Why Should Women be More Liberal Than Men?


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Whenever I hear stats that show women are more liberal than men, I am ashamed for my own gender which, for those who don’t know me, is female.  After nearly a century of fighting for the right to be seen as equals to men, too many of us have traded subjugation in the home and the work place for subjugation of our minds and souls to a political Party whose only objective is to grow their own power.  It is the worst of ironies to see women work so hard for a seat at the table in America’s boardrooms and government only to foolishly vote away their own liberty and autonomy at the ballot box.

The Democrat Party has turned women into children, or at least it’s trying to.  Democrats seduce women with promises of securing special treatment and insulating them from the consequences of their own life choices (by abortion on demand, for instance), but the price is steep.  The government handouts and freedom to be irresponsible are crumbs – to borrow a word from the inane Nancy Pelosi – compared to what is lost.  Yes, you might get more family leave – at the expense of others – or preference over men in occupations that are male-dominated so your company can meet some arbitrary quota forced upon them by your government, or birth control subsidized by your fellow citizens; but you sacrifice the character of your country in the process.  Justice is supposed to be blind, not weighted in favor of one race or gender over another.  Speech is supposed to be free, not denied to those with whom we disagree.  Slavery is something that we are supposed to reject, not suborn through targeted taxation.  And with each passing day it gets worse.  Are women so childishly shortsighted and selfish now that they will throw away the ingenious protections passed on to us all in our Constitution – at great sacrifice by our forefathers – for the scraps promised by the Democrat Party if you just help them secure the power they want?  It’s demoralizing to think that this is the case, but the reality speaks for itself.

I suspect that any liberal women who have the balls to read this post (hey – you wanted to be treated like men!) will scoff and sneer that what they’ve gotten in exchange for selling us out to the Democrat Party has been worth the while because it couldn’t otherwise be attained.  My response to that is:  Really???  You can’t compete with men based upon your own skills and intelligence?  You – strong, independent woman – can’t find a way to afford your own birth control, and you’re unwilling to personally sacrifice for the sake of raising your own family?  Is this what you want us all to believe?  If so, that’s truly pathetic.

I’d like to remind liberal women that George Soros is a male (only in a technical sense, of course).  So is Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Tom Perez, Keith Ellison and the majority of Democrats in congress.  They’ve used you to secure their own power, and Hillary Clinton tried to do so as well.  You are a pawn in the Democrat’s game of chess, when you could instead be the master of your own game if only you would find the self-discipline and character to resist the temptation to get what you can at others’ expense.

Am I being too hard on liberal women? Is it possible they actually believe the Democrat Party has the pure-of-heart agenda they purport to have?  To believe that is to willfully disregard the evidence.  The party for “the environment” flies hither and thither in their corporate jets to their multiple homes and Martha’s Vineyard vacations, showing their true colors when it comes to environmental concern.  The party for “racial equality” now talks disdainfully about “old, white men,” hobnobs unapologetically with anti-Semites like Louis Farrakhan and cheers on groups like Black Lives Matter.  The party for “women’s rights” and #MeToo partied hardy with Harvey Weinstein, tried to elect for POTUS the loyal wife of a man with serious sex-related charges against him from multiple women, and the party that leaked Christine Ford’s letter to the media with zero regard for how it would affect her.  That’s the reality of the Democrat Party.  That’s who they are, and if you can’t see it it’s because you are choosing not to.

None of this is to say Republicans are perfect.  Far from it, usually.  But the critical ideals that this country was built upon – individual liberty, equal justice for all, the rule of law, free market capitalism, states’ rights, American sovereignty and autonomy – these are what must be sacrificed in order for the Democrat Party to thrive.  Are we to believe that men value these gifts more than we do?   If that’s the case then the “progressive” movement has failed women, because we’ve gone backwards.


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  1. Great post, CW. Really great!

    If I may I’ll just reiterate what I’ve said to Garnet on at least 2 occasions: In the past year I’ve come to the belief that women should not vote. Not unless they own PROPERTY and live off their own wages. The old chauvinist system might have been a good idea for a reason.

