Nikki Haley was great as the U.N. Ambassador but I think it’s time for a man to have a turn again. Does he have to be a cross-dresser?

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    • Hahahaha! Haley was tough. Most women aren’t. She toed the line and was harsh to the UN socialist elitists who run the place. I really hate to see her go after watching Tillerson as Secretary of State at first. Not very strong. Poor management skills. And others who have left.

      One name keeps coming up as replacement. Dina Powell. I don’t think she’s quite the conservative. Egyptian and has worked with the Clintons. That’s enough of a black mark for me.

      A man? I think the toughest person for the job. Woman or man.

      The shoes worn needn’t be heels but to be able to wear them and appear confident and assertive takes skill. Nikki had that. I do not wear heels but am not a cross dresser. 😁

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