‘Sunday Night Football’ Ratings Hit Season Low As Stadiums Fail To Fill Seats


The NFL suffered another blow this weekend after ratings for its most watched program, Sunday Night Football, hit a season low.

Meanwhile, as TV ratings dwindle, stadiums suffered from low attendance this weekend – as photos of thousands of empty seats made their way around Twitter – such as the Bengals vs. the Falcons game (Bengals won 37-36):

There are 9 other such pictures at this site showing loads of empty seats at football stadiums.

The boycott is still on. I wonder when it will hit their pocketbooks

I post this in honor of Garnet.


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  1. Garnet is smiling down on this post, no doubt about it, tannngl.


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  2. I don’t miss it at all, so much time now to do other things.

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  3. We haven’t missed it much, except my husband-person misses his Cowboys, but we find other things to do or watch. The NFL can’t keep paying those huge salaries forever with reduced income, so we’ll see how long their checkbooks can hold out.

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