How Team Trump Is Preparing the Normies

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1. A thread on how Team Trump is preparing the normies for what is coming : major Swamp Draining.

Many look at the kabuki theater in Congress, as the way to evaluate ‘Trump v Swamp’.

They misunderstand the role Trump has assigned to Congress, in this great American scandal.

2. The strategy is becoming clearer now.

Consider : Trump KNOWS EVERYTHING.

This isn’t a situation where he is flying blind. The evidence is in, all of it. Has been for a long time.

The issue isn’t WHAT Trump has. It’s HOW to bring the perps to justice. And WHEN.
3. IMO, Trump’s main challenge hasn’t been so much in the evidence gathering, or even in enforcement.

Sessions, Huber (& I suspect other USAs) are quietly going about their business.

The main challenge has been EDUCATING & PREPARING the public, for what is to come.

4. Remember, Trump has ZERO support from Obama & Clinton media slaves, which once dominated the media landscape, but still have power.

In fact, most of the outlets involved were part of the conspiracy. They LIE and actively oppose Trump, 24/7.

They’re complicit.

5. So HOW to bring justice down on the crooks?

You need popular support. And understanding.

The public need to be aware that terrible crimes occurred in 2015/16. And also softened up, for major law enforcement action to come.

6. That means Trump has to by-pass the Obama/Clinton slave media complex, in a way that makes them redundant.

The WHEN question is decided: the takedown will be calibrated to destroy the Dems, in the mid term elections.

But back to the HOW question.

7. To by-pass the Obama/Clinton slave media, Team Trump have executed a highly organized, disciplined, complex and co-ordinated information campaign.

IMO, they’re using FOUR different channels, to educate, prepare and build a massive network of support, under the radar.

8. Each channel is run by specific individuals /key players, who have specific objectives, as well as different access levels, to the trove of evidence Trump has.

What are the 4 main channels?

9. I think Twitter, FOX, Congress & ‘Q’ are the four main channels to get the word out.

Plus a handful of brilliant, courageous & independent journalists.

Wait – did you read ‘Q’?


10. A quick comment on ‘Q’.

I’ve never bought into the ‘Q is a larp’ theory . Larps give up after a time. They get tired, rejected or bored.

However, I’ve also ALWAYS rejected the theory that ‘Q’ is gospel truth.

And still do.

11. Most of the Q gang assume that every Q ‘breadcrumb’ is 100% true. Many believe it is Trump himself. They’re wrong. That’s naive.

I don’t really care who Q is. Nor do I care if Q is predicting stuff, before it happens.


12. ‘Q’ IS a genuine pro-Trump propaganda/education & awareness campaign.

It is organized, targeted and sophisticated. Also, enduring.

Is the information ‘Q’ posts misinformation, or real?

Answer: BOTH.

13. IMO, the ‘Q project’ objective has been to create mass awareness, discussion, engagement & loyalty to the ‘Drain the Swamp’ project.

It’s about creating pro-Trump ‘informed SPECULATION.’

And to DISPERSE it throughout social media, by-passing the MSM.

14. The concept is GENIUS. Beyond brilliant and unique.

It allows Trump supporters to engage with each other anonymously, important in the current atmosphere, where outing yourself as pro-Trump is still a risky thing to do.

But the genius is the use of social media,to do it.

15. 4Chan disseminates info with high velocity.

Q can drop a ‘breadcrumb’, a hint, photo, a coded thread on current Trump events, inviting speculation among ‘anons’.

Within minutes, it’s being viewed and discussed by MILLIONS of people on 4Chan, twitter, YouTube, Minds etc.

16. Inevitably some ‘anons’ become so fascinated, that they dedicate their time to deciphering what the messages mean.

Very intelligently, too. Result?

A massive network of pro-Trump speculation. For very little cost. See the genius in it?

17. The point of Q is to use misinformation, mixed with true nuggets of real intel, to produce mass SPECULATION.

At the same time, to EDUCATE the growing ‘Q’ community about what is actually happening, plus providing pointers to the future.

And to lure new followers.

18. IMO ‘Q’ isn’t one person. It’s a collection of individuals loyal to Trump, from within the IC and WH.

Does Trump know about Q?

YES. Most certainly. He doesn’t have time to administer the program, but he’d be green lighting a lot of it.

19. A twitter buddy asked me who I think is involved.

Trump’s a key part of it, I’m sure. Also IMO Stephen Millar, maybe even General Flynn and Steve Bannon.

BUT we will never know. Nor do we need to. ‘Q’ is just one component of an over-arching comms strategy.

20. What about the other 3 channels? FOX : that’s obvious. The Hannity Posse & Lou Dobbs are the main players.

Hannity has been given enough information to drop the occasional bombshell. And to whip up the base.

