The Sacrifice of Donald J. Trump

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Though I’m not his greatest fan, one of the reasons that I don’t doubt the sincerity of Donald Trump’s dedication to this country is the extent to which he has incurred personal sacrifice in order to fulfill his mission to restore America’s strength and prosperity.  Though I doubt that Trump foresaw the degree to which he would be villainized by the Left and he and his family become targets of their incredible viciousness, he surely knew that in addition to risking his life he would potentially be risking a hit to his personal fortune, his business enterprises, the popularity he enjoyed as a celebrity and his health.

In addition to passing up the salary that he’s entitled to as POTUS, Trump put aside the option to personally oversee his financial empire and risked the brand value of the Trump name for the chance to lead the country.   Contrast that with Barack Obama and Bill Clinton who came to D.C. with almost nothing and are now millionaires many times over (and still on the taxpayers’ dole, not doubt).  Clinton, who said himself that he came to the White House with “…the lowest net worth of any American president in the 20th century,” was estimated to be worth $80 million in 2016, and Obama is quickly following in his footsteps according to sources like NewsweekBusiness Insider says “The Obamas are worth 30 times more than when they entered the White House in 2008.”  I guess those guys were just kidding when they denounced all that filthy money on Wall Street.  Now look at what’s happened with Trump.  In May of this year publications like Fortune magazine (“Donald Trump’s Net Worth Keeps Dropping. How the Presidency Is Making Him Poorer”) and Bloomberg (“Trump’s Net Worth Slides to $2.8 Billion, Lowest Since Campaign”), among others, reported on the financial hit Trump is taking as POTUS.  The reality of how Obama and Clinton benefitted relative to what the Trump family has thus far lost makes laughable the claims by the deranged Left that Trump wanted to be POTUS for financial gain.

But the sacrifice extends far beyond money.  Trump traded a lifestyle in which, as a wealthy, independent businessman, going to work each day was a choice, not a necessity.  Unlike his predecessors Trump didn’t need the presidency to achieve the height of celebrity status.  His celebrity was well established and, by and large, a positive thing.  But as they did with Sarah Palin and George W. Bush before him, the leftists have made it their life’s mission to destroy Trump in the most personal way possible because, after all, he must be punished for exposing them and putting the brakes on their plans to take over and destroy the country.  Trump dishes it back with gusto, that’s true, but that doesn’t change the fact that for the sake of rescuing this country from the clutches of the Left he volunteered for a barrage of scorn, ridicule and hatred the likes of which most people will thankfully never know, and it will follow him throughout his lifetime.  Furthermore, with nearly all of the leftist-owned “mainstream” media taking aim at him as well as the big mouthpieces in Hollywood, he is one man up against an army of hate.  The hardest thing of all, no doubt, is that he’s had to watch his family take the hits as well.  Now, he’s made the mistake of unnecessarily involving family members in his presidency for which he deserves criticism in my opinion; nevertheless nothing can be more painful than to watch your family being viciously targeted and maligned as a way of getting to you.

Some will say, “But CW, the Obamas and the Clintons have been subject to the same treatment from the Right.  What about their sacrifices?”

My answer to that is there is no comparison between the way the Obamas and Clintons are treated relative to Trump.  When was the last time you heard about Obama, the Clintons, or one of their staff or supporters being refused service in a restaurant or being harassed out of public spaces?  Who violently rioted at their inaugurations?  When were their physical appearances the subject of cruel “comedy” at the White House Correspondents Dinner?   The greatest threat Democrats face is to be shouted at with a tough question now and then, because by and large those of us on the Right accept the outcome of democracy while those on the Left do not.

Again, as a non-politician who previously did business with people of all political stripes, I don’t believe Trump fully appreciated the nature of what he was up against and what savages the Left can be when threatened.  In any case, he’s living it now and for the remainder of his life.  That’s the sacrifice of Donald J. Trump.


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  1. Reblogged this on Lauren Creech's Random Thoughts and commented:
    Well put CW. I’m sharing this and wondering just how bad the threats against Ross Perot were still that ultimately caused him to drop out. I can only imagine they are worse now.

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  2. Speaking as a card-carrying Deplorable, I STILL believe that Obama’s birth certificate was as phony as he was. I believe that Sheriff Joe was right.

    Otherwise, Kathy stole my thunder. I just saw that video of Trump stopping his motorcade to shake hands with firefighters and I thought, “I really like that about him.” He does that pretty often – just interrupts whatever he’s doing to stop and be with police or first responders and the way he interacts with those in the audience at his rallies, he truly is at his best when he’s with the “little” people. I DO like that about him. Can you imagine Obama doing similar things? Or Hillary?

    I can put up with some of his cheesy antics knowing that he has a genuine appreciation for ordinary American citizens – and he produces positive results for the country. Those who refuse to see what Trump is doing for ALL Americans is willfully blind to the truth.

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    • Yeah it’s funny how the stereotype of Republicans and Democrats differs so much from the reality. Al Gore is known as the protector of the planet when in reality he was the limousine liberal while George W. Bush’s ranch was a model of energy efficiency. Democrats like Obama and HRC get credit for caring about the little people when the reality is that Trump shows far more genuine caring then either of them ever did. Dems are lucky that we have the leftwing media and liberal Hollywood to perpetuate the myths.

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  3. Spot on, CW, the barrage he’s been hit with has been bigger and lasted longer than any we’ve seen before. I don’t think any of us, least of all Trump, were ready for this. It should have been over in a few months, or weeks, actually. The Dems have taken derangement to the extreme.

    A video yesterday showed that he had his motorcade stop so he could get out of the car to go over and shake hands with the police and firefighters who were keeping the pathway open for him. Then he took the time for all the guys to get selfies with him. Months ago, while walking to the plane, he got out of formation and went to shake hands of more police and firefighters. These are actions of a man who genuinely cares about the people and the country, and I don’t recall a single time a previous president did that.

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    • Thanks, Kathy.

      The viciousness with which Trump has been treated underscores once again that the Left sees politics in the U.S. not as a process but as a war in which there are no rules, at least not for them.

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  4. I agree totally. He gave up a good life for the betterment of America. I cover it in “When Did Trump Fall From Grace with the Left” blog. It was when he asked for Obama’s birth certificate as a favor for Hillary..No good deed goes unpunished. The left has been after him ever since.

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    • Thanks, BOWT. This is the first time I’ve heard the claim that Trump was ostensibly doing Hillary a favor when he asked for Obama’s birth certificate. Guess he didn’t think that one through.


      • Yeah he was sort of friends with her, you know the NYC crowd, and she was running against Obama and spread the rumor that he was Muslim and born somewhere else. So Trump, with no aspirations to be president then, helped her out with his influence. Big mistake. Probably his biggest.

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