#TweetOfTheDay – On Testifying

Looks like this may be true.

We’ll see…


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  1. I will not fly there on a plane
    Please don’t think that I’m insane

    Too late!

    Love it, tannngl!

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  2. And another delay. VOTE ON THE CONFIRMATION.

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  3. Oh, how fitting. A child’s rhyme for someone who’s behaving like a spoiled toddler.

    I read where the same ‘adviser’ that advised Anita Hill is working with her. We know how that went, so here we go again with the Dems doing the same thing and expecting different results. Insanity, much?

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  4. Clever!

    Isn’t it amazing that this nonsense has been the top story for days and that it even managed to postpone the House’s schedule? Feinstein needs to see the whole picture instead of one tiny portion: while Ms.Ford should be heard and given courtesy, she should also extend that to others.

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