After the Senate Hearing for Christine Ford and Brett Kavanaugh…

After watching the Senate hearing for Christine Ford and Brett Kavanaugh I absolutely believe beyond a shadow of doubt who is right concerning the charges against Brett Kavanaugh.

Forget that there was absolutely no evidence for Ford’s charges.

Forget that Brett Kavanaugh had personal calendars that showed no such party.

Forget that all the ‘witnesses’ for Christine Ford disagreed with her statements about them .

Forget that the charges came out at the 11th hour, just before the senate committee would vote on Brett Kavanaugh.

Forget that 6 FBI investigations of Brett Kavanaugh turned up no such charge on him.

Forget all of that.


The Senate Hearing

Christine Ford was questioned first.

The first second I heard her voice I was amazed! Her voice did not match her face and her age. The face was that of a middle aged woman, not wholly unattractive but definitely middle aged. Her voice was that of a little girl, perhaps 8 or 9 years of age. It wasn’t just high pitched. The voice was a bit whining, appealing and innocent. It quivered and she sounded as if she was on the verge of tears during most of her testimony. However, she easily switched to non-quivering, strong and adult voice when asked for something she didn’t seem prepared to answer.

Her inflection went up at the end of her sentences when she was making a statement which made every statement a question. This is called high rising terminal (HRT) and occurs in women – mostly women from southern California. It’s called a ‘Valley Girl’ inflection. This HRT is used to actually not make a hard statement. It goes along with the winsome little girl voice.

Christine Ford was not asked hard questions. They were questions of fact concerning the charges she made, her polygraph, her witnesses. Mr. Alan Dershowitz stated the questioning of Christine Ford was ‘incompetent’.

Christine Ford had scrubbed all of her social media around the time she sent her letter charging Brett Kavanaugh. There are yearbooks of her high school in which the girls as well as Christine Ford speak about drinking with the goal of passing out.

Christine Ford’s husband wrote a letter asserting her honesty and integrity which was signed by his family members. Her mother, father and brothers did not sign it.

Christine Ford’s memory is a big problem. She remembers that a person named Brett Kavanaugh attacked her in an upstairs bedroom of a house where a gathering of some sort occurred. The gathering was small, in the living room downstairs. Quiet. But Kavanaugh had to turn up the music in the bedroom to keep the others down stairs from hearing her screams. Does this make sense? Would music upstairs sound out of place in a small quiet gathering downstairs? She does not remember the actual place of the party, the actual date, month nor the year. She’s not sure how she got home. She left after the attempted rape and didn’t tell her best friend what happened; didn’t even warn her about the attack (the only other girl at the gathering). I know that high emotion will embed everything about an event like this in your brain. Her memory is hazy. Kind of like a made up memory. It happens.

The four people Christine Ford states were at the party all deny knowledge of that party. This includes her best girlfriend who is still her girlfriend today.

Christine Ford is an anti-Trump marcher and a Democrat. She is being defended and helped by a Democrat activist lawyer.

Christine Ford’s therapist’s notes from 2012 when this memory came to her, do not mention Brett Kavanaugh. The notes said there were four boys in the bedrooms but she now says there were two. The notes said she was in her late teens but she now says she was probably 15.

Christine Ford told the Washington Post she was upset when Trump was elected and announced his picks for the Supreme Court and Brett Kavanaugh’s name was on his list. Problem is, Kavanaugh wasn’t added to the list until 2017.

All of these holes in Christine Ford’s charges should have been filled in by her testimony. None were.


Brett Kavanaugh was questioned second.

He was angry to the point of tears due to what he said were false charges, threats to his family, his wife, even his daughters and the sullying of his very good reputation and his life. He doesn’t say Christine Ford was not assaulted. He vehemently denies that he ever assaulted anyone. By the way, Brett Kavanaugh’s 10-year-old daughter prayed for Christine Ford.

Brett Kavanaugh came forward with his calendars from 1982 which he saved because that was what his dad did. They both saved their calendars as a sort of diary of events. There was no party on his calendars as charged by Christine Ford.

He was questioned about his drinking. He drinks beer and admits to drinking beer in high school but denies drinking enough to black out.

My assessment.

Christine Ford is lying or ‘remembering’ an event that never happened. I would say it’s more likely she is lying. Her life script as a little girl, stating things as questions, speaking in a little girl voice, behaving as if she is as innocent, a young child  is her learned behavior used to manipulate. Such people, though, are not psychopaths but immature personalities who learned to deal with life and obtain their demands through child like behavior. It’s deceitful and treacherous. These people also lie.

