Bruce Ohr: Mueller Inquisition is Peter Strzok’s “Insurance Policy”

From:,  by L.J. Keith,  on Sep 9, 2018

WASHINGTON, DC: Disgraced Justice Department official Bruce Ohr told the Senate Intelligence Committee last week that the Mueller inquisition into the Trump administration was what Peter Strzok was talking about when he texted about having an “insurance policy” against Trump.

Peter Strzok’s co-conspirator and lover Lisa Page, though still combative, was much more forthcoming in her testimony to the committee. She said that that Strzok’s emails and texts meant “exactly what they say they mean.” When he said he would try to stop Trump, he meant it.

When he said he had concocted an “insurance policy “with Andrew McCabe in “Andy’s office” he was referring to using the fake Russian dossier to knowingly frame Donald Trump and create the basis for the Mueller investigation.

Peter Strzok and the Fake Russian Dossier

Strzok launched the “counter intelligence” investigation against Trump after being fed the Clinton / DNC funded fake Russian dossier from no less than three sources. John Brennan leaked it through Senator Harry Reid. John McCain fed it to the FBI through Fusion GPS spy Christopher Steele.

Bruce Ohr leaked it directly to Strzok through Steele and Glenn Simpson,  founder of Fusion GPS, which wrote the dossier with the help of Nellie Ohr, Bruce’s wife, who actually worked on the dossier.

The entire conspiracy was a disinformation campaign. Clinton and the DNC paid 9 million dollars to Fusion GPS to buy Kremlin disinformation to feed to the FBI to spy on a leading opposition candidate for the Presidency.

Brennan, Comey, and Strzok: What were they thinking?

Where is Tom Clancy when you need a story of betrayal and intrigue so incredibly diabolical you can’t believe thinking people, even corrupt ones, could ever imagine doing it. Think of the hubris of the people in charge to conceive and execute a plan to frame and destroy the incoming President of the United States.

What were John Brennan and James Comey and Andrew McCabe thinking when they consciously conspired to lie to the FISA courts, to frame a sitting President. To tear apart a nation.

Fake Russian Dossier at the poisoned root of Strzok, FISA, and Mueller

Here are the facts. The Russian dossier was not only the basis of the Peter Strzok investigation and the FISA warrants, but they were also the underpinning of the Mueller investigation. Hence the “insurance policy”.

The Dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton and the  DNC, made its way to the FBI thru multiple plants. John Brennan, John McCain, and Bruce Ohr were the principle conduits in the disinformation campaign. Each channeling the dossier to the FBI.

Somehow, James Comey and Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok came to view this complete garbage of a document as the lodestone, the holy grail of dirty tricks, and the heartbeat of their conspiracy to frame Donald Trump

Strzok, FISA, Ohr, Weissman, and Mueller

Strzok used the fake documents, which he knew to be fake and unverified, to launch the counter-espionage investigation against candidate Trump.  Step one.

Strzok and McCabe and Comey used the fake Russian dossier as the centerpiece of the FISA warrant application against Carter Page. Step two.

This warrant was renewed four times, three times after Trump was elected President.  Rod Rosenstein signed the last renewal. He had to know it was garbage. He had to.

Each time it was presented to the FISA court it was a complete and total lie, and the applicants knew it. Nonetheless, they swore to its truthfulness. This allowed a blanket of electronic surveillance over the Trump campaign and those close to the President.

Andrew Weissman: Mueller’s link to the conspiracy

At the same time, Strzok and Ohr were keeping Andrew Weissman in the loop about the Russian dossier from day one. Step Three accomplished. Weissman, notorious for underhanded and nefarious prosecutorial tactics, is the principal deputy to Robert Mueller in the Special Councils Office.

Peter Strzok was the principal investigator in the Special council’s office until his text messages were exposed. When Bruce Ohr was asked what the Insurance policy Peter Strzok was referring to he replied “the Mueller investigation”.

The Mueller inquisition is the direct outgrowth of Peter Strzosk corrupt use of the fake Russian dossier to frame and destroy Donald Trump. From day one, he and his co-conspirators, including Andrew Weissman, have consciously used the information they knew to be false to brazenly pursue and destroy their political opposition. How else could their actions be described except as seditionist enemies of the Constitution?

Criminality and sedition must be punished

They have lied to the court repeatedly. Basing the premise of their entire investigation upon fictional documents they knew to be false. Simply bought and paid for by the opposition candidate.

