An Open Letter to Democrats

OK, I get it, you don’t like Donald Trump. You voted for Hillary and really think that the country would be better off if she had been elected. I’ll accept that as being your honest opinion. I disagree and think that you should seek competent mental help, but I’ll concede that you consider yourself a patriot and that you want what’s best for our United States. I believe that most ‘legacy’ democrats, unlike the newly-minted socialistic versions, generally feel pretty much the same about America as I do. We want the same things: peace, prosperity, and to be left alone to pursue our dreams. we just differ about how to accomplish those goals.

I grew up in a democrat home, in fact, in my birth state, practically everyone was a democrat. If you weren’t a democrat, your vote didn’t really count, since there were very few Republicans (at least openly). My whole family was democrat and I initially registered as a democrat as well. The democrats I knew back then were not very different from today’s Republicans – they were conservative, wanted lower taxes and less government and fewer government regulations – they honored the Constitution and were strong believers in the rule of law and the 2nd Amendment. And they loved the country and were enthusiastic flag-waving patriots.

The democrat Party sure has changed. It’s moved so far left that it would be unrecognizable to ‘old time’ democrats.

Now, many democrats refuse to give President Trump credit for our booming economy. And make no mistake, our economy IS booming. That’s not an opinion. By any measure, our economy might be as good as it’s ever been. You simply cannot dispute that jobs are plentiful, unemployment is down, the stock market is up, income and wages are rising and both business and consumer confidence are at all-time highs. Even leftist media people like the New York Times and the Washington Post admit that the economy is great.

I’ll assume that you consider yourself a fair-minded, truthful person and someone who will give credit when and where it’s due. That being said, you MUST give President Trump credit for his accomplishments in less than two years on the job. It’s simply impossible to assign the credit to anyone else and those who give any credit to Barack Obama aren’t being honest (or fair).

I understand that you don’t like Donald Trump – that’s fine. There are a number of his traits and habits that I don’t like either, but I am a realist and I can remember what the previous eight years were like. By comparison, the country is FAR better off than we were during Obama’s tenure. Any honest, objective analysis must give credit to a president who has our economy firing on all cylinders and has returned the U.S. to a position of being admired (and feared) as leaders of the free world, regardless of how we view him personally.

I’m going to ask you to do two things, first, put aside your personal dislike for President Trump and consider how the economy is doing today. I believe that you MUST admit that our economy is booming and President Trump deserves credit for that. And, it’s important to note that he has achieved so much while surviving the masses aligned against him: the ‘Deep State’ democrats, the mainstream media, establishment Republicans, Hollywood and more have done their best to prevent him from being successful – just because he’s ‘not Hillary.’

Secondly, I’ll ask that you consider objectively the conspiracy that was undertaken by the ‘Deep State’ to destroy President Trump. The conspirators committed numerous criminal acts to prevent candidate Donald Trump from winning the election, and when that failed, they pivoted to overthrow the results of the election by falsifying evidence so they could have grounds to impeach him. He wasn’t supposed to win and by doing so, he’d destroyed their plans and preparations for continuing the Obama ‘transformation.’

It’s true that we don’t have the definitive proof (YET) of the seditious activities by the ‘Deep State’ players so I can understand some reluctance to accept that the Obama Administration ‘weaponized’ our top federal law enforcement agencies in order to influence a presidential election and later, to destroy a president elected by the people.

The truth will come out soon and I’m merely asking that you carefully consider how unethical and un-American those activities were and agree that any fair-minded person MUST condemn that kind of criminal activity. It must be severely punished and prevented from ever happening again – to any presidential candidate or sitting presidentregardless of his/her political party.

Former President Obama has, on numerous occasions, claimed that his administration was free from scandal. While I could argue with him about several ‘scandals,’ none could compare to the conspiracy to exonerate Hillary Clinton and frame Donald Trump using top officials in the DOJ and FBI. The ‘Deep State’ swamp was a wholly-owned democrat operation, from top to bottom, and it ’s certain that President Obama had to be aware of the conspiracy. They couldn’t have executed it without his knowledge and permission.

Be honest, you must admit that the scheme was the most seditious plot ever perpetrated by a group of American citizens against a legally elected president.

