SpyGate and Judicial Confirmation



For those following along with the unfolding SpyGate scandal, we have learned some interesting crumbs of information that, taken alone, are merely curious. But when you take each piece as part of a whole picture, a tapestry is weaved that leads to a much clearer focus on things. This is mere speculation on my part, with a hat tip to Praying Medic.


We have learned that a Title I FISA warrant allows the investigators to surveil a target, once proper evidence of an international crime has been established. It also allows the target’s associates, and those associates’ associates to be surveilled (If A talks to B, and B talks to C, and C talks to D, then A, B, C, & D, and more, can be legally surveilled). This is called Umbrella Surveillance.


• Sen. Feinstein employed as a driver and personal aide, a Chinese spy for over 20 years.

• Sen. Feinstein was Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee for the Kavanaugh Confirmation.

• House Minority Leader Pelosi has revealed the “Wrap-Up Smear” tactic, using the MSM as willing coconspirators promoting Fake News. https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4674689/wrap-smear

• Sen. Feinstein had the allegations letter from Dr. Blasey-Ford for two months before revealing it on the eve of the first procedural votes on Confirmation, causing extended delays.

• Sen. Feinstein had forwarded the letter to the FBI, who in turn forwarded it to the White House, but announced no subsequent action.


Now, how long was that Chinese spy under surveillance? For it to be under Trump team control, FBI Director Wray had to be in place. Obviously if the spy is target A, Sen. Feinstein becomes one of the subsidiary contacts for surveillance, as do all her contacts.

Sen. Feinstein’s and the Democrat leadership’s goal is to torpedo the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh.

What if AG Sessions used the knowledge of the Chinese spy to get a FISA Title I warrant, ensnaring Feinstein, and the whole of the Democrat Party leadership in the Umbrella Surveillance?

Knowing that the Blasey-Ford allegations letter existed as an arrow in Feinstein’s quiver, and knowing that the FBI could interview the alleged witnesses to the allegations, while swearing them to secrecy, might not the Trump team inform Judge Kavanaugh of the upcoming allegations, steeling his resolve, rather than shaming him into withdrawal?
Being privy to the scheming of the Democrat leadership, they would know of the follow on, and less credible allegations, and prepare for defense against them. Judge Kavanaugh immediately denied the Blasey-Ford allegations, but was measured in his response until the drugging and gang rape-train allegations came forward. Understandably so.
Sessions would also know that the allegations where wholly without any corroboration, and legally unactionable. The Confirmation debate then become a “he said, she said” matter with the lack of supportive evidence putting the weight behind the Judge. The “circus” becomes unavoidable, but clearly winnable.
And so it WAS won!


How much more illegal and evil shenanigans was also revealed in those “private conversations” under surveillance???

I suspect we will begin to find out very soon!

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