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  1. I suspect this isn’t a joke. For one thing, there is that gofundme account…. Have you noticed that whenever a democrat sets one of those up, they get mage contributions? Supposedly her lawyer/s were pro-bono, but didn’t we see them getting paid in one of those video clips?…. If the lawyer was really pro-bono and she was telling the truth, so could be assured there wouldn’t be further legal fees, why would she need a gofundme account?

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  2. No doubt there will be lots of outraged indignation over tweets like this but Ford has brought this on herself by unnecessarily bringing lawyers into this and allowing herself to at least appear to benefit financially.

    Why does a “victim” need a team of lawyers? What’s so hard about simply telling the truth?

    They’ll all say it’s not about the money, and yet they don’t turn it down.

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  3. Without a doubt, and thanks to Feinstein, she also saved a bundle on hiring a lawyer.

    I sure do wish they’d looked into her history as much as they did Kavanaugh’s and revealed that information as well.

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