Rand Paul Wants an Investigation into Doxxing of Senators’ Information

By Monica Showalter, 9-3-18, at American Thinker:

\ ˈdäks \
variants: or doxx
doxed or doxxed; doxing or doxxing; doxes or doxxes
the term used for the troll harassment technique of finding and then posting a user’s sensitive personal information, including addresses, phone numbers, and even Social Security numbers.
Respelling of docs, plural of doc (“document”), verbal derivative based on earlier dropping docs, doc-dropping, etc., describing the same act  

~ ~ ~

Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky is calling for an investigation into the ‘doxxing’ of political leaders in the wake of the posting of Sens. Mike Lee’s, Orrin Hatch’s, and Lindsey Graham’s personal phone numbers and addresses on Wikipedia as the Supreme Court nomination hearings of Brett Kavanaugh went on. And he wants the perpetrators punished.

Senator Paul tweeted:

“Yesterday there was an attempt to incite people by publishing the personal information of Senators – including home addresses – endangering them & their families,” the Kentucky Republican tweeted. “This should be  investigated & the perpetrators punished. There is too much hatred and violence in politics these days.”

As usual, Paul is onto something.

Already the Democrats and their supporters have a disturbing pattern of threats and violence against Republicans and they’ve been getting away with it easily, as each news cycle moves on to the next story. As the left’s rage escalates, it’s likely there is no end to it in sight.

Some examples:

The near murder of Rep. Steve Scalise shot on a baseball field by a crazed Bernie Sanders supporter with a gun.

The heinous assault on Paul himself by a crazed leftist neighbor, leaving him with injured lungs and at least five broken ribs, along with the astonishingly light sentence this violent brute got.

The open plotting of violence and assassinations against Republicans by leftist communist thugs, in the wake of a long series of antifa vandalisms at universities over conservative speakers.

The restaurant mob chaseout of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, led by a Department of Justice employee acting in consort with her Democratic Socialists of America cohorts.

The restaurant chaseout of White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders by a crazed leftwing restaurant owner who apparently followed her party to the next restaurant to keep protesting.

The restaurant chaseout of Sen. Ted Cruz by a leftist mob over his support for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

The stalking and harassing of Rep. Devin Nunes by an apparently leftist weirdo still unknown.

It’s so bad, it sounds like these Democrats and leftists won’t be satisfied until there is a civil war. Their sense of entitlement to power, and their Ayers-like ‘by any means necessary’ ethos, as well as the specter of their long reign as the establishment ending, has got to be driving this.

Now we have the doxxing scandal, as if there is no such thing as Democratic-aligned mobs willing to do what Democrats are thinking.

And amid this lengthening pattern of leftist violence, a very weak response.

Rep. Maxine Waters’ office has been accused of this crime based on an IP number traceable to her office, and as she has with her calls to violence against Republicans, she denies it happened, although she didn’t provide any refuting proof. Unless she does, it sounds as though she is trying to escape some kind of responsibility.

It’s serious, as Paul notes, because the left’s record of unpunished violence is lengthening.

Whoever did the doxxing, Waters or not, needs to be held accountable. If Republicans stand for rule of law in contrast to their Democratic colleagues, they need to show it. At least Paul, with firsthand knowledge of how bad this has gotten, is leading.


With the political climate being what it is today, this doxxing is dangerous and could get people hurt. Rand Paul is right that whoever’s doing this should be held accountable, but what should happen and what will happen are two different things. Nothing will happen to Mad Maxine or whoever is behind this because the Right doesn’t have the backbone to pursue it.

It’s like there are two sets of laws for two different groups. One set is the look-the-other-way kind of laws for people like Hillary, James Comey, John Kerry and the rest of the liberal elites. The other set is crucify-them-with-accusations as we’ve seen with Kavanaugh over the last few weeks, and with Trump over the past two years.

The author says “It’s so bad, it sounds like these Democrats and leftists won’t be satisfied until there is a civil war.”

It seems to me we’re already in a civil war, but the Right isn’t firing back yet.


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  1. You probably heard they just arrested a Democratic congressional intern for doxxing:


    This is what needs to happen, but it’s only a start. The leftist bullies and thugs need to be arrested and otherwise confronted, PHYSICALLY, so that they see a consequence to their actions and they understand we will not tolerate the double standards in behavior they seem to think they’re entitled to.


    • Yes, it is only a start and the punishment needs to apply to the instigators as well as the fall guy, because we know good and well he didn’t come up with that idea all by himself.

      Fox’ report says it’s not clear what the motivation is, but I think it’s crystal clear. It was intended to scare away the suddenly-outspoken Rs who’ve recently grown a backbone. Problem is, it didn’t work because everyone is sick to death of their stunts…finally.

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  2. Nasty business. The leftists are violent and have no basic morals so how do you change this? At least catching perpetrators and jailing them would give the pause the next time. But the only cure I see is Leftists turning to God and morality. Probably not happening anytime soon.


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