He knows the enormity of the scandal. But not all the details.

21. BTW, Hannity’s rabid anti-Sessions content is easy for us to lampoon as BS, but normies totally buy it.

It’s also a very effective way to create distance between Trump & Sessions, important for when Sessions needs to demonstrate his independence.

22. So that’s Twitter, Q, FOX.

What about Congress, the 4th channel?

Well, it seems clear that Trump has entrusted select Congressional figures, with different levels of knowledge, about the criminality in the 2016 election.

23. Grassley, Goodlatte and Nunes are the key players. In turn, they assign specific access and intel to others (eg Jordan, Gaetz).

BUT their role is NOT to drain the swamp.

Those of you who think you’ll ever get satisfaction from Congress, will always be disappointed.

24. There’s a reason for that.

Trump knows full well that Congress can’t be given the evidence he has. It is corrupt and untrustworthy, on both sides.

Evidence given will be leaked and contaminated.

Another thing.

25. Many of the crooks are in Congress. Why give them a heads up of what you have?

It would be madness, to do so.

No, IMO the role of the select individuals in Congress is above all, to expose the crooks & educate the public.

26. Those Grassley/Goodlatte/Nunes letters? They are pointers to the evidence Trump ALREADY HAS.

They’re letters to the public. To you & me. And the normies.

Those kabuki Congressional sessions? Think of them as public education and softening up.

27. Perhaps Nunes will be given the honor of dropping some bombshells, that expose the worst. He’s been magnificent.

Plus, it’s important that this comes from Congress, which needs root & branch reform.

But Trump himself will deliver the hammer blow. By declassification.

28. After that, the floodgates will open.

Now, some of you might say that all this is very ‘unPresidential’.

Well, screw that.

You MUST remember who Trump is dealing with.

29. Real nasty SOBs, who were destroying America, while the population slept.

And who’d be happy to do so again, if given a chance.

Trump WILL stop them, but it requires real cunning and genius strategy. That’s the HOW.

30. People ask ‘Will Trump win?’.


Trump has ALREADY won.

‘Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.’ (Sun Tzu).

31. Smashing ‘Operation Crossfire’ to splinters, breaks the dam wide open.

Trump will then have even bigger targets in his sights after these mid-terms, all the way to 2020.

He’ll take them down, too. You can be certain of that.


The end.



This is the gist of the vision that I have gleaned of the Swamp cleanup program from a melding of my “go-to” analysts, with this author REX being one of them.


His 4 pronged assault is stated better than I have ever articulated, though I understood it that way long ago.


You’ll note that he largely concurs in my view of “Q” as well, though he again states the purpose of “Q” better than I have.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy this Twitter thread roll out.


BTW, I’ve promised my “Q” confirmation story, etc. to several of you, and am composing it (1st draft complete). But I’m having a total knee replacement done on Wednesday, and will be pretty hopped up for a couple of days.

So I’m going to tarry in posting my “Q” story until I come back to a semblance of rationality, and can cogently address questions, engage in discussion, etc. I thank you in advance for your patience.



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  1. Let’s be honest. When you take a massive conspiracy theory, (which includes the president) and relies on untold numbers of eager but secretive acolytes to help disperse the “truth” to the “normies,” that’s the stuff of a fiction novel. I’m assuming that “normies” are us, the uninitiated.

    There is a mysterious person or persons (called “Q”) that writes parables in coded language and commands the flock to decipher the meaning by decoding the otherwise nonsensical text into meaningful instructions. Only sometimes, the instructions are misdirection – only meant to confuse the uninformed. I’m not sure how the decoders (I think they’re called “anons”) are able to differentiate between the intentional misdirection and honest-to-goodness real stuff – that is another mystery.

    In the piece, Rex posits that “Q” is a campaign to distribute pro-Trump “informed speculation” and disperse it throughout the masses via social media and he deems that to be genius, beyond brilliant and unique. Pardon me, but isn’t that exactly what every political campaign does? And God knows that most political messages are rife with misdirection.

    Rex explains that “Q” can drop a “breadcrumb” (which may be a hint, a photo, or a coded message) and immediately the “anons” go to work on it, eventually deducing its meaning and distributing that among the faithful (otherwise known as crowdsourcing).

    He also believes that President Trump already has evidence sufficient to put away all of the swamp’s bad actors, he’s just biding his time, waiting for just the right moment to declassify it and release it to the public.

    It should be obvious by now that I don’t understand the whole “Q” thing. It may be a factual, inventive way to inform the public, and is just simply over my head or it may be crap, I don’t know. But, given the limited information that I’ve seen, it’s not something that I plan on spending my valuable time on.