    Women, like leftists, think with their emotions rather than their reason. I used to too! It’s been since my late 40’s that I realize that conservatism is only truth. What happened? Less hormones; ie., less emotionalism.
    That’s what I think.

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    • Well I like the way you think, tannngl!

      If there is something inherently wrong with women that makes them more gullible to the lure of socialism and other self-destructive party politics, then I’d be better off giving up my right to vote so that their silliness can’t harm me. BUT, I would much prefer to just get all the leftists – male and female – out of our government. That would solve all our problems.

      Thanks for the kind words!

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  2. Well done, CW. Terrific column.

    American socialists are completely blind to their own innate hypocrisy. They’re apparently utterly incapable of self-reflection.

    There’s another area (among many) that illustrates this issue: they’re virulently against the death penalty for monstrous criminals, but have absolutely no problem whatsoever slaughtering completely innocent unborn children.

    A normal person would have serious problems reconciling those two positions. For lefties it’s just another day at the office (or protest line, or whatever)…

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    • Thanks, Brian. What you’ve said is so true.

      All we need to do is consider the difference in the way Bill Clinton was protected and revered by Democrats (until recently when MeToo made him a political liability) and the way Brett Kavanaugh has been railroaded and maligned – all for the Left’s selfish political agenda. Hypocrisy is too kind a word to describe it. These people are corrupt in their minds and in their hearts.


  3. CW, I agree with you on most bits, however, when you state, ” Democrat Party has turned women into children, or at least it’s trying to.” I would like to point out that they seem to want to turn EVERYONE into children, possibly with the belief that they can control them. Granted, a large percentage of those noisy protestors we heard/saw howling ‘shame’ and other complaints were female (and yes this is an embarrassment to other females) and I don’t know where Soros’ minions found them, but I’m praying that they are smart enough to see reality.
    One of my friends was such a card-carrying Dem that she worked tirelessly on campaigns and even donated more than was comfortable for her budget…. She walked away. While she isn’t an official republican, she told me she plans to vote straight republican this year…. She had to fan herself a bit at the thought, but her shoulders were squared, as if she was ready to march into battle.
    As per the Kavanaugh issue: Professor Ford’s groping/assault claims quickly fell apart and I said from the start that many of her allegations didn’t ‘pass my sniff test’. Despite that, some apparently think he’s a rapist or maybe even worse, and others who may have suffered their own assaults/rapes/attacks apparently want Kavanaugh to pay for the justice that their own attackers got away with. I’m sorry that any of them had to deal with such awful problems, but two wrongs don’t make a right. This mess also shows that our gender doesn’t own being victims – IMHO the way Justice Kavanaugh was treated victimized him and that isn’t correct.

    Seems to me that what we need to do is find common ground – ignore age, weight, height, gender, race, religion, etc. We’re all human beings and surely we can find more that we agree on than issues to fight over. Alas, some seem to need to learn how to listen to others.

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    • >>”… they seem to want to turn EVERYONE into children…”

      I agree with you, Foguth, Democrats’ goal is to turn everyone into children. There must be a reason, though, that women tend to be more susceptible to their schemes than men, and that’s why my post focused on our gender. I want women to carefully examine their own motivations with respect to politics, and to contemplate whether those motivations really comport to the notions of independence, strength and equality that the feminists claim to be helping them achieve.

      I am very encouraged to hear about your Democrat friend who’s walking away. I’d be curious to know what she attributes her change of mind to.

      Regarding Ford and Kavanaugh, you said, “…two wrongs don’t make a right.” That is a simple life principle we all learned in grade school and would all – in theory – agree with if asked; yet what’s happing with Kavanaugh, and particularly with respect to the irrational reaction of liberal women, underscores the way liberalism causes people to reject mature, principle-centered thinking, such as the simple notion that two wrongs don’t make a right.

