Get Informed – Vote – Or Shut the F*** Up!

I was reminded recently that too many of our friends and neighbors believe that they’re taking the high road by remaining “above” the down and dirty distasteful world of politics. They might let it be known by saying something like, “I don’t pay attention to any of that political garbage,” or “they’re all crooks and liars, I don’t like any of them.”

Sound familiar? Those who think that way have their heads buried in the sand and are plainly said, idiots.

They are what I call our “inert” group. For those in Rio Linda, inert means: having no inherent power of action, motion, or resistance; lethargic.

They’re inert when it comes to being informed about our elections. They think that it’s fruitless to bother getting informed since they don’t believe that one candidate is measurably better than another. It’s easier to maintain that inert philosophy when they delude themselves into believing that their vote won’t make a difference.

They’re like a piece of straw floating on waves caressing a beach, being carried to and fro, back and forth, never having any influence on their direction – and, apparently never caring, letting others determine who affects their lives.

But let the price of gasoline rise by $1.00 and they’ll be screaming bloody murder. Or perhaps their bottle of 2013 Napa Cabernet increases by $5.00 and they’re ready to riot in the streets – after all, they’re not savages.

Yet they purposefully ignore things like job-killing regulations, excessive taxes, onerous foreign tariffs, and those “refugees” streaming across the border into Texas and California – as if those things don’t affect their lives.

If they voted in 2008 or 2012, they almost certainly voted for Obama. He was said to be “articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.” In hindsight, to the rest of us, those were probably Obama’s only honest qualifications. They haven’t bothered to absorb the results of two disastrous Obama terms and without an accounting, they remain unaware of the damage he caused and just assume that he was fine.

If they voted in 2016, they probably voted for Hillary. It was her time, time for a woman president, and her opponent was that clod (Trump) who was an egotistic, buffoonish TV celebrity who lied a lot – and he was a Republican (gag) and “everyone knows” that Republicans don’t care about ordinary people, they’re just interested in benefitting the “fat cats.”

These “inerts” don’t seem to understand that their lives are affected daily by policies that are implemented by the president and our representatives in Congress. Anyone who thinks that their vote isn’t worth at least a minimal amount of effort shouldn’t be allowed to complain about any laws and regulations that are enacted.

They’ve become convinced that their vote wouldn’t matter anyway. What’s the difference; they’re all alike, they say – one’s as bad as the other, they say. But if they DO vote, it’ll most likely be for a democrat since all of their like-minded friends (who are just as inert) vote a straight democrat ticket and they want to remain a part of their circle of friends.

They’ve heard stories about an acquaintance (not a friend) who actually voted for Donald Trump (gasp). He was ostracized and shunned, no longer invited to block parties and had nasty graffiti sprayed on his garage door.

He brought it on himself. The very idea of voting for a womanizing racist who would wreak havoc on the country’s economy is unthinkable. Besides, everybody knows that this Trump fellow has been consorting with our mortal enemy Russia and probably already has an agreement with Vladimir Putin to partner on development in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

It’s easy to see why these inert voters are so negative on President Trump. The few bits and pieces of news that penetrate their self-absorption are likely coming from NPR, CNN, or MSNBC, so how could they think otherwise? If their only source of the “news” is NPR, CNN, or MSNBC, they’d have no idea of the successes that are directly attributable to President Trump – in effect, they’d be misinformed rather than informed. All they’d know (or think they know) is that Trump is being investigated for collusion with Russians and that the Russians probably hacked our voting systems to steal the election from Hillary. And they would be hearing occasional soundbites about Trump being impeached.

To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, who once said, “It isn’t so much that democrats are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.” And so it is with our inert friends.

The democrats know that they must retake the House if they are to overthrow President Trump (their ultimate goal). I believe that much of the democrat party really believes that President Donald Trump is Satan with a nice suit and a comb-over and that’s the meme that’s likely to pervade any political conversation in an inert household or social gathering.

Here we are in late July with mid-term elections coming in November. And those of us, who are engaged, are sweating bullets and agonizing over how to maintain our majority in the House, to keep the country’s progress moving forward.

I’d like to suggest that we make a concerted effort to get ALL of our like-minded friends and relatives to vote in the mid-terms. And, at the same time, do our best to reinforce the idea among our inert friends and acquaintances that their vote really won’t count for anything and they’d do better to forget the elections, just stay home and play with themselves instead (I mean like games on their smartphones) – otherwise their misinformed votes will cancel out our informed ones.



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  1. Here is the choice:
    1. Vote for the Repubian


    Watch the Demokraps take control and we lose it all.

    No middle ground.


  2. LOL! These people are probably those with Trump Derangement Syndrome. Saw the therapy for this today: STOP WATCHING CNN!!!
    You’re right. Sharing the statement: “Our votes don’t really count anyhow”. is an excellent idea for these dolts. I’ll have to consider how to do this with those people I know…

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    • If viewership is any indication, people ARE tuning out CNN. You know, I was thinking that based on the intelligence level of those inert voters, we could offer them coloring books and a box of Crayons and suggest that they do that instead of wasting their time voting – just a suggestion, they might just jump on it!

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  3. Reblogged this on Lauren Creech's Random Thoughts and commented:
    Well said Garnet. Sharing this one now.

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  4. Garnet, your post reminded me to check on the Walk Away movement, and I’m happy to say they’re still going strong and increasing in numbers, so we’ve got that working for us. They may not vote Republican, but at least they won’t be voting for the same old Dem criminals.

    Voting is basically our only tool, so it’s critical that we use it wisely and bear in mind that the Dems will go to any lengths to win, including cheating, rigging voting machines and even beating up the opposition’s supporters.

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    • Thanks for sharing that, Kathy. I’m glad to hear that the Walk Away folks are increasing their numbers. They seem to be an outspoken group and hopefully, that will help to influence others to vote for ANYONE other than a democrat.


  5. This past week we voted in FL’s ‘primaries’ and my 2 main goals were:
    1) choosing the Rep. candidate that I thought had the best chance of beating Nelson (D)
    2) choosing the Rep candidate that I would most like to have a governor.
    Fingers are crossed that they both win!!!!

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    • Haven’t followed closely, but polling shows DeSantis is ahead. I’m wondering how DeSantis is doing with the real people? Also, what are Scott’s chances for Senator? Any thoughts?

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      • My fingers are crossed that both DeSantis and Scott win the primaries and then the election, most people I chat with voted (or say they did) the same as me…. One never knows if someone is telling them the truth or what they think the other person wants to hear.

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