How “WOKE” relates to the Nunes’ FISA memo

I’m prepared to appropriate a term now being used by SJW’s. It’s only fair because it seems to be properly descriptive of that portion of Americans who have seen/heard evidence of malfeasance by the DOJ and FBI and accept that they did indeed act subversively to undermine the President of the United States.

That term is “woke.”

As part of my daily Internet travels, I read articles that interest me. Some are based on a progressive perspective, some on a conservative view, so I feel like I’m getting a representative overview of our engaged public.

Obviously, that term “engaged” doesn’t include those who are too occupied in other endeavors to pay attention – they are the “un-woke.”

The “un-wokes” are the target audience of those progressives who are trying to refute, obscure, or at least tarnish the damning information that is expected to be exposed when the Nunes’ FBI/DOJ FISA memo is released. They’re already hard at work attacking the memo pre-emptively to lessen its impact.

Interestingly, they’re ramping up the propaganda machine precisely because they are woke, that is, they’ve read what we’ve read and they’re scared to death that it’s all true and their sausage-making will soon be exposed to the light of day – and it won’t be pretty.

Nunes’ memo along with the Strzok/Page texts and cover-ups paint a picture of a conspiracy among our most vaunted institutions to overthrow a presidential election and destroy an innocent citizen based on political animus, not justice.

And the Obama administration, the DNC, and senior leadership in our Justice Department and FBI all participated and share responsibility.

It’ll be all but impossible to prevent even the “un-woke” from being upset when faced with convincing evidence that President Obama and his administration conspired to overthrow the will of the American people.

When that foul, putrid conspiracy is exposed to the public, how do you think the democrats will fare in the mid-term elections?

It’s no wonder the democrats are worried.


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  1. Let’s just hope the Rs are woke enough not to completely blow this most perfect opportunity to show the world just how contemptible the Dems have been and will continue to be if they’re not stopped.


  2. Interesting, Trevor Noah of the Daily Show called Trump ‘woke’ about Warren’s claim of being American Indian. Ha! That was a surprise though it was interspersed with much denigration of Trump’s racism.

    Woke is a word I’ve had to relearn too, Garnet. Very good article! The woke Dems are thoroughly scared to death!


  3. Nice visual compilation of the Deep State, Garnet! That would make a great poster for target practice.

    In the typical leftist fashion of using innocent or honorable sounding words to obscure their true nefarious motives, I think “woke” is intended to be synonymous with the word “complicit” rather than “engaged.” If you’re a leftist/liberal/progressive/democrat who’s “woke” to the truth as the SJW’s spin it, you are in essence assenting to embrace and parrot their spin in lieu of the truth.

    The democrat response to what’s about to be revealed will be the true test of the state of our nation. Will people be “woke” in the true sense of the word, or will they be “woke” with their eyes and mind closed, as the SJW’s are hoping?


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