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  1. Those three points made by Mr. Norquist truly encapsulate the essence of where the Left is today. With this SCOTUS fight they have indeed thrown away any pretense of playing fairly, which is what a sound, constitutionally based gov’t requires.

    Matthew Dowd’s dumb tweet epitomizes the childish mentality we’re up against. Science is now to be determined by democracy – by might makes right – rather than the scientific method where theories are PROVEN or disproven, and anything in between is still just a theory. People are to be believed solely based upon their gender, rather than the veracity and believability of their claims. If a man is innocent of the charges, so what? This is what passes as reason on the other side of the political aisle.

    I’ll say it again: the Left simply has to be defeated. We can’t share a gov’t with people who have no conscience about lying and cheating and who don’t understand or don’t care about essential principles such as innocent until PROVEN guilty. We just can’t.

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    • OH! You are so right! We can’t afford to allow these demons to have any part in our government, anymore. They are so anti US and anti-Constitution. That means they are criminals. The Constitution is our first law.
      Look how they must win elections! ILLEGALS!!

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  2. Good one, tannngl, and all are true, especially so on number one, don’t you think? That’s why so many of them in the FBI were working hard to undermine Trump and cover up for Hillary.

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