    I know some are serious about it and I don’t knock them for their belief, that’s an individual thing, kinda like religion, to each his own, but color me skeptical.

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    • I LOVE this, Garnet!

      Meanwhile, virtually every post you have made over the last week has been derived from Q related threads! LOL!! And you don’t even realize it, because you don’t know what has gone before!

      “Future proves past!”, as Q says!

      I was LITERALLY talking about this over dinner with my wife tonight, with mutual genuine enjoyment!

      She refuses to join TPT, because “she doesn’t know how to blog!” LOL!! REALLY?? My FB queen??

      Y’all seem to misunderstand that you take at face value everything the cabal media puts out, but question everything from any other source! Do you not see the dissonance there? Who checks the fact checkers? Snopes is a well known Leftist shill site, for example!! And the MSM, owned by the cabal is reliable? HELLO?? It doesn’t fit the cabal scenario, so it MUST be false!!

      If the CIA trained faggot heir to the Vanderbilt fortune, Anderson Cooper, doesn’t tell you what to think, it must not be true!! Google Operation Mockingbird! The name was changed to protect the guilty!

      Again, I question Rex’s interpretation of Q. I fully agree with his 4 pronged Trump program, but it RELIES ON Q to a great degree. He doesn’t see HIS OWN dissonance!!

      The disinformation is a relatively small number of posts. I haven’t quantified it, but my gut says under 5%. But they tend to point at BIG expected things! Arrests, riots, and the like. Q then comments on what they learn from the REACTIONS of the cabal to those posts! LAUGHS about it, actually, as do the thousands of Anons. The disinfo is REQUIRED to enable the continuous flow of real information without disruption. When you are involved in the flow of the threads, it is pretty easy to discern the disinfo from the genuine crumbs., even for a numb nut like me! The truly brilliant Anons are like quantum physicists, taking things to detail I find incomprehensible sometimes!

      Please understand that the Chan boards allow EVERYONE to post ANONymously! So we call ourselves Anons. It really is THAT simple, not a mystery!

      What you viscerally consider a fault, like disinfo, is actually a beneficial feature!!!

      BTW, the Q site has been under persistent DNS attack for three days, disabling part of the interactive search architecture. This is NOT the first time! We started on 4chan, and moved to higher security 8chan for this reason. The level of sheer power required to disable a minor portion of the 8chan site is remarkable, but the fact that the black hats managed even that is notable. But the work around was easy enough, and everything is archived offline to be uploaded instantaneously on a new frame!!

      I’ve got to go sterilize my skin surfaces before bed. We had to remove our dog from the house, and sanitize all the linens. Then I have to repeat the sterilization again before we go to hospital in the morning. Then they’ll do it yet AGAIN before surgery! I guess staph really IS a big problem!

      Wish me luck! And I’ll report back in after surgery, when I sober up from the anesthesia! LOL!

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  2. My surgery is 8 AM tomorrow. Any positive vibes would be appreciated!

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    • Throwing positive vibes your way, Curtis! 🙂

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    • You got it! Just do the therapy – according to friends, it’s a waste of time if you don’t follow through on the PT.


    • And also good vibes from Garnet and Max. We hope everything goes fine and you are truly mended.


    • Well, I’m home after an apparently successful operation.

      Today is the worst day, as the long lasting pain blocking injections wear off.

      So pop the oral drugs, right.

      I tried to brush my teeth and hit myself in the eye four times! LOL!!

      Thank God for the spectacles!

      I’m already ahead of schedule on the rehab, and plan to “Kill it!” as my home PT guy said today on the hardest and most painful exercise.

      Still, I’m pretty pitiable. I hope to be able to more fully participate tomorrow, when our dog comes home!! This took 15 minutes to type, as the hand/eye coordination is shot!

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      • So glad all went well, Curtis!

        No skiing this week!


      • Skiing isn’t my thing, but I get the drift.

        Yesterday was the Bitch. Waves of pain as the old numbers wore off, and trying catch up to them with orals. Better to stay ahead of the wave than react to it. But they put me to sleep. I think I got 15 hours of sleep yesterday.

        But I was gratified to know I was doing well with my rehab. It doesn’t always feel that way.

        I may let my beard grow out. I had one when I was courting my wife, but it went white long before my head, so I cut it off. Two weeks before I get out of the house will make a good start. with movement restrictions to follow then. We’ll see!


  3. If using social media is “genius” then Obama was a genius before Trump.

    >>“The point of Q is to use misinformation, mixed with true nuggets of real intel, to produce mass SPECULATION.”