      >>” Seems to me that what we need to do is find common ground…”

      I agree, and the Left knows this as well, which is why they are so determined to divide us in any way they can.

      Thanks for your thoughtful comments.

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      • I’ll ask “C” what specifically changed her mind and get back to you on that.

        BTW, since the left keeps bringing up racism, gender issues, etc., I suspect a main goal is to keep us divided and having us find things we can agree on terrifies them – IMHO that alone makes it a very worthy goal to achieve.

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      • I suspect you’re right, Foguth. I look forward to hearing what “C” has to say!


  4. “The Democrat Party has turned women into children, or at least it’s trying to.”

    Yes, they are and they’ve been very effective because they have such willing subjects. The attitude of ‘what’s in it for me?’ is most prevalent in the Democratic women, as well as a big chip on many of their shoulders. Like other activist groups many of them want special treatment simply because they are female, and as we’ve seen play out over the past week, they think that harassing Senators and their staff, screaming at them, and swarming Washington in protest will get them such attention.

    The Senate just voted to confirm Kavanaugh, but Vice President Pence had to interrupt the procedure several times so the Sargent at Arms could get rid of the screamers in the gallery. There’s no point in their behavior and it doesn’t change anyone’s vote. Insanity, much?

    A great piece, CW and you make a good point about Weinstein – the libs ignored his disgusting behavior for years, knowing what he was doing to women, but go ballistic over some half-baked story from a Democrat female with a huge memory problem.


    • Thanks, Kathy, very well said.

      Yes, I saw the hysterical screeching banshees during today’s senate vote. Watching their tantrums – their bullying rejection of the democratic process – I thought it was a sad day for the female race in America. This is what the Democrat Party has done for their women members. They’re a joke.

      And all this for what? To prevent the SCOTUS from legally upholding the Constitution as written. So sad that the screeching banshees don’t appreciate the Constitution exists to protect their rights.

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  5. I’d like to lead with saying I completely agree with what you’re saying here, something worth pointing out though…

    “Am I being too hard on liberal women? Is it possible they actually believe the Democrat Party has the pure-of-heart agenda they purport to have?  To believe that is to willfully disregard the evidence.”

    It might be, unfortunately, more possible that this is the case then some of us would prefer. I can’t help but think of the lack of evidence against Kavanaugh, and so willingness by many on the left, not just the politicians, but the progressive activists screaming and shouting on Capitol Hill at the Senators, throwing fits all across the country, and say doing it because they say they believe Kavanaugh is a rapist, with no grounds whatsoever for believing or saying that, especially at this point when the most credible allegation, Christine Ford’s, has completely & indisputably fallen apart. I doubt he will, but I really wish Kavanaugh would sue some of these people for slander and defamation of character, especially news platforms like USA Today who insinuated he was some kind of a pedophile, the level of vilification and character assassination directed at him it’s just sickening, but there are people on the left, hopefully not that many, but at the very least vocal and Loud minority, that seem to completely believe in his guilt. If they can do that, maybe some of them really do buy into the “pure-of-heart” mythology/image the Democrats have cultivated for so many years.

    Nothing repeated doses of reality can’t eventually cure I hope, combined with a little bit of critical thinking, I’m hoping that the more time passes, the more ground we gain on that front as a society.

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    • Thanks for your great comment, Jack.

      >>”… throwing fits all across the country…they say they believe Kavanaugh is a rapist, with no grounds whatsoever for believing or saying that,…”

      When reason, objectivity and rationality have been voluntarily rejected, I don’t know if it even matters any more whether people believe the falsehoods or whether they are simply playing along for the sake of getting what they want. Either mentality is dangerous to our survival as the country we know.

      Ultimately people tend to believe what they want to believe. IMHO this is what sets true conservatives apart from everyone else because conservatives want to believe what’s actually true, good or bad, since knowing the truth is the only way to solve our problems and preserve the nation. In other words, we have to convert people to conservatives to if we want to restore sanity. Good luck to us.

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