The charges against Brett Kavanaugh have been a crime in themselves. They would have never gone to investigation and this was stated by Rachel Mitchell the prosecutor who questioned both parties. 

I believe this woman lied.


PS Oh! She lied about flying.




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  1. This whole situation sickens me. It’s full of lies, deceit, and ulterior motives and I truly believe it’s a lose lose situation. If she wins it sets a precedent that allows people to successfully accuse others with little to no evidence. If he wins the perception of a man accused of sexual assault positioned along with the other Justices accused of sexual assault will cause many to lose faith in an already fragile justice system. Hebrews 4:13 says, “…all things are naked and openly exposed to the eyes of the one to whom we must give an account.” My only hope is that in time Jehovah God will reveal the truth. Not just for this situation but for all the injustices we see in this crazy world.

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    • Hi HeatherJo! I don’t think I’ve seen you at Pesky Truth before; thanks for stopping in and especially making your comment.

      I agree with you and it sickens me too. Politics is, has and always will be nasty and just a ‘do whatever it takes’ for power. That’s what we’re seeing playing out here. The end justifies the means and any means is A-OK.

      The Left has abused 2 people. One, a woman who is leftist in her politics and the other, a well respected jurist who is close to becoming a conservative heavy weight on the Supreme Court.

      Being accused of something is not the same as being guilty otherwise we would have millions of accused people in prisons. Here we are innocent unless proven guilty by a jury of your peers. I don’t see the justice system as fragile. As long as we and the justices stick to the Constitution as it is written, we are well served.

      Jesus says: “He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.”
      (Matthew 5:45 NIV)
      In this generation the evil will seem to do well many times and the right doing persons will be persecuted and many have lost their lives. But we know the judgement is coming when our Lord returns and those poor unbelieving people who have perpetrated evil will be judged for that. I pray for them. But I discern what is right and wrong.

      I follow a cold case detective who says people do evil things (crimes) for 3 reasons: Money, sexual pleasure, power. He’s pretty good at solving cold cases. J. Warner Wallace. Here’s his site:

      Thanks again for your comments. I looked at your own blog. I love health blogs!

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      • Thank you! I’ve started a new health journey so I really need to update my blog. I look forward to reading more of your posts and taking in your perspective. I have hope that God’s Kingdom will end all injustice, greed, and suffering. Until then we have no choice but to deal with this craziness.

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    • I’ll watch your blog. I have a health blog too.
      I have used ketogenic eating and weight lifting with some walking that has kept my weight at the same level for 4 years now. I still feel good and I AM OLD!😊

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  2. I read somewhere that Ford WAS on the swim team, thus a one-piece and a cover-up would make sense. But that’s the ONLY thing that makes sense!

    Kavanaugh was a shy, nice Catholic boy. A jock, friendly, smart, and attractive enough, but was one of the “nice guys” as described by the girls he actually did interact with, not overly aggressive with the girls.

    Ford was a cheerleader and a popular “party girl”. According to the yearbooks she was a party girl leader, and one of their games was to drink until they blacked out. Sexual “easiness” was also implied, with her publicly creating tensions between former partners for her favors for the night.

    She is also a pussy hat wearing Dem activist marcher, not a disinterested observer.

    Her performance was a web of lies. None of her “witnesses” corroborate her version of events. From virginal innocence, to drinking, to fear of flying, to accusations of attempted rape, and more, none of her assertions stand up to genuine scrutiny. Mitchell actually demonstrated this masterfully, causing Ford to perjure herself thru repeated contradictions under oath. Mitchell did this without coming off as a bully, but more a non-partisan interested sympathizer.

    The renewed FBI investigation will expose these factual inconsistencies, and the lack of them in regards to the Judge. He DID bring corroborating evidence to bear, not to mention 30 years of spotless professional reputation. The investigation will clear the Judge, and should result in referrals for perjury indictments for Ford, and charges against her legal counsel.

    Judge Kavanaugh’s judicial philosophy is not perfect from my view. His cavalier attitude about government power regarding 4th Amendment matters is troubling for me. But it is not disqualifying, because that is established precedent as well.

    I expect the Judge to be confirmed with votes to spare.

