Mitt Romney is out there this morning twittering away. He won his primary, you know. He is a never trumper. But he is a loser. He lost a presidential election that was his to win. And he lost it. He didn’t have the fortitude to argue the horrible actions of Obama on Benghazi during the debates. 


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  1. Sorry folks, but Romney may have some good traits but brass balls ain’t one of them. IMO, he’s just as gutless as most of the other R’s now in Congress, he’ll just follow McConnell’s lead and won’t be of any appreciable help to President Trump. I’ll be glad to keep another “R” in the Senate, but other than that, he’s worthless. At least, Orin Hatch was a Trump supporter.

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  2. It sounds to me like Romney is taking a wait and see attitude and stating what he believes to be the case for the best interests of his state. I don’t necessarily see anything wrong with that. Romney said some harsh things about Trump, but in fairness so did we and Trump said some harsh things back. Also, Romney did meet with Trump and has since had some kinder and more encouraging words for Trump so I don’t know if he still qualifies as Never Trump. The true test will come if and when Trump’s tariff policies succeed in forcing our trading partners into better deals. If Romney publicly congratulates Trump for that accomplishment he will show that he is open-minded and willing to give credit when it’s due. If he doesn’t that won’t speak very well for him.

    And you’re right – – he should have beat Obama!

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    • One thing I like about twitter is the person you are tweeting about is very prone to see your tweet is you use a . infront of their twitter handle. You actually can be heard by the people you want to hear.
      I have no regard for Romney. He failed me as my presidential nominee when he lost. So, like McCain, he’s a loser and like McCain he isn’t much of a conservative though they both made me think so when they were running in 2007 and 2012.
      To them I give my rasberries award. 😛

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