American Pride – Where Has It Gone?

Maybe it’s just because I’m getting older. After all, the longer you live, the more life experiences you have for comparison, but I’m getting fed up with people and businesses who don’t appreciate all that we have in our United States.

What prompted this particular tirade was an email I got this morning. It was from the company that installed my sprinkler system. I usually only hear from them when winter approaches and they remind me of cold-weather precautions. But today, it was different; it was a message of gratitude and respect for our fallen military, complete with an image of a tri-folded flag.

My reaction was one of instant appreciation; an instant ‘attaboy’ to Andy’s for using this email opportunity to express a patriotic sentiment without any commercial intrusion. So far today, I’ve received 31 emails; about half from commercial concerns and Andy’s was the only one with a bona fide Memorial Day message.

But that appreciative thought was quickly followed by a more somber one; as a nation, we are in danger of losing the pride that made us the envy of the world, much of which was due to the innate goodness of the American people. Our national personality seems to be slipping away, little by little, without any alarm to warn us of its passing.

In recent years, it’s been ruled that burning our flag is a protected action and showing disrespect to the flag and our national anthem is apparently becoming acceptable (to some). This isn’t by happenstance, if the left has their way, patriotism will become passé, and allegiance to our flag and the national anthem will be a thing of the past. Actions by some NFL players illustrate the left’s success in spreading that influence.

The left would have us believe that the United States is not exceptional, that on the contrary, we’ve been guilty of all manner of crimes against the world. One only has to think back to Barack Obama’s first term when he took every opportunity to apologize for our actions; actions that he apparently believed were crimes against humanity.

He and others were apparently influenced by leftist propaganda and conveniently forgot how many American lives were sacrificed to defend other countries. In Europe, in Japan, our young men gave their lives so that others could be free – and for that – instead of thankful remembrance on this Memorial Day, some leftists would prefer to mischaracterize our sacrifices as interference.

We didn’t invade those countries; they needed our help and we helped. We didn’t remain as occupying forces; we brought our armies home when the battles were over. We returned control to those sovereign countries and we came home. We lost hundreds of thousands of our best and brightest young Americans in a worthy cause to ensure liberty for millions.

The United States has been a beacon of democracy and a living example of how a nation can be governed by its citizens, with freedom for all and without a despot or dictator. No nation on earth has done more to help other countries than the United States – yet some on the left still see that as ‘interfering.’

I must confess that I’m troubled with what I’ve experienced over many decades of witnessing our American values slowly slipping away. I don’t see the public displays of patriotism that used to be common, I don’t see the respect for law and order that was common, and I see the diminution of the Christian values that the country was founded on.

We’re all guilty of accepting degraded levels of our ‘American Way of Life’ and that’s a shame because we’ve lost a lot of valuable norms that used to be everyday occurrences and now are becoming rare.

To some degree, I can understand this devolution; life often just gets in the way of serious thinking. It’s only when some event awakens us and lets a little introspection seep in do we consider what we’ve lost and what we’re in danger of losing if things don’t change.

Don’t misunderstand; I don’t long for ‘the good old days’ as if everything was better back then. It’s true, life was simpler then and now things have become more complicated. But more complicated doesn’t necessarily mean improved. In my view, things have advanced; people have not. Most of the advancement has been to our stuff, our things, not in our personal experiences.

I remember a time when few people bothered to lock their doors and kids could be away from home, riding their bicycles for hours at a time, without concern. Neighbors helped neighbors, friends helped friends, and churches were sanctuaries for all in need.

Where I grew up, there were guns in most homes and yet there were no mass shootings and certainly no shootings at schools. If anyone shot a child, the shooter probably would not have lived to see the sunset. The NRA was active back then teaching gun safety and outside of pockets of gangsters, one person shooting another (on purpose) was rare.

Almost every family had a mom and a dad (a woman and a man) and the kids were taught right from wrong. They were also probably spanked when they acted up. Somehow, the act of a belt on a bottom didn’t traumatize the children enough to prevent them from growing up to be productive, law-abiding citizens.

We honored our military and police and looked up to them as role models. Hollywood produced actors, not political pundits, and we could trust that our media of choice (newspapers, magazines, or radio) was probably telling us the truth.

Our school teachers taught, our students studied and learned, and amazingly, they could read and write at grade level – a far cry from the functional illiterates most public schools are churning out today.

I know that some would consider that era as being the ‘dark ages,’ before the left began to ‘enlighten’ us ignorant Neanderthals, but there was much that was good about that era even though we somehow muddled through life without ‘guidance’ from political correctness and without help from Alexa, and Siri.

As a nation, it’s true that we’ve stumbled occasionally; after all, we are made up of over 327 million individuals and none of us are perfect, but overall, we have much to be proud of. We should be proud, we should be patriotic, we should be thankful to have been born in (or legally migrated to) our United States.

If you disagree with those statements, please enlighten me as to what other country has proven to be superior to the U.S. in that regard. What other country has done so much, has sacrificed so much, to aid other countries?

Americans are exceptional.

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t be. Ideally, all countries should be as concerned about others’ well-being as we are, but that’s just not the case.

We have a right to be proud Americans, we have a right to get a little emotional when we hear the Star Spangled Banner or as the flag passes during a parade. We also have a right to get emotional when we hear taps and pause to give thanks for all of those who gave so much so that we could enjoy the freedoms that they won for us. We owe them everything.

We are Americans, and by God, we’ve earned the right to be proud.


NOTE: Sorry for the belated post, my Internet was down and only this afternoon was usable again.

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  1. Excellent essay, Garnet! I couldn’t have said it better, as you have the gift.

