“If You Live in America, and You Hate America, You’re a Damn Fool”


Judging by the number of times this video has been viewed there’s a good chance you’ve already seen it but it was new to me and worth sharing in my humble opinion.  I have no idea who Bill Kane is, but I share his sentiments.  It seems like we are constantly surrounded by people who want to bring this country down, tear it apart.  Why?  They claim we aren’t perfect.  Well I’m sure, if you looked hard enough at the Mona Lisa, the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of David or the Statue of Liberty, that you would find imperfections.  Should we destroy what’s awesome and amazing just because it isn’t perfect?

The American “experiment,” with its brilliant Constitution, is a priceless work of art.  Let’s not be fools who would allow this masterpiece to be destroyed under the guise of repairing a few minor cracks.


~CW – hat tip to my favorite army veteran, Kerry G., for sharing this video.

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  1. The title of your post caught my eye. What a great title! So of course I had to watch the video.

    Common sense from a mature American with actual wisdom from past experience. We are a great country with great people and great points of interest. Too bad half the country do not agree.

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  2. Good find, CW! I’ve never seen it and never heard of him, but he’s absolutely right. When people start running down our country, I just say ‘if you find somewhere better to go, you just let me know.’ They can’t. No we’re not perfect, but we’re a lot closer to it than any other country.

    And what a beautiful setting for sending his message!

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