    Trust me Curtis there will be mass speculation, and the speculation will be that Trump’s diehard supporters are lunatics who can’t distinguish fact from fiction. Is that the image we want to put out there??? Because I fail to see how that’s helpful to Trump. In fact, I see it as very harmful and unfortunate. He has enough difficulties battling the lies and misinformation from the Left.

    I’m pretty sure that Fox would not appreciate being labeled as a Trump communication channel and disseminator of misinformation, and since Fox is one of the few news outlets with credibility that isn’t into full-time Trump bashing he NEEDS that credibility to remain intact. So again I would suggest that this sort of game is very counter-productive.

    Hope the knee recovers quickly (BTW, how long you been taking those pain meds? 🙂 )

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    • CW,

      I don’t do downers! They just put me to sleep, so just Ibuprofen, as I’ve dragged this leg for the last year while my Dad was dying. I did a lot of digging on the Q Project as a way to not dwell on that inevitability.

      I don’t agree fully with Rex’s view of Q, but I do agree with him on the 4 pronged Trump approach to draining the Swamp. THAT was why I shared his thread.

      FOX News is not a mouthpiece for Trump, but certain talking heads, Hannity especially, are given greater access and steered to stories. Hannity also follows Q as he uses key phrases directly from the threads.

      Speculation is meant in the sense of people talking about things. If we didn’t have the undercurrent from Q, we would be fighting an even steeper uphill battle, because the cabal controlled MSM barely reports anything good about what Trump is accomplishing. It is a growing movement, and is not limited to fringe players anymore.

      THANKS for your well wishes! I hope it is quick too! Tissue pain I do well with, bone pain, not so much.


    • BTW, Obama was the first POTUS after the mass adoption of the internet and social media. It existed under GWB, but was only beginning.

      I disagree about the choice being fact or fiction, BTW. I don’t deal in fiction in any of these matters.

      Just because certain things have not been publicly revealed doesn’t make them false.

      Believe me, if I ever say something that is directly proven false, I WILL own up to it!


  4. I’ll pose this question again. There are a few other points that I’d like to see addressed and it goes back to the link Hardnox posted about the video. Included in that link was a picture of the list of sealed indictments by state that totaled in the thousands, and I’m curious about the validity of that list.

    Who are the people on the research team that put this together?

    Why should we believe/trust them?

    Who originally published this?

    Do you believe it’s valid and why?

    Think of the hundreds/thousands of people required to pull off something of this magnitude.

    As I’ve said before, logistically, I have a really hard time getting my head around the idea that

    470 investigators/attorneys, and their teams,
    all the paper pushers, the data entry clerks,
    the dozens/hundreds (?) of various judges involved in each of the states, etc…
    can ALL keep their mouths shut about such a mammoth operation, and that
    literally thousands of people are unsuspecting of their eminent demise. (74 in Alaska alone – really?)

    Or are we bypassing all those people and the standard processing procedures? This would be such an enormous undertaking, I don’t see how that would be possible – or how it would stand up in a court of law.

    And no, I’m not suggesting I want them to blow it or leak info – cleaning up all the bad guys in the world is a great idea, although a bit lofty perhaps. But based on the past performance history we’ve seen from government people, and based on the idea that we’ve been here over 240 years and it hasn’t happened yet, I can’t help but think it’s not going to happen now either.

    Change my mind, as Crowder says.

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    • Kathy,

      The “Sealed Indictment List” is from an official subscription-only service for attorneys called PACER. That’s an acronym. You can Google it for verification of the service, but have to subscribe for the data.

      One of the lawyer Anons posts the list to the Q site at the first of every month. We were told that the average prior to last fall, was under 1500 on a running basis. Now we’re over 40,000.

      It is better described as a “Sealed Document List”, because not every document is an indictment, and there are multiple reasons for things to be put under seal, corporate proceedings involving interstate assets, for example. Also, any actual indictment can have an unlimited number of individuals on it. I saw a pedophilia round up last week that had thirty odd folks arrested upon the unsealing of a single indictment.

      On of the biggest underreported national stories has been the dramatic success that the Sessions Justice Dept. has had in combatting sex trafficking, child porn, and pedophilia. The arrests are up a big multiple over the enforcement for those crimes under Obama.

      The Grand Jury system is pretty uniformly secretive nation wide.

      Congressional Committees are the least reliable guardians of secrets, because there is political hay to be made.

      Again the Wolfe indictment occurred in December

      These indictments cover the entire galaxy of federal crimes, drug & sex trafficking, pedophilia & child porn, financial crimes, for example, as well as politically connected criminal activity.

      I can’t change your mind, of course, that is up to you. I can only present the information as honestly as I can, and answer any questions I can. If I don’t know, I’ll try to find out.


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