Getting to the Truth of Kavanaugh and His Accuser

The hypocrisy always proves the lie.   


One of my more recent posts recounted the ways in which Democrats continually lower the political bar in their desperate determination to win no matter what the ultimate cost is to our republic, and the Kavanaugh confirmation is turning out to be a record-setter for them because they are now as desperate as they’ve ever been.  I’ve theorized many times that the Left are children, mentally speaking, and we need look no further for the proof of that than what’s going on right now.  Instead of sincerely questioning the newest Supreme Court nominee, Democrats now resort to wild tantrums and histrionics.  And now, of course, they want to derail the nominee based upon a last-minute accusation with some very glaring holes in it.  It takes a mature intellect to adhere to the vital principle of innocent until proven guilty, and to not abandon our sacred traditions in the hopes of a short-term victory, but maturity and conscience are sorely lacking on one side of the political aisle.

Democrats, always the schemers, look at Christine Ford’s accusation as a win-win strategy.  If they can successfully derail Kavanaugh, that will be the coups de grace for them; but even if Ms. Ford fails to testify and Kavanaugh is confirmed, they will have set the stage for the claim that he is forever tainted, a Supreme Court justice who got away with attempted rape.  That’s a very nice consolation prize.  Republicans will argue and defend Kavanaugh in the years to come and it will be pointless because the truth is irrelevant.  Democrats don’t have to believe the lie to willingly go along with it.  For future generations the lie will become the reality.  That’s how the game works.  Now do you understand?

I’ll tell you why I don’t believe Ms. Ford’s account.  As a woman I was on the receiving end of various forms of sexual abuse in the form of inappropriate, uninvited touching and other conduct in my younger years.  I remember every instance in vivid detail, including precisely where I was at the time.  Ms. Ford claims to have been at a party but can’t recall exactly when or where.  Presumably she didn’t go there alone, and yet she apparently told none of her companions that she was “almost raped” (paraphrasing), since no corroborating witnesses have come forward.  I find that extraordinary, to the point of unbelievability.  Add to that the fact that both Kavanaugh and the other man she claims broke up the assault both vehemently deny it ever took place.  That, of course, wouldn’t be unusual if someone is guilty, but then we also have a life history of a public figure completely unblemished by anything even remotely resembling such behavior.  Two and two is not adding up to four.

In my opinion this is most likely a case of a false “repressed memory,” conceived in session with a less-than-ethical psychotherapist and a gullible patient.  “Repressed memory” has been pretty much debunked and dismissed by reputable people in the industry, as two minutes worth of Google research can confirm.  Many have denounced it as a fraudulent phenomenon that has ruined lives and relationships because it leads to false accusations of terrible acts.  But consider how well it fits Ms. Ford’s story:  the absence of detail with respect to when and where; the absence of any corroborating witnesses; the complete contrast of the accusation with the stellar reputation of the accused; the emergence of this “revelation” in a therapy session.  Brett Kavanaugh’s mother, also a judge, apparently presided over the bankruptcy of Ms. Ford’s parents.  Could that have caused him to be the focus of lingering animus in her subconscious all these years?  Could her newly discovered “memories” be tainted by her political leanings and anti-conservative bias?  Bias, as we know all too well from recent events, has a way of rearing its ugly head in the things we do and perhaps…even in how we remember things.  The prospect that Ms. Ford, with the help of her therapist, unintentionally created a “memory” patched together from snippets of memories and inner biases seems far more plausible to me than the notion that Brett Kavanaugh was an attempted rapist for just one night, and then went on to live the life of a boy scout ever since.  And all of this would explain why she passed a polygraph, assuming that’s even true, because she actually believes what she’s saying is the truth.

The other possibility is that Ms. Ford was under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs and is mistaken about the identity of the individual who accosted her, but still this doesn’t explain why there are zero corroborating witnesses.  If you remember almost being raped and someone tearing at your clothes, surely you were lucid enough to mention it to somebody at that time.  Or are we supposed to believe she just rolled off the bed and went back to the party as if nothing had happened?  Sorry, I don’t buy it.

This is the type of reasoning that should drive the questioning by Republicans, if Ms. Ford bothers to show up.  She is not a victim until the facts demonstrate that to be the case, and certainly they don’t even come close right now, so Republicans must not be afraid to make her explain herself.  They should also not forget that ultimately this is a game being played by Democrats in which Ms. Ford is either a player or a pawn.  We know it’s a game because these very same people were uninterested in similar allegations against a Democrat president, and the hypocrisy always proves the lie.  If Kavanaugh were a liberal and activist judge, we would never hear the name, Christine Ford.

Lastly I want to say something about the following comment tweeted out by Diane Feinstein:

“President Trump, Dr. Blasey Ford did not want her story of sexual assault to be public. She requested confidentiality and I honored that. It wasn’t until the media outed her that she decided to come forward. You may not respect women and the wishes of victims, but I do.”

Here’s my question to Ms. Feinstein:  Who gave Ms. Ford’s letter to the media?  Inquiring minds want to know.


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  1. Now she will testify only if Kavanaugh is NOT there, and if she is not questioned by lawyers.

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  2. There’s a good chance this whole story was concocted from her twisted brain. A guy named Patrick Smyth who went to school with Kavanaugh says there was no such party and no such incident. Ford had implicated him earlier by name as being at this party.

    The other guy, Mark Judge, who supposedly was in the room with her and Kavanaugh also says there was no such party. That’s the word of 3 men versus the story from a female we know to be a flaming Democrat. I’ll go with the guys on this one.

    Tannngl’s right – it’s sabotage, pure and simple.

    similar link to Fox’s piece on it…

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    • I absolutely believe it was concocted, Kathy. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and say there could be no malice involved, just the subconscious, but even if that’s the case a conscientious person would consider the possibility that they could be mistaken and not ruin a man’s reputation (and potentially his livlihood) when there’s a reasonable question about what happened. The fact that she’s willing to put the accusation out there when she doesn’t appear ready to defend it shows poor character – and a saboteur.

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  3. Excellent opinion piece. None of this adds up. We can all guess what this is all about, whether it be ‘repressed memory’ or a drunken haze but none of that matters. What matters is the use of this unbelievable charge to politically sabotage Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his appointment to the Supreme Court. That is the only message in all of this now. @sabotage

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