They knew what complete garbage the dossier is. But they used it anyway.

They knew they were committing a crime against the constitution by framing and persecuting the President of the United States. But they did it anyway.

The fruit of the poison tree has been a nation at war with itself over fiction, run by a cabal of corrupt vehemently anti-Trump seditionists. McCarthyites. Traitors. Unworthy of respect. Unrepentant scum.

The very definition of McCarthyism

The definition of McCarthyism is when you accuse someone of being a traitor or aiding the Russians with absolutely no evidence. Well, what the hell has been happening the last two years?

What Mueller and his band of corrupt co-conspirators have done has done more to destroy American democracy than anything the Russians could have done in 100 years.

Imagine that Barack Obama crony and CIA Director Brennan runs an operation against Donald Trump. He sends a flurry of spies into the Trump campaign early in 2016. They snare Papadouplous and hang their early spying, which even had a code name, Crossfire Hurricane, on hopes of entrapping Trump staffers.

Who gives a code name to nonexistent spying operation. The Deep State, that’s who. John Brennan, that’s who.

Meanwhile, Clinton and the DNC pay Fusion GPS $9 million dollars to pay Kremlin sources for invented dirt on Donald Trump. That’s right. The only people actually colluding with the Russians were Clinton, the DNC and Fusion GPS. And the White House. The State Department. The Justice Department. And the FBI.

Corrupting the Intelligence agencies and the Justice Department

Somehow all the intelligence agencies and organs of government got coordinated to levy the power of the Federal government against Donald Trump. For no reason. For a crude, fake Russian disinformation Dossier every party to the conspiracy knew to be a fabrication. A Kremlin fabrication at that.

But not such a fabrication that they didn’t use it to secure a FISA warrant, 4 times. And not fabricated enough to not launch a Counter-espionage investigation. And not enough of a fabrication to not feed to Andrew Weissman in August of 2016, and get ready for when Strzok’s counter-espionage insurance policy turned into the Mueller Inquisition.

The Mueller Inquisition: Fruit of the poisoned tree

Which it did. And Strzok was the chief investigator. And Weissman remains Mueller’s chief deputy. All the while the fake Russian dossier remains at the heart of the entire matter. The insurance policy. The never-ending Mueller investigation. The fruit of the poison tree.

Barack Obama and his co-conspirators hatched this conspiracy and have been unfolding it like clockwork. To attempt to derail Trump from becoming President is criminal enough. The attempt to destroy his presidency and literally frame him for treason is the worst crime against our country, and our Democracy, that anyone can imagine.

It is treason. The very definition of sedition. It cannot be tolerated.

A Grand Jury has been convened

Fortunately, a Grand Jury has finally been convened in the case of Andrew McCabe. It is to look into all aspects of the FISA warrants and the Russian dossier. Let us pray that it looks at criminal actions of John Brennan, James Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr, James Clapper and others as well.

Let’s get a look at Andrew Weissman’s emails and texts. Let’s get a look at Rod Rosenstein’s emails and texts. Let have a genuine investigation by a US attorney into the unprecedented actions of the senior members of the Obama Justice Department.

It looks like Peter Strzoks insurance policy is about to expire. It looks like the truth about the overt Coup d’Etat attempt by the Obama administration and its minions to sabotage the incoming President and all its perambulations is about to emerge. Let the heavens fall, but the truth will prevail.

Peter Strzok’s insurance policy is about to expire

In the history of the Republic, there has never been an episode so dangerously nefarious. Now that it is being exposed,  those responsible must be indicted and face justice for their crimes.

Sedition should outrage every American. Using the power of the intelligence agencies and the Justice Department against political opponents should outrage every American.

Framing and sabotaging the President of the United States with an insurance policy deliberately built on lies is not just a crime against honor. Its a crime against the Republic.

Bringing those responsible to justice

Those responsible must be bought to justice. Maybe Barack Obama and his co-conspirators can take a moment out from their ceaseless campaign against Trump to realize the damage they have done to our country.

Who needs the Russians to destroy American Democracy when Clinton and Obama are doing it for them. Our constitution asks that we defend it against all enemies, foreign and Domestic. It’s getting pretty clear to see who the enemies of the constitution are in this case. Their crimes against the Republic are obvious.

