A Few Snapshots from the G7 Summit

Last year’s summit compared to this year’s…notice in the first picture that no one is even paying attention to our president, but in the second one they sure are… 😀

~ ~ ~

The real interpretation of that curious picture of Trump sitting while world leaders gather to talk…

~ ~ ~

The end result…

~ ~ ~

When I first saw the original picture of Trump sitting there and the world leaders leaning in like vultures about to pounce on their prey, I got a kick out of the look on his face – to me he looks determined to stand his ground, and it’s like he’s trying to hold back a smile, or maybe a laugh at the whole scene, so to see the variations of the picture that are floating around right now has been a lot of fun.


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  1. While I agree with everybody, i don’t view Trump a conservative as much as i do a pragmatist. He doesn’t think like a politician. He looks at a problem and instead trying to figure out how to finagle it into something, he tries to solve it. Politicians and the journalists cant and probably never will understand that, unless it serves their purpose. Which it likely never will.


    • Agreed, Tom, Trump thinks along those lines and has some conservative values, but you couldn’t really classify him as one. He sees problems and their solutions before he necessarily sees the politics of it.

      Problems with China, North Korea, and illegal immigration are all US problems to be solved to the benefit and safety of all Americans. That attitude is what attracted so many voters to him, although the Dems still don’t see it, and likely never will.

      Thanks for dropping in!


  2. Let’s face it, Donald Trump has upset the international apple cart. For ages, the United States has borne the majority burden of militarily protecting most of the world’s nations – for pennies on the dollar. At the same time, we’ve accepted tariffs on our goods and allow the trade balance to favor our allies. President Trump has called an end to both practices. He has made it plain that other nations must bear a greater load for their own protection and international trade must be done in a fair and equitable manner and the U.S. will no longer be the ‘sugar daddy’ for the world.


  3. That much tweeted Merkel picture is a bit misleading. In the immediate area timewise, and the same folks and setting, they were all laughing & amiably smiling. Selective editing much?

    But Trump’s bottom line is what is best for America. Sometimes that is supporting allies, sometimes calling them on their proclivity to abuse the friendship. He’s verbally nicer to Putin, but much harsher to him policy wise! The same is true with China. Meanwhile, he is holding Pakistan to account, greatly opening the relationship with India. Moving the Korean situation in a favorable direct. He is also improving the situation in the Mideast, with reforms in the Sunni areas, and lowering military engagements in the Shia areas. Israel is getting a good bump right now, but there will be another side to that coin coming. We will not be the active policeman on the beat, but stand as the big brother ready reserve if needed.

    Trudeau made a major mistake. Trump will make sure it bites him in the butt. Not immediately, but you can count on it being painful and obvious when it occurs.


    • Selective editing and/or selective messaging is nothing new and we have no way of knowing there was another photo taken seconds before or after this one, as it wasn’t available until much later. But the fact is, that moment existed in time, if even for a split second, and made for a very interesting and curious photo. That in turn made for some funny captions that were enjoyed by many.

      It’s true Trump is cleaning up some major messes and tightening America’s purse strings, much to the chagrin of some of our allies. For my nickel, that photo captured the mood perfectly. Yes, he’ll be fair, but he basically told them, ‘our money, our rules’ and it was a beautiful and funny thing they’re not used to hearing.

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  4. Great post, Kathy. A picture is worth a thousand words, eh?

    Trump clearly saw the Summit as an advocate for the U.S. Obama saw it as an opportunity to be an advocate for himself.


    • Dang! I meant to say Trump clearly saw the Summit as an opportunity to be an advocate for the U.S.


      • Indeed, he did and he is the best US advocate to come along in decades, although it’s sending other leaders and liberals into culture shock. He’s shutting down ATMs everywhere.


  5. Isn’t is lovely to finally have a president that respects us taxpayers and all the work we did to earn those dollars… Dollars, which elected officials don’t seem to respect and/or (as in BO’s case) use to ingratiate himself?


    • It sure is, foguth. O spent our money like there was no end to it, had no respect for where it came from, all the while apologizing for our arrogance. With Trump, it’s quite the opposite and so refreshing to see.

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      • True, very true. One thing that amuses me is that friends, who live in Canada, are absolutely embarrassed by their PM and wish they had a Trump running their country.


      • When Trudeau was elected, someone asked the question – why can’t we have a nice young conservative president like him (instead of O)? I said, you can – move to Canada, but you’ll see he’s no conservative.


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