#TweetOfTheDay – High School Girl Drinking Club With the Goal of Drinking So Much You Passed Out?

I’m not the only one who wonders about the hazy memory of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford,


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  1. We NEED a screenshot of her post. That would derail just about everything.

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  2. Giving-in to any of her absurd demands only legitimises her oh-so-carefully crafted memory fog. So many others have made the case that if one experiences a traumatic event such as the one she alleges, every detail is preserved in yoyrbmemory. I can personally attest to that fact.

    I believed when the letter was first released that there were two possible explanations 1). That she’s lying, or 2). She was drunk before arriving at the party, too drunk to know how she got there, who’s home it was, and how she got home. Her testimony is not reliable or credible. I think explanation #1 is most likely.

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    • The plausibility that she suggested someone accuse Gorsuch of rape in early 2017 before she took down her social media would be proof of #1! But the history of her high school with alcohol use frequently with the goal of passing out could prove #2!
      Your analysis is accurate. Any event that produces high emotion will be stored in memory as if it happened today. Every detail will be remembered with accuracy.

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  3. I really hope they ask her about the drinking parties anyway. Dianne and her other Dems will scream about it, but ask the question anyway. She had no problem blasting Kavanaugh’s reputation, so they need to fire right back about hers.

    Y’all have to see this from Fox. The Rs have made a counteroffer for hearings on Wednesday and want a response by the end of today. So what was Feinstein’s response?

    “Show some heart,” Feinstein said. “Wait until Dr. Ford feels that she can come before the committee.”

    That’s just more stalling and no doubt Ford’s good with that and will be only too glad to drag it out more.


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    • Just now heard that Missy Chrissy doesn’t want to fly. So…Wednesday…unless, of course she runs into traffic. GAG!


      • Christine Ford must be the weakest woman and biggest crybaby in the world. I’m beginning to think some rowdy boy tickled her that night and she went over the edge. THIS is the face of bravery??? A woman who has to be protected like she’s made of glass, can’t face someone who supposedly assaulted her 35 years ago? Can’t be harshly questioned? Can’t fly? Does somebody have to hug her while she testifies? Sheesh. She’s a blemish on our gender.

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  4. But of course, if any of the “old, white” Republican men in the senate have the audacity to bring up this very relevant point and question Ford about her sobriety (and hence the reliability of her memory) on the night in question, they will be “attacking the victim.”

    You have to hand it to Democrats. Their evil schemes are planned out with admirable skill, and they are playing this game like a master – albeit desperate – chess player, plotting every move 5 or 10 steps ahead. You can just see them huddled together in their lawyers’ offices and over their conference calls and typing their emails, planning and scheming and scheming and planning. Move one was the letter to Feinstein, with the phony plea for anonymity. Move two was the “leak” of Ford’s identity to the media, “forcing” the poor “victim” to come forward just before the senate was ready to vote. Oh dear. Move three: the demand for the FBI investigation to stall the confirmation and find out if the accusation can hold any water. Oops, that didn’t work. Lost a knight in that play but no worries.

    Now they’re moving the chess pieces carefully around the board, sacrificing a pawn here and there, trying to maneuver their queen into position for the kill. They’re trying to take out our chess pieces with absurd demands (Kavanaugh has to testify first, that’s worth a bishop). No lawyers can question her (there goes the other bishop). And if the “old, white men” refuse their demands? No problem – that will cost us our queen because they’ll just use the refusal to cry to the nation that the poor “victim” is being bullied again by the big, bad men. Check!

    Can they manage to get a checkmate by bringing down Kavanaugh? That’s what they’re hoping, but even if the best they can do is sully Kavanaugh’s reputation and make him damaged goods forever, they’ll take that stalemate as a consolation prize.

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    • What a genius comparison! And you’re right. They are skilled at their evil schemes albeit desperate and probably going to fail. Their is an evil behind them: ha Satan.

      I think the person questioning Missy Chrissy should be a female attorney skilled in this type of reuse and charge. I think the hearing should be Monday and without any of Missy Chrissy’s demands. Then vote.

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      • I’m wondering if CBF ever met Kavanaugh.brooks brown@bbusa617 tweeted “On March 17th, 2017 Christine Basey Ford posted on Facebook that “Someone needs to come forward and accuse NeilGorsuch of Rape to derail his SCOTUS Nomination” ”

        Micheal Savage @ASavageNation tweeted “Kavanaugh accuser linked to the abortion pill manufacturer
        through her research” (story on michealsavage.com)

        Ed Whelan @EDWhelanEPPC did a series of tweets on the topic, but I think he might have taken them down because he showed photos and names of some other students.

        Also, her story keeps changing:

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      • Satan could learn a thing or two from these people, tannngl.

        If what Foguth said is correct about Ford’s posting on FB about Gorsuch that is STUNNING news.

        I’ll never understand people like Ford who seem to think no one will notice that 2 and 2 aren’t adding up. That’s usually the trademark of a sociopath, when they think they can lie and no one will be the wiser. I’ve been assuming this was a case of false repressed memory or mistaken identiy but maybe she’s just an old-fashioned liar.

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      • Facebook has a record of literally every single thing you ever did, said or liked on there – your entire history of activity from day one. Of course, you can only download your own, but if she posted that there’s a record of it.

        Facebook admin would have to access it, and they’re not of the political persuasion to help Kavanaugh by exposing what she said. It would be nice if they could be forced via warrant, subpoena, etc to play for the other side in this instance. The only other way to access it would be if someone happened to have taken a screenshot of it and IF they came forward and IF it’s admissible in this setting.

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      • Sounds like SOMEBODY was able to see it, Kathy. My first reaction was to wonder who would be stupid enough to say something like that and then make that very claim against Kavanaugh, but I’m truly beginning to wonder about this woman’s mental state.

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      • The reports that Missy Chrissy posted on her FB timeline that ‘someone should come forward and accuse Neil Gorsuch of rape to derail his SCOTUS nomination’ is heresay. I say someone should have screen shot that post or we have no real proof and it’s just an internet conspiracy. It’s damaging to Missy Chrissy that she scrubbed all her social media before the letter was revealed…not even sure that can be proven although this has been reported by non-conservative media. That probably gives it credibility.

        DANG! Someone should have screen shot that FB post!

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