We were warned about Russian ‘meddling’ in our elections. Someone should have warned us to be cautious about meddling from within our own government. Be honest, you’re smart enough to know that there is NOTHING that Russia could have done that could even scratch the surface of what our own IC (Intelligence Community), DOJ, and FBI could bring to bear in order to influence our elections and subsequently, to remove from office a duly elected president.

So, as the scheme unfolds and we hear about the felonies committed by Brennan, Comey, Ohr, Rosenstein, Strzok, McCabe, Mueller, et al, remember that they occupied top positions in our IC, the DOJ, and the FBI. The dossier commissioned by Hillary Clinton and the DNC was integral to the scheme, and obviously, President Obama played a covert part in the conspiracy as well.

It may be hard to believe, but a DEMOCRAT administration conspired to nullify the results of a Constitutional presidential election because they lost, what could be more un-American?

That kind of un-American activity cannot be tolerated, regardless of the political affiliation of the participants.

We, as Americans, cannot tolerate what they did. We are too good for that.



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  1. You’re asking an awful lot, Garnet, but I give you kudos for trying.

    One has to wonder how many Democrats would look at this post and wonder, “What is this ‘Deep State’ he’s talking about?’’ Because if your regular source of news isn’t Fox or anything deemed “rightwing” then in all likelihood you’ve heard little about the incredible, anti-American conspiracy that took root within the Obama administration and instead you’ve heard much about the danger of Donald Trump. Those who know of the story but just shrug it off or even applaud the Deep State have lost their moral compass, assuming they ever had one. We are not supposed to be a nation where we only care about cheating or criminal behavior when WE are the victims and everyone else be damned. If that’s who we are now, then we have lost our collective soul, having traded it for the cheap price of being able to say “we won.” I certainly hope that if people think that kind of country is good enough for them that they still want better for their kids and the next generation.

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    • I’m assuming that even the democrat masses know the term, but it is conceivable that they don’t know what it means – damn, I hope not.

      I was presuming that anyone at this stage of the political battle should have heard at least a minimal representation of the swamp/Deep State, etc. Frankly, I don’t know how much an inert dem might hear or see if they’re limited to CNN, MSNBC, NYT WaPo, etc. Those outlets are covering the ‘news’ they’re just not covering Trump fairly.

      I wrote this piece with the concept of giving some credit to the few thinking democrats who might have access to it and in the hopes that it might cause them to wonder – just wonder – if they’ve been getting the truth about the presidential election and how Donald Trump is performing.

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  2. When all this corruption does fully come out, anyone who remains a yellow dog Democrat cannot be given the benefit of the doubt. They will voluntary pin the “Scarlet Letter U”, for Un-American, and will earn the contempt of all patriotic citizens.

    BTW, you left off Clapper & Yates and others from your list of criminals. Priestzap may be the only one of the top eight to escape prosecution. MAYBE! But he was the first to begin cooperating. I want to see the paid MSM coconspirators prosecuted too!

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    • I certainly agree that anyone still supporting democrats after the truth comes out doesn’t deserve any consideration – they’re too far gone.

      Yep, I did leave off Clapper and Yates, but they’re represented by the ‘et al,’ they’re all criminals and I trust will be dealt with by Trump and his replacement AG when the time comes.


      • I’m still not of the opinion that Sessions will be replaced.

        He and Trump are playing roles.

        If Sessions was as bad as Trump says, he would have cashiered him like Cohn, Tillotson, & Pruitt. He never bad-mouthed THOSE guys much, but they’re gone.

        Why the non sequitur?


  3. I, for one, have been an Independent most of my life. For many years, I didn’t think there was much difference between Republicans and Democrats other than their political tag. That’s changed.
    We supported Obama for eight years, even though we thought he made many mistakes. And we now support Trump, whose background as a successful business man seems to be an excellent foundation for him to do an outstanding job. It’s too bad that HRC and many of her supporters are still emotionally stuck in Nov. 2016, when she lost.
    My husband and I realized just how much better Trump’s skill-set for the job was when the hurricanes slammed into Puerto Rico, Texas, Florida, etc. As a builder, he knew how to deal with the issues… To the best of my knowledge, Haiti STILL hasn’t fully recovered from the hurricane that smashed it in 2008, yet things are pretty much back to normal in all the areas Trump’s administration oversaw the recovery of.

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