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    • That was a well thought out assessment, Curt. I didn’t know about the judge’s rulings on the 4th Amendment. That is disturbing.
      However, I can only hope that his experiences here with the big government Democrats in the Senate will color his decisions on the Supreme Court.

      Also, someone on twitter (a conservative news source) state there have been psychologists who believe Ford may have had a crush on Kavanaugh and this might have colored her memories. A woman spurned…
      Watch out for those spurned women!
      However, I don’t believe that. This woman lied pure and simple.


  3. An excellent piece, tannngl, your background and experience have paid off well, and I think you nailed her. My niece who has a Masters in psychology said much the same thing about Ford. Her mannerisms and her voice don’t match with her age, her career, etc at all. It would be nerve-wracking to testify in front of Congress, and even more so if you’re trying to keep your story straight, which she didn’t, and if you’re trying to fake a persona.

    Perhaps she was attacked, but it wasn’t Kavanaugh. If she was, then over the years the brain can ‘massage’ those memories into what you want them to be, instead of the factual account.

    Every bit of this was contrived to make her appear timid and helpless. There’s a ton more to this that we don’t know and if we did, Feinstein wouldn’t have a job.

    Both foguth and hocus add good points too and this is far from over.

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    • Gosh, thanks, Kathy. I did take some time to write this. And I’m passionate about what I think here. I also think that Christine Ford was the baby of her family. Ever read about birth order by Kevin Leman? That is so interesting. He said that the eldest usually have a drawer containing a large suppy of all the batteries the family needs. LOL!!! That is me! I have 2 drawers with just batteries and am an alpha eldest child!

      I like what foguth said about investigating the accusers. Fat chance.

      And hocus, I never connected the Mitt Romney run with his Kavanaugh pick. Don’t think I even knew he picked Kavanaugh! But that makes amazing sense!!!!

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  4. Apparently that lie detector test wasn’t quite as slam-dunk as CBF would like us to believe …. would love to know why that wasn’t asked for!
    For sure her testimony didn’t pass my ‘sniff test’.
    I specifically mean:
    1) unless they were on the swim team, I never knew a teen girl who wore a one piece suit
    2) she didn’t produce the lie detecter test results
    3) No one would corroborate her testimony
    4) She wouldn’t say who paid for the test, etc. (dare I suspect Soros?!?!)
    5) As you pointed out, for certain questions, her statement ended in an uplifted tone, as if it was a question — mega red flag for this mom & something that gets my attention. Thus, I’m now just about convinced that she drank a lot more than one bear, wasn’t wearing a one piece swimsuit, drove to the party before she ever had a license and doesn’t mind flying at all.
    IF the FBI is asked to investigate BK, AGAIN, even though the committee had excellent investigators and they found no corroborating evidence, IMHO they should also investigate the accusers, and everyone else involved.

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    • Lie detector is misnomer for polygraph. It only measures stress. I can teach you to beat it in 5 minutes.

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      • Is it really that easy to beat it? I knew it could be done but easy?


      • VonMesser, I only mentioned that silly test because MSM put such status on it – then it wasn’t even introduced as evidence…. Dr. Ford’s testimony didn’t pass my personal ‘mom test’…. in fact, as my husband and I watched it, several times I said, “That was a lie.” I’m now wondering if she needed such a hefty gofundme account because they knew her testimony could be damning.


    • Don’t think that will happen-investigating the accusers. Wish they would but…
      You make some excellent points too. Guess we’ve all been thinking about this since yesterday. It was pretty dramatic, wasn’t it?

      All of your additions are great ones. If I would have taken more time to check my resources I probably could have included them too! But it took me a long time to produce this post. You’re a good conservative thinker, foguth. I appreciate you!

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      • Tannngl, I’m glad you liked my points… I only intended to write a short comment, but obviously, I’ve been fuming/thining about the unjust way such an honorable man was treated for a bit too long….

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  5. Here’s some of the things I read

    2012 was the year Mitt Romney ran for President and when asked about Supreme Court pics Mitt said Kavanaugh

    Thats when the DemoKKKrats put the wheels in motion against Kavanaugh with Ford just in case Mitt won the Presidency

    When Mitt lost the file got shelved
    Remember last week with the Kavanaugh look a like from High School

    The pictures were side by side

    I read that Ford dated the look a like
    2 guys came forward yesterday to say they believe they are the guys Ford is talking about at the party

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