How much lower can leftists go?



SICK: Activist Uses Photo Of Disabled Girl To Promote Eugenic Abortions. The Girl’s Mother Fights Back.

Just when does moral behavior enter the leftist’s lexicon?

When does western civilization say, “That is way over the line!”



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  1. Do not ask either how low can they go or how sick can they get because they use that as a challenge.

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    • Welcome to PT, VM! I saw that you’re now following us! Glad to see that someone of your intellect and stature has come aboard!


    • It is good to see you, von messer. Of course you’re right. There is nothing that stops them from this behavior. The point is they think the end is more important than the means to that end. But then atheists have no moral base. I think that’s where they originate their behaviors and their beliefs.


  2. And yet it’s Republicans, we’re told, who are the “mean” ones.

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    • It’s only because people have the world view owned by these leftists that they don’t see the hatred and horrible nastiness of their behavior. This woman is gone from twitter but she’s still out there. And there are many others just like her. UGH.

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  3. Because there is no low that is too low for them to sink to when promoting any of their messages. That crap from Michelle about when they go low, we go high couldn’t be further from the truth. Ugh, these people are disgusting.

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