Even The Dems Want Hillary to Shut-Up and Go Away

By Joseph Weber, 3-18-18, at Fox News:



Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin, the Senate’s No. 2 Democrat and loyal Hillary Clinton supporter, said Sunday that the party’s 2016 presidential nominee’s recent comments regarding American voters, President Trump and her failed White House bid were “wrong” and “not helpful.”

“It’s not helpful at all,” Durbin, the Senate majority whip, told “Fox News Sunday.” “My friend Hillary Clinton is wrong. … But we’re moving on to the next chapter of American history. It will be a different cast of characters completely.”

During a recent trip to India, Clinton said Americans didn’t “deserve” Trump, suggested Americans who voted for her came from more economically prosperous parts of the country, some who voted for Trump held racist or misogynist views and that female voters caved to pressure from men to vote for Trump.

Clinton, who also lost a 2008 White House bid, said on the trip that Trump has “quite an affinity for dictators” and that he “really likes their authoritarian posturing and behavior.”

The former secretary of state, senator and first lady has frequently tried to explain her 2016 upset loss while the Democratic Party has tried to look ahead to the 2018 and 2020 elections. Clinton even published a book last year titled, “What Happened.”

Durbin endorsed Clinton’s 2016 run, and attended campaign and fundraising events.

“Thirty percent of the people who voted for Donald Trump had voted for President Obama. Why? The same people who looked for change with President Obama thought there wasn’t enough as far as their personal lives were concerned and they supported Donald Trump,” Durbin also said Sunday. “That is a reality that Democrats acknowledge.”


Last week North Dakota Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, during an interview on a local radio station was asked, “When does Hillary Clinton ride off into the sunset?”

“I don’t know, not soon enough, I guess,” responded the senator.

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), who is also facing a tough re-election, responded by telling The Washington Post, “Those are kind of fighting words for me…I don’t think that’s the way you should talk to any voter, especially one in my state.”

In interviews with The Hill on Tuesday, even the staunchest Clinton allies as well as longtime advisers say the comments were cringe-worthy and ultimately detrimental to Democrats.

“She put herself in a position where Democrats from states that Trump won will have to distance themselves from her even more,” said one former senior Clinton aide. “That’s a lot of states.”

Hillary’s nothing but a bitter old megalomaniac trying to keep that Clinton dynasty alive. She’s spent her entire adult life exploiting others for personal gain and can’t accept that she doesn’t get to be Madam President.

For about a year and a half she has blamed everyone and everything but herself for her loss and she refuses to let it go, even at the expense of her party.  Her comments are speeding up the implosion of the Democrat Party who have no goals, no leadership and no money. Instead of regrouping after their loss, they’ve spent their time hating on Trump and sucking up to illegals.

Yes, it’s making our job easier, but Hillary, do us all a favor – just shut-up and go away.

One final thought…


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  1. It is a point of constant disappointment to me that such a large percentage of humans in the U.S. don’t seem to be able to differentiate truth from bullshit – even with irrefutable evidence staring them in the face. God’s Quality Control department must have been smoking some “good chit” at the time they were produced. Why else would anyone care what this washed up old crone has to say?


  2. If the Dems want her gone…
    maybe she should keep at it. LOL!


  3. Why isn’t the bitch in jail yet?


  4. As long as she keeps going around in public ( like the next women’s forum) people like her and she won’t go away the same with Obama


    • I wonder if she’ll get the hint after some more of the other Dems keep distancing themselves from her. They’re having a hard enough time as it is, without her embarrassing them further.

      Btw, did you get your log-in issues sorted out?


  5. Good one, Kathy!

    As long as these imbeciles keep paying to hear Hillary lie and make excuses, she’ll never stop. The so-called anti-Wall Street leftists love nothing more than the all-mighty dollar.


    • Yeah, but India?? Those guys have to be nuttier than our own libs if they want to keep hearing her excuses. Which, by the way, she’s already backtracking on, saying that we misunderstood her remarks. It’s always us, isn’t it?


      • No doubt just as much brainwashing goes on in India as it does here. Liberals are stupid no matter where they live.

        After seeing your comment I went and read Clinton’s excuse for her bad excuse. It was rambling and painfully incoherent but it seems to have placated some of the sycophants. Of course, it could have been written in Latin and they would all still nod and proclaim that it was oh so profound. Poor Hillary is just so misunderstood by the commoners.

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