What’s Wrong with “America First?”

america first

It is a sign of the disgraceful state the Left has brought us to that an American president proclaiming he will put America first is somehow wildly controversial.  I understand, of course, that producing outrage over everything Donald Trump says or does is basically the Left’s strategy for regaining power (as opposed to doing anything positive for the country themselves), but it seems there are those who actually believe there’s something wrong or “mean” (to borrow one of the crybabies’ favorite taunts) about a country putting its own interests first.  To understand this thinking you must first understand a simple truism about the leftist sheeple:  they are always oblivious to the smell of their own you-know-what. 

I’ll give you a real life example.   A few years ago a liberal relative of mine was selling his home in one of the hottest real estate markets in the nation.  He received a full price offer right away, but in the process of tendering the offer the buyer’s broker let slip that he was authorized to go as high as $20,000 more.  Upon hearing this my clever liberal relative shrewdly rejected the buyer’s offer and countered by raising the price of his home $20,000, and wouldn’t you know it, the buyer met his price.  The moral to the story is that it’s okay for a liberal to put himself and his family first, it’s just not okay for Americans, or an American president, to put America first.

I think it’s fair to assume that my relative didn’t ask what hardships or sacrifices his buyer might encounter as a consequence of the increase in the home’s price, but if he were here to defend himself I’m guessing he would say that since the buyer took the deal the assumption could reasonably be made that the buyer made a calculation that even with the increase in price the deal was still in his own best interests given whatever options were out there.  I agree!  It’s perfectly reasonable to assume that two parties entering into a negotiation in a free market will each maximize their own benefit.  So now we’re back to the question:  Why is it okay – fair even – for a liberal to put himself first but it’s not okay for America to put America first?  And my second question is:  Do you smell anything now?

Following the normal, instinctive inclination to put one’s own interests first does not in any way preclude an individual or a nation from being generous or charitable in other respects.  My relative makes shrewd business deals, but he is also one of the most generous and charitable people I know.  There’s nothing inconsistent about that.  America can shrewdly look out for its own interests when dealing with world nations, but this doesn’t mean we can’t be generous or charitable if and when we choose.

“If and when we choose.”  Now there’s a novel idea!




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  1. “It is a sign of the disgraceful state the Left has brought us to that an American president proclaiming he will put America first is somehow wildly controversial.”

    Your first sentence hit me hard. Such truth and we hardly admit it after 8 years of battering by Obama. Battering our national pride!

    Great post. Your analysis is always a bullseye. Stuff others don’t consider.

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  2. CW, in your reply to Kathy you hit on something that I’ve written about before and believe wholeheartedly, and that is the leftists will always be in opposition to our side. The governing factor is which of us takes the lead in the staking out of a position. Now, with Trump raising issue after issue first, the left’s only recourse is to be against whatever his position is on anything. That forces them to be somewhat “creative” about how and why they’re against the position – sometimes to a ludicrous level. I just saw that the evil witches coven (Pelosi, Waters, Feinstein) are still maintaining that Trump’s tax relief package will only result in “crumbs” for the middle class. I’ll bet money that deep inside they don’t even believe that – they just have to publicly be against it.

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  3. I’ve never seen anything wrong with being the top-notch country in the world. We’ve never been haughty about it – in fact, as you said, we’re very generous – sometimes to a fault. The only reason lefties find fault with it now is because it’s Trump who’s saying it. Had O said that, instead of saying that we’ve shown arrogance, they would have been lining up for his autograph.

    And speaking of stinky stuff, it’s amazing that the lefties have an issue with Trump saying ‘America First’ but they’re apparently okay with some of the batty stuff that their reps like Sheila, Maxine and Nancy say. Today Nancy said that ‘building a wall would violate the rights of millions of illegals.’ I haven’t fact-checked it, but it wouldn’t surprise me to learn it’s legit. More of that selective outrage, I’m thinking.

    The only problem I have with America’s generosity is with the decision makers and where they sometimes decide to place our charitable contributions.

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    • Up is down, down is up. Seems crazy but it all makes sense when you understand that the leftists just want to be the opposite of Republicans/conservatives because that’s their only avenue to power and control. It’s team politics, that’s all. No one knows why there’s such a thing as a Cleveland Brown’s fan either. The principle is the same.

      I think America’s “generosity” should be employed strictly in a way that advances the broader American interest. Otherwise, charity should begin and end at home – with the individual.


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