They hate Donald Trump so much they were willing to destroy our country rather than respect our constitution. That was their insurance policy against the will of the people. That was their insurance policy against Donald Trump.

They will pay a heavy price for their sedition. But America will as well. We already have.


Even though we political news junkies were already aware of most of the contents, Mr. Keith did a nice job of compiling and presenting it. One new revelation was that Bruce Ohr apparently identified Strzok’s ‘insurance policy’ as being the fake Russian dossier used to trigger the Mueller Investigation – a witch hunt in the truest sense. That question has been the subject of much speculation about exactly what Strzok was referring to when he mentioned an ‘insurance policy’ – so, now we know.

Mr. Keith mentions sedition. Here’s what has to say about it: “Sedition, a serious felony punishable by fines and up to 20 years in prison, refers to the act of inciting revolt or violence against a lawful authority with the goal of destroying or overthrowing it.” Isn’t that exactly what our merry band of criminals had in mind? They were a seditious conspiracy.

They also committed numerous other serious felonies and sedition may be the least serious among them, especially from a punishment perspective. Regardless, I hope and pray that each and every one of the conspirators faces the maximum penalties the law allows. What they did is unconscionable and there can be no excuse. I would vote for life in prison and being stripped of their United States citizenship – they don’t deserve it.




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  1. If Mueller’s investigation is the insurance policy, then all the more reason to shut it down, which Mueller should have done himself when he learned the dossier was fake and the basis for the warrants. First he’d have to have the moral fiber and decency of an honest investigation that’s actually looking for the truth, and that’s by no means what he’s doing.

    Does anyone else find it odd that Mueller never makes a statement to the press, or gives an update on how the investigation is going? But then, we’re just the people paying for it – why should we expect any answers?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I take his lack of ‘leaks’ as a good sign. I was just reading an article about the widespread and coordinated policy of leaking by the FBI and DOJ, it seems that all of the parties aligned against Trump are proponents of leaking selected information to their chosen source – why not Mueller? I don’t know.


  2. Excellent post, Garnet.

    L. J. Keith hit the nail on the head when he said, “What Mueller and his band of corrupt co-conspirators have done has done more to destroy American democracy than anything the Russians could have done in 100 years,” as well as in this great quote: “Framing and sabotaging the President of the United States with an insurance policy deliberately built on lies is not just a crime against honor. Its a crime against the Republic.”

    The American public at large, I’m sad to say, has failed to appreciate the real consequence of the crimes committed here, as evidenced by the absence of shared national outrage. This is what happens when you have a population that is dumbed down by the influence of the Left, underscoring once again the urgent need to drive them out. The actions of the “unrepentant scum,” as Keith refers to them (LOVE that term!) demonstrate how destruction from within works.

    The one thing that concerns me with the post, however, is that I’m not hearing or reading anything about the explosive revelations from Bruce Ohr with respect to the “insurance policy” in any other news outlet. It does not appear to be common knowledge that Ohr expressly defined the insurance policy, so how does Mr. Keith know this to be a fact? His source for this information should have been part of the piece so we could be confident in its accuracy.


    • I agree, and I don’t understand why more people aren’t as outraged as we are? I also wonder why there hasn’t been any other corroboration of Ohr’s identification of the ‘insurance policy.’ That doesn’t mean that it’s wrong, but I’m puzzled about why no one else apparently caught that point? A link to an actual quote would have been appropriate.

      An UPDATE: I have Hannity on in the background and he says that tonight he’s breaking news about Ohr’s claim of what the ‘insurance policy’ was – maybe he’ll verify it?

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  3. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:
    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents

    You say:

    Think of the hubris of the people in charge to conceive and execute a plan to frame and destroy the incoming President of the United States.

    What were John Brennan and James Comey and Andrew McCabe thinking when they consciously conspired to lie to the FISA courts, to frame a sitting President. To tear apart a nation.

    When you have a President like Obama/Hillary Clinton’s caliber of evil there is no end to what they would do as you can well see.


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    • Thanks muchly, KSJ for exposing the information on your blog too! It is hard to believe what has happened. Just a few short years ago, a ‘tall tale’ describing what these folks did wouldn’t have been approved for publishing by a fiction publisher – far too outrageous – and now it happens in real life. These truly evil people need to be punished, and harshly.


  4. Mr. Keith/Gernet, I’ve been wondering if that witch-hunt was one of their insurance policies. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this post and help us peons keep up to date with real news.

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