Tucker Carlson – my new hero!

Although I still consider them a go-to source for news, I haven’t been watching Fox News much in recent months. I got tired of Sean Hannity and whoever else was replacing Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly – I was tired of them too.

But recently with the onset of new and important issues, I’ve caught Tucker Carlson a few times and I’m pleasantly surprised by his debates with the (supposedly loyal) opposition.

This is my own personal opinion, but he seems to be well informed on his subject; he’s done his homework and is able to produce reasonable, logical, fact-based arguments supporting his position while exposing the fallacy in the other side.

I’ve only been watching his show for a couple of weeks and haven’t caught any complete shows – only segments until yesterday and again tonight – and I must say that I’m impressed.

I’ve viewed maybe a dozen individual segments of Carlson interviewing guests who held opposing viewpoints. He sliced and diced them easily and left them wondering “what the hell just happened?”

He seems to be able to construct questions that require answers that his subject must avoid at all costs in order to obfuscate or refute his point. The subject can’t answer the question (truthfully) so they proceed to change the subject, go immediately into predetermined talking points, or respond as if they didn’t hear the original question (ignoring it).

The important point that I really like is that he will not allow the guest to change the subject. Even though they may launch into their contrived talking points in lieu of a real answer, he simply doesn’t allow that. He stops them and reiterates the original question that they’re desperately trying to avoid and continues that rinse/repeat cycle until they finally answer or the segment runs out of time.

In short, Carlson seems like a clone of Trey Gowdy when it comes to constructing questions; a polished performer who also knows how to control the debate format effectively.

He looks like a keeper to me.


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  1. You might want to look at his wiki profile. Pretty conservative. Was editor of the Daily Caller. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tucker_Carlson

    I love that show!


  2. While Carlson is no William F. Buckley, he does have some of his skills. One is the ability to pounce on any sloppy logic, and the other to hold the guest responsible for what they have said in the past about a subject.

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  3. I’ve only seen occasional blurbs of him, so I can’t really say, but a lot of people think he’s really taken off. I don’t watch Fox, but do read their page pretty often.


  4. Back when the Saudi prince invested in News Corporation, Fox changed from my perspective. I have been avoiding most TV for the past couple of years and get my news from radio and on the net. I have enjoyed Tucker since his days on crossfire. Now if only we could get Ben Shapiro on camera more

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  5. I like Tucker Carlson’s conservatism and his willingness to debate but he has some habits that put me off, such as laughing at his opponents in a way that comes off as contrived. But you can’t go by me – I am exceedingly hard to please. Glad you’re enjoying his show.


  6. He is good I do like him
    Look up Andrew Willow him and Carlson would make a great team alone with Levin


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