Who Would Become Deputy Attorney General if Rosenstein Left Office?

Meet the man who would become the Deputy Attorney General of the US if Rod Rosentein was gone.

Noel Francisco
Solicitor General of the US

He served as a law clerk for Judge J. Michael Luttig of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, and then for Associate Justice Antonin Scalia of the Supreme Court of the United States during the 1997 term.

You can read the Wiki article on him here:  Noel Francisco.

This man, if Mr. Rosenstein left office, would be in charge of the Mueller investigation. Mr. Francisco has no love for this investigation and is a Trump loyalist.

It’s revealing when the leftist media states we cannot trust Noel Francisco! Read here!

Slate fears that if Rosenstein departs, the Muller investigation would come to a screeching halt!

All I can say is:  AMEN!!!!



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  1. To the same tune – by the MORON TABERNACLE CHOIR
    “We will screw ya, we will screw ya, screw ya, screw ya” (Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer singing lead)

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  2. Slate says:

    “[Francisco] shares Trump’s skepticism of the FBI and co-authored an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal shortly before the 2016 election that accused the agency of having a “double standard” with regard to Democrats and Republicans.”

    And of course there’s an abundance of evidence that such a double standard exists, but the ignoramuses at Slate don’t read the news, apparently. If Slate magazine dislikes Noel Francisco, that’s a good enough recommendation in his favor for me.

    Does anyone else think Mr. Francisco looks like the late Peter Sellers?

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    • My thoughts exactly. I used Slate (there were more) to quote due to their anti-conservative bias. It made the point well!

      I didn’t notice that Mr. Francisco looked like Peter Sellers until you asked! Yes! I think so!


  3. Hoping that Trump gets rid of one more of the swamp creatures and bring on the good guys! Wouldn’t it be a thing of beauty to see Mueller shut down?

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