My New View of President Trump

I can understand why so many people have a problem with Donald Trump. The elites dislike the man intensely and that anger is compounded by the fact that they remain in denial about the 2016 election results.

He’s been the center of attention for decades and his ego shows it. He’s been a successful real estate developer who enjoys seeing his name atop his properties and he doesn’t play well with others unless they concede his superiority. He is a walking, talking caricature of an eccentric rich guy.

He is outlandish and buffoonish; hardly traits that one would choose for a president. He has trouble with exaggeration and can play loose with the truth. Trump’s falsehoods are not the kind of egregious lies that President Obama told, Trump’s are more or less minor ones, but still, he doesn’t have a reputation for being steadfastly honest.

His speeches suck. He’s got to be one of the worst speakers ever to sit in the White House. I cringe while trying to listen to his speeches. What he says is not the problem (except that he has a habit of repeating things), it’s his cadence, his voice, and the way he says it that grates on my nerves.

It should be apparent by now that Donald J. Trump doesn’t fit my picture of what a POTUS should be in terms of acting presidential, in fact, there are times when he appears to be completely out of place in the Oval Office or at the presidential podium.

That having been said, I thank God that we elected The Donald as our president.

He has demonstrated traits that have been sorely lacking in all of our presidents since Ronald Reagan: a near-complete disdain for party politics and the dogged determination to make good on his promises to the American people.

Let’s be fair to President Trump, what he’s accomplished in his first year and a half is nothing short of phenomenal.

The economy is robust and growing, unemployment is down, manufacturing is up and there is a wave of optimism throughout the business sector. The tax plan resulted in more take-home pay for workers as well as wage hikes and bonuses.

While it’s too early to rack up a trifecta of foreign relations wins, it’s not too early to give him credit for peace breaking out on the Korean peninsula, for recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel by moving our embassy there, and for pulling the U.S. out of Obama’s disastrous Iranian arrangement. He also withdrew the U.S. from the Paris climate accord.

Under his guidance, scores of ill-advised EPA regulations have been rescinded, he approved the Keystone pipeline, rescinded the Arctic drilling ban, and ended Obama’s war on coal.

His judicial appointments, especially Neil Gorsuch, have been stellar and the appointments of Mike Pompeo and John Bolton especially pleased me.

In summary, I can (happily) live with a pompous, buffoonish, clown who’s in the spotlight, as long as the real hard work of actually governing is being handled by an unseen genius who is apparently hiding away somewhere behind a curtain and doing good things for the U.S.A. – making America great again.


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  1. When Trump got the nomination, we knew then that it wasn’t going to be political business as usual. He’s not a politician; he’s a CEO and that’s how he operates.

    The best part about Trump is that for the first time in decades, we have a president who is fulfilling his campaign promises. No, not all of them, but it’s not for the lack of trying and most of the failure on those isn’t his fault.

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    • Just imagine, if the Republicans had the conservative equivalents of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi at the helm of Congress, we’d have a WALL under construction, we’d have major vetting of immigrants from terrorist hot spots, we’d already have a hundred more federal judges in place, we’d already have a new CIA Director, and lots more.

      Trump has done what he’s done not only WITHOUT Congress, he’s done it IN SPITE OF Congress. In many cases, RINOs cast votes that sided with democrats to prevent more Trump successes. Too many R’s in Congress are stricken with TDS and are afraid that he’ll upset their plans to enrich themselves at the taxpayer’s trough.

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  2. Things, indeed are looking up!! EVERYTHING!

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  3. LOL!

    Props, Garnet. I could have written EXACTLY the same thing. I think you captured it perfectly.

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  4. I identify with your perspective and while I don’t agree with everything President Trump does, I’m seeing forward progress replace stagnation for our country; the potential for peace nudge aside the threat of nuclear holocaust and many government programs being reevaluated (and believe me, they need to be). Thus, ego, etc. aside, it seems that despite having erratic methods, which might be to keep opponents off-balance, he has a firm plan for where he’s taking our country. I feel more secure with Trump at the helm than I have in decades.

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    • Great comment foguth and I feel the same – more secure with Trump guiding the ship of state.

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      • Can you imagine where we’d be if HRC had won? Last year, during the hurricanes, I watched how DJT responded and compared that to what Haiti experienced when Bill ‘helped them’. To the best of my knowledge, Haiti is still not fully back on its feet. The book, Clinton Cash, gave a very interesting perspective on that.

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      • If it’s all the same to you, foguth, I’d prefer NOT to imagine where we’d be in Hillary had won. Optimism rules the day right now and I don’t want to dampen my spirits with any thoughts of HRC.


  5. Don’t confuse “The Show” with the man, and you can recognize the method is not madness!

    Trump uses distraction techniques constantly, like a good sleight of hand magician. He provokes the MSM into a Pavlovian slobber over literally nothing, an overnight tweet bashing some 2nd tier political personality, but then signs an Executive Order freezing financial assets of sinister cabals which goes unnoticed. Except by those cabals!!!

    He is slowly rolling the bodies of those sinister forces up into a rug, almost invisibly, for the most part. The ones clearly seen, like Weinstein, McCabe, & Schneiderman, are done as object lessons to those who trying to play on his stage. IT IS HIS!!! GOT IT??

    Thus most the Congressmen who have quietly retired are Republicans.

    Watch what happens in the run up to the midterms, when those who chose not to quietly go away with reputation somewhat intact. How easy is it to run for office while under multiple indictments??

    Enjoy the Show!!! Got popcorn??

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    • Ya know, once you get your mind around who Trump actually is, he’s entertaining as hell. Even though I don’t like a number of things about him, I do like and respect a DOER and Trump is a DOER. Most presidents talk a good game, but whiff when it comes time to actually follow through on something.

      You’re right, it’s gonna get entertaining watching the leftist democrats and the feckless RINOs slobber and wail and gnash their teeth at Trump’s shenanigans – all the while he’s doing good things for the country.

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    • LOL, my husband and I both stocked up on popcorn and literally make it prior to Tucker and/or Hannity….

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