Trey Gowdy Demonstrates What it Means to be a Conservative


Trey Gowdy’s opening remarks at the House hearing on the Inspector General’s recent report were sobering for anyone listening with a conscience and a sense of what justice is supposed to be.  He tried to impress upon listeners the importance of our institutions of justice and the fairness that is supposed to be presumed in what they do.  I was interested to see if his thoughtful remarks would make any impact whatsoever on the Democrats in their statements or questioning.  The answer was no.  They continued to politicize the hearing in the worst way, so lacking in conscience are they.  They are immovable.  We must defeat them.  It’s as simple as that.



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  1. I’ve been a staunch supporter of Gowdy for many years and I still can’t think of anyone who is so eloquent and yet completely logical in his statements or questioning. It’s easy to see how he was so successful as a prosecutor. His choice of words, his depiction of logical choices, and his delivery are unmatched in Congress.

    I must admit that I’ve lost some enthusiasm for him after his statements relating to the FBI acting “appropriately” and doing exactly what we citizens would want them to do. Those statements were disappointing and not what I would have expected from him.

    He is at the top of his game in this video. He talks a good game, but he hasn’t been part of any successful resolution to any of the major issues he’s been associated with. That disappoints me too.

    He would have been better as a federal prosecutor than as a legislator. As a prosecutor, he’d have the power, as a congressman, he has none.


  2. That was a good rant.
    But I have less than enthusiasm for Trey Gowdy. I used to cheer him. But I’ve developed a deep distrust of his words. Actions don’t seem to follow.


    • Apparently I’m one of the few who still has great respect for Gowdy. Oh well…..

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      • I’m so sorry. I really did enjoy the monologue.

        It’s just all that I have read about him…there are reports of his being in league with Boehner during the Bengazi hearings and Boehner was simply a showman. A few other things I’ve read didn’t lead me to accept Gowdy’s very conservative words. Then when looking for his actions on Bengazi we are left with pretty much what Nunes is doing on the House Intelligence Committee looking into the FBI and the Russia investigation: Nothing. Although he DID threaten contempt if he didn’t get documents unredacted that he wanted. But he didn’t get them and he did nothing. Now he’s threatening again…

        Sick of it.

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  3. I’ve been a big cheerleader for Trey Gowdy for years, and have enjoyed his eloquent comments and powerful delivery, but as pretty as they are, they are just words. There are some who will disagree with me and that’s fine, and one of the reasons we’re here.

    IMO, what he’s doing is called posturing. Gowdy comes out guns blazing, saying all the things we want to hear, gets us pumped up thinking we’ll finally see justice, only to see it all fall flat later in the game. It looks to me like a huge game they’re all playing and this is just his part. We’ve seen this over and over and there are never results.


    • See my last comment to Curtis, Kathy. I would put the same question to you: what specifically did you want Gowdy to do that he didn’t do? I ask that in all sincerity in the event that I am overlooking something.


      • To be perfectly honest, I think I’d have to say that it’s been more about the disappointment I felt to learn that there was no recourse or further pursuance of justice once those words were spoken. So maybe my anger/disappointment is misplaced, but if you know you can’t pursue a verdict, why bother with the powerful opening statements or comments? Why bother to come out like a bear, when you have no punch now, More on this later….

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      • I don’t mean to get ahead of you, Kathy, because I’m looking forward to what else you have to say, but I want to at least respond to this: “Why bother to come out like a bear, when you have no punch now…”

        People could ask the same of us. Why bother to blog when we have no power to make anything happen? We do it because the truth matters, and because we might change someone’s mind. IMHO that’s the most important thing we can do.


  4. Reblogged this on Lauren Creech's Random Thoughts and commented:
    Always the prosecutor, Trey Gowdy has a way with words that is unmatched in my memory since Reagan was in Office.

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  5. Sorry, I have a hard time believing Gowdy’s words, wonderful as they always are, having watched his actions for several terms.

    He is one of my biggest disappointments in the GOP Congress.

    He was FORCED to retire for what reason??? Yeah, yeah! The FAMILY!!



    • What actions are you referring to, Curtis?


      • NO actions, most prominently Benghazi!

        He talked big! Always does, but pursued nothing!

        Hillary was shipping weapons thru Libya to Lebanon off the books. These supplied ISIS. Then lied to the families’ faces over the dead bodies!

        Gowdy KNEW ALL of this, and did NOTHING! DISGUSTING!

        I expected FAR more from him than mere talk!

        As they say in Texas, “All hat, but no cattle!”


      • When you say he talked big but pursued nothing, I’m a little confused. Maybe I don’t understand the power that one congressman has. What specifically did you want Gowdy to do?

        Congress has the power to subpoena and hold witnesses in contempt under certain conditions, but to the best of my knowledge there is no power to put people in jail or remove them from office outside of impeachment where conviction requires a super majority in the senate.

        Gowdy is one of 435 representatives in the house, and one of 300+ million people in this nation. There’s only so much he alone can do. I doubt he or anyone else was going to persuade Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch to charge anyone or the Obama administration to take any action. I think Gowdy by and large sees his role as someone who can shed light on the truth of what’s going on so that an informed American public can act. He has but a few precious moments to reach the public and help them to understand not just the duplicity of the actors of the Deep State but the gravity of their actions and what it means for us as a country. That is hardly an easy task given the way Americans have been trained to turn off their brains and when Democrats are given equal time to distract and confuse.

        And as far as Gowdy’s decision not to run for another term, I have no trouble believing that any parent would decide to put family first; but more importantly I applaud the self-discipline to decline to run for another term that he could probably easily win. Too many others become addicted to the power and feeling of self-importance (John McCain, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and many others come to mind) and they overstay their welcome, which is precisely the reason that conservatives routinely call for term limits.

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      • CW, he never moved to get those contempt decrees, though they are meaningless.

        There can be criminal referrals made by Congressional Committees, and he was a Chairman.

        I agree, he would be better as a prosecutor. I’ve seen rumors that he is designated as a new Special Prosecutor beginning next year. We’ll see about that.

        I was a big supporter of his initially, but he has consistently disappointed. Even now, it is all hot air and no real action.


  6. I’m wondering if Democrats have been brainwashed … and if so, how in the heck was if possible to do that to such a large group.

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