    Those of us who have been seasoned, that is, older than dirt itself, have a perspective on things before they were perverted by the international institutional Left. We don’t confuse Liberty for license, nor anarchy for freedom. There is a required basis of order that is necessary for people to enjoy Liberty without trampling on others Rights at the same time. There are boundaries within which every team sport is played, and rules enforced by referees. This is just a type of what nations and laws represent to any particular people. In America, we don’t have Ayatollahs dispensing autocratic justice, nor petty dictators indulging in personality cults to enforce their will.

    Much of that prior order came from a sense of morality and ethical behavior derived from the concepts of Judeo-Christian religious tenets in the framework of informed republican citizenship. Now, such civic responsibility is untaught, or simply derided. Religious belief is openly ridiculed. Education in morality consists of the proper use of condoms for anal sex in public school classes. Parents should be the first to shoulder blame, then religious institutions, and schools. Abuses are publicly evident in each and every one of our institutions.

    And we question why the culture has coarsened and ethical values have degraded?

    I suspect that a large dose of shame will have to be dispensed, especially on those who propose to be so-called leaders. Perhaps the current scandals and investigations may serve that purpose, at least partially. 29,000+ sealed indictments seem to show that there has been an institutional disrespect for the observance of law, and abuse of political power. Actual, by the book, legal convictions, and swift punishment may serve that purpose.

    I may just be indulging in wishful thinking or wistful daydreaming, but I don’t think so. Those familiar with the concept of a 4th Turning must understand that it incorporates mass social convulsion, which usually devolves into widespread bloodshed. Prior 4th Turnings were: the War for Independence, the Civil War, and WWII. Get the drift? I’m hoping that in the Information Age we can avoid that level of destruction and death of citizens, at least internally to the United States. It remains to be seen.

    I pray for peace and prosperity for us all, but not by subjugation to a lower level of social order!

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  2. Reblogged this on Lauren Creech's Random Thoughts and commented:
    Well said Garnet, and completely on point!

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  3. Terrific essay, Garnet.

    The Left’s attitude towards the U.S. can be summarized as follows:

    “America isn’t perfect, therefore it’s terrible, and it must be destroyed.”

    And yet their impossible standards for perfection never seem to apply anywhere else. Interesting, eh? As I like to say, the hypocrisy always reveals the lie, and the lie is that America’s leftists are seeking perfection (because they are so pure of heart, you see). These people who spit on America for its lack of perfection are the very same people who run places like Detroit and Chicago and Baltimore but would have us believe they are blind to the imperfections in the hell holes they rule over. The truth is that the Left seizes on every flaw or misdeeds by individual Americans to taint the entire country because if America is exceptional then they are irrelevant and unnecessary. They must convince Americans that their nation is bad and so it needs the progressives to fix it, and if they must destroy what’s good to make a place in history for themselves, no problem. No sacrifice is too great when it comes to the Left’s need for power. That’s how we got from where we were to here.

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    • Thanks, CW. This is Cloward-Piven in action. Tear down everything until the masses demand change and then the left can ride in on their white horse to save the country (at least that’s the way they planned it). They are dreamers, not doers, and everything they are is based on that. They value feelings more than tangible results, thus the way they ‘govern.’ If their goals are laudable, nothing else matters – certainly not reality – again, look at those cities you mention. They’ve been ‘governed’ by democrats for years without positive results, but that doesn’t seem to bother them as long as they talk a good game.


  4. What gets me about today is the degradation of morality, modesty and manners. Morality is gone as we now talk openly about topics that were taboo ‘back in the day’ and teach kids they can be any gender they want, plus there’s the fashions now that push the envelope on how much skin we see. Next time you’re at a restaurant, watch the people around you as they shovel the food in their mouths like it’s their last meal.

    And we can’t leave out the media. Every day I scroll through the headlines at several sites, usually starting at Fox News, which now reads more like a tabloid than a news site.

    Those issues aside, yes, there is still much to be proud of, most especially when compared to other countries. There are still people who appreciate our military and all they’ve done for us over the years, while passing down that appreciation to younger generations. There are still young people helping older people, and when there’s a disaster like Harvey, Katrina or 9-11, who volunteers to help and forks over money for those hit the hardest? All of us. That’s when we come together and that’s something we can all take pride in.

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    • Agreed, all is not lost, but we are seeing an encroachment, a relentless encroachment, by the left’s preferred activities and descriptions. They’re doing their best to crowd out many moral and righteous aspects of a time gone by without anything of similar value to replace them. Their preferences are too ‘if it feels right, do it’ and are feelings-based as if feelings are the only thing that counts. I think that it’s because they are made to feel uncomfortable by those of us who ‘cling to guns and religion’ as well as courtesy and respect and they just can’t handle feeling uncomfortable.


  5. About only thing above from the old days is the NRA still teaches gun safety and responsibility.

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    • Yes VM, too much is gone from the ‘old’ days, including too many things that were good and honorable. The NRA, contrary to left-wing propaganda, is still doing what they did then, as you say, informing the public about gun safety.


    • I was reading somewhere about the “old days” using the 50s as the bench mark.

      No air conditioning, in homes, and certainly not cars. No commercial jets, and very little public aviation. You went to the hospital to give birth or die, not much in between. Personal responsibility and morality were expected, not an exception. Christianity was the ruling norm. Social Security was only one leg of the 3 legged stool of retirement, so everyone saved as much as they could. Very little revolving credit for purchases. No welfare, food stamps, etc. The draft was still in effect. Computers? Don’t make laugh! No portable phones. Heck, most folks still used party lines, if they had a phone at all. Television was in its infancy, with radio still king.

      Crazy “progress” in just a couple of generations. In quotes, because not all of it was really progress!


      • Yes, but as I noted in the piece, most of it is related to stuff, not people’s attitudes. Improvements to stuff have been great, improvements to people’s attitudes, not so much.

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