Illegal Immigrant Groups Overload Arizona Border Patrol

By Susan Jones, 10-9-18, at CNS News:

Border patrol agents say they continue to apprehend large groups of illegal immigrants, many from Guatemala, who increasingly are being led into remote desert areas of the United States by human smugglers who have deceived them with promises of financial gain and protected immigration status.

“Multiple areas along the Yuma and Ajo (Arizona) corridors are being exploited by criminal organizations,” Customs and Border Protection announced last Friday.

“This is a humanitarian crisis that is impacting border security,” said Yuma Sector Chief Patrol Agent Anthony Porvaznik. “Criminal entities are lining their pockets while exploiting a vulnerable population, filling our stations and diverting our national security efforts.”

Border Patrol agents say they are tracking the illegal immigrants around the clock, given the “significant” influx. “With more family units being smuggled into these areas, agents must divert even greater resources to care and treat those harmed by the arduous journey,” CBP said.

Last Tuesday, for example, CBP agents rescued 61 people from rising flood waters; and last Wednesday, shortly after crossing the border, a mother in one of the groups died in front of her son.

“Migrants are suffering dehydration, illness, injuries and death at the hands of smugglers. Border Patrol agents are alarmed and concerned by the continuous influx of migrants found in life threatening and vulnerable situations,” CBP announced.

In the last six weeks, Arizona Border Patrol agents have arrested:

— 164 adults and children west of the San Luis Port of Entry on Oct. 2 (Yuma Sector);

— 264 adults and children west of the Lukeville Port of Entry on Sept. 25 (Ajo Station)

— 275 adults and children on Sept. 20 (Yuma); (CBP said 20 were hospitalized for back and ankle injuries, lacerations, lice infestation, and impetigo.)

— 193 adults and children west of the Lukeville Port of Entry on Sept. 16;

— 121 adults and children near the Senita Basin north of Lukeville on Sept. 9 (Ajo)

— 163 adults and children west of Lukeville’s Port of Entry on Sept. 4 (Ajo)

— 103 adults and children west of Lukeville’s Port of Entry on Aug. 28 (Ajo)

— 128 illegal immigrants who had been abandoned by their smugglers on Aug. 20 (Ajo).

In August, 37,544 illegal crossers were apprehended at Southwest border, the most since May 2018 when 40,335 were apprehended.

In August, the number of family unit apprehensions increased 38 percent to 12,774 – that’s 3,527 more than July.

The Ajo Station’s area of responsibility encompasses over 64 miles along the international border and the Yuma Sector covers 126 miles.


If you drive along IH-8 just west of Yuma, AZ you’ll see a border fence that would be child’s play to cross over into the US. Other pictures I’ve seen show a similar fence that runs parallel just a few yards south of it. I can’t say what the rest of the border fence looks like as it’s too far from the highway, but in this area that fence wouldn’t stop anyone. It’s no wonder our Border Patrol agents are being overrun with the hoards of illegals coming in.

The Dems and the Rs have been arguing for years about which comes first – immigration reform or border security, and neither objective gets accomplished. We haven’t even changed any laws to allow us to turn them away, so in the meantime the illegals just keep flooding in. 

It’s over 1900 miles from Guatemala to Yuma, AZ, so even by train, the toughest of the travelers would be exhausted and sick by the time they reach our border. And as we’ve talked about numerous times, they are bringing in diseases that had been basically wiped out in the US.

Hopefully, after the mid-terms, Congress will address this. Trump can’t do everything by himself.


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  1. As long as there are too many Democrats and RINOs in congress I see no reason to hope anything will ever change on our borders.

    I take exception to the tone of this article that portrays illegal aliens as victims, like when it speaks of “criminal entities …exploiting a vulnerable population…”

    That so-called “vulnerable population” is ALSO a criminal entity. They wouldn’t be in a “vulnerable” position but for the fact that they are knowingly trying to thwart U.S. law and enter this country illegally. It is Americans – not the illegals – who are being exploited, except we are being exploited as much by our fellow citizens on the Left as we are the illegals.

    Ms. Jones writes: “…agents must divert even greater resources to care and treat those harmed by the arduous journey…”

    The only reason we “must” do this is because the liberals – on BOTH sides of the political aisle – say we must. Any sane person could and would predict that the consequence of rewarding this crime against our nation is that we just get more and more of the same. When I get to be queen, this stops on day one. If the leftists and liberals and RINOs want to hang out on the Mexican border (ON THE MEXICAN SIDE) and rescue those who put themselves and their children in harms way for their criminal purposes (before they turn back), let them have at it. I give it a week, tops, before they tire of sainthood. Then we’ll decide whether or not to let THEM back in (not!).

    It angers me that people just accept this story that the only way for illegal immigrants to improve their lives is to leave and exploit other countries (the U.S., mostly) who have already made the sacrifices and done the hard work of building a strong, successful country. How about putting that effort into making their own countries a good place to live? Nope, that’s too much hard work. Too much sacrifice.

    Perhaps the greatest rub of all is that I would readily accept the disease-free, non-criminal immigrants who would embrace American values and culture, but the liberals in this country have made that impossible because of their determination to turn every person into a political pawn. They reward people for coming here illegally, tell them they’re victims, teach them how to take advantage of our laws and generosity and discourage them from adopting our values – all for the purpose of selfishly growing their own power. As long as the Left has any influence in this country the only way to protect ourselves is to limit immigration to those with proven conservative values.


    • Great comments, CW, and I’d have to agree – it’s not looking like anything will ever get done about our border. They keep making promises but it’s only to get themselves re-elected. Should they actually fulfill those promises, then they have no carrot to dangle in front of us.

      It’s pretty easy to spot the sympathizers when their posts portray the illegals as victims. I keep asking this same questions I’ve been asking for years – if they have money to pay off smugglers and coyotes, why don’t they spend that money to come here legally?

      The ones who have my sympathy are the agents who have deal with these filthy diseased people every day. They probably want to run through one of those detox rooms before they head home.

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  2. It’s still a dire situation. Everytime I hear of outbreaks of measles or chicken pox or now in Los Angeles, typhus! I think of the immigrants who are bringing us such treats.

    McCarthy is bringing forward a bill this week to totally fund the wall as well as care for things such as sanctuary cities. It does nothing about DACA. This is a START.

    But the wall has got to be built! NOW.

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    • Yes, McCarthy’s bill is a start, but it’s doubtful anything will be done until after the election and then it’s possible they’re the minority and the bill goes belly up. One site said it’s ‘red meat designed to fire up the Republican base ahead of the midterms’ and to show us how conservative he is.

      With them crossing over in such large bunches, it’s scary to think how easily these diseases could reach epidemics – and there’s the ones who don’t get caught, so we have no way of knowing what they’re spreading around.


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