Guncam by 2nd Vote

A Watched Gun Hasn’t Fired for Nearly One Year — GunCam Miracle?

American left and its allies in the media have long insisted that it is guns, and not people, that commit acts of violence. Pieces at Psychology Today, The NationThe Washington PostThe Huffington PostRolling Stoneand even the editorial board of the Journal of the American Medical Associationhave all supported the alleged accuracy of this notion.

Given this conclusion, it is nothing short of a miracle that 2ndVote’s GunCam video has recorded zero deaths and zero crimes committed by a gun which we have closely observed for nearly a year. Don’t take our word for it! Check out the live stream video below:


Perhaps we’re being unfair to those who believe inanimate objects can choose to kill human beings. That’s why we’re carefully scrutinizing GunCam. Will this pistol suddenly jump up and run away? Will it pivot and target the video camera by which it is being observed?

We doubt it. And like several companies which have recently separated from Dick’s Sporting Goods over its anti-Second Amendment corporate decisions, we’re very confident that no other guns will commit any crimes of any sort under their own volition. Like those companies, we know that millions of Americans safely use guns — many to defend themselves and their families.

Then again, Enterprise seems to disagree. So do dozens of other companies. Who is right — 2ndVote and America’s Founders, or these companies’ leaders who are afraid of anti-gun zealots?

The answer is still in the Great Unknown. So we shall continue our careful scrutiny of GunCam to ascertain the answer!

2nd Vote analyzes the political and cultural stands of companies then reports on the political organizations that receive their donations and any statements made by these companies. It’s always an interesting report.

This gun cam has been in place for almost a year – 362 days and it hasn’t fired one time!!! No one has been killed!!!


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  1. I bet you that gun is just waiting for them to turn the camera off. It will spring into action once it knows they’re no longer watching. We demand gun cams in every house!! 😀

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    • My husband asked me what happens when the lights go off! But the lights have been on all this time.

      Guncams in every house? Oh my gosh! Don’t say that too loud! You’ll give them ideas!


  2. I can personally attest to the benign nature of Ruger LC9 (the Watched Gun) as I have one as my daily carry. That pistol wouldn’t hurt a fly unless outside forces forced it to act. It would take a vicious, evil, human to FORCE that docile little 9mm to do bad things. Pistols are like pit bulls, unless they’re abused, they’ll be great companions.

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  3. The guns I have met looked ferocious but once I got to know them, I realized they were actually pacifists.

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