Rose McGowan Burped

It wasn’t supposed to be this way.

Democrats and their enablers in the media and in Hollywood et al were not supposed to be caught up in the sexual harassment dragnet.  These were elite members of The Club and they were supposed to have immunity from their misdeeds.  That was the unspoken deal that first took root in the 60’s and 70’s when the Sexual Revolution emerged, coincidentally timed, mind you, with the women’s rights movement.  Leftist males, clever as they are, quickly realized that there was both a political and personal advantage to treating women as a special interest group and championing “the cause.”

When the movement got around to going after sexual harassers, it was all good to start with, because the targets were Republicans.  Club members feigned righteous indignation on behalf of the women who testified against Clarence Thomas and nearly derailed the conservative justice’s appointment to the Supreme Court (damn!…so close), as well as for the women who testified against Republican Senator Bob Packwood, who was successfully (Victory!) forced to resign his seat.  (Side note:  The leftwing Washington Post delayed publication of the Packwood allegations until after he was elected whereupon, following his resignation, his seat went to a Democrat in a special election.  Sound familiar anyone?).

The unspoken pact was put to the test during the Bill Clinton era, when the moment came where women had to choose between standing by their sisters in the fight against sexual harassment or siding with their benefactors who pulled the political strings in their favor.  We all know what happened there, don’t we?  And when it was tested again during the campaign of “bimbo”- suppressor Hillary Clinton, the pact was reaffirmed yet again.  Leftist males were starting to believe they were invincible, especially when psuedo “conservative” powerhouse Bill O’Reilly and Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes were both forced out at Fox News over sexual harassment allegations.

So what happened?  How did big donor Harvey Weinstein, media icons Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose, Senator Al Franken, celebrity Garrison Keiller, and other elite members of The Club suddenly get caught up in the sexual harassment trap even after paying their Club dues?  Watching them fall in quick succession I was reminded of the great children’s story, Yertle the Turtle, by Dr. Suess.  It tells the tale of a selfish, power-obsessed turtle, King Yertle, who forces his subject turtles to climb up upon each other’s backs so that he can sit on top and survey his self-designated kingdom.  As Yertle orders his thousands of turtles to climb on the stack, the bottom turtle – a powerless, inconsequential fellow named Mack – complains of his discomfort to no avail.  Finally, he decides enough is enough, and he does one simple thing that brings the whole turtle throne and the arrogant King Yertle crashing down:  he burps.


I’m not sure if it was Rose McGowan or someone else who finally burped, but whoever it was shook enough turtles out of their complacent silence to send a flurry of the Left’s elite club members crashing unceremoniously to the ground.   Why now?  Because the pact was starting to come apart.  Most of these women are younger and hence were not around when the pact was first formed.  They see no reason that they should trade their silence – and sacrifice their bodies – for political privileges that now seem to be the status quo, and this includes women not just in Hollywood but in the media and in the offices of elected officials as well, which is why the pact is fracturing.

That’s what I think happened, but as much as I am enjoying seeing members of The Club turn on their own, I think there are serious battles ahead with respect to the politics of sexual harassment.  The Left cannot be allowed to use their newly discovered principles on sexual harassment as a cover for past sins.  For the moment, however, as far as I am concerned Rose McGowan – or whoever it was that burped – is excused!


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  1. Strange, it would not let me reply to your comment. I am going to be seeing friends in Dallas and then going to the Beaumont area to see the in-laws.


  2. Men who really harass women, grope them, and rape them should have the book thrown at them – period. My only concern is what is looking like a gradual expansion of what constitutes “harassment.” Inappropriate touching is (obviously) harassment, but a non-romantic hug shouldn’t be labeled as a criminal action. We do have to be careful not to include valid non-sexual affection with abuse. It’s already getting to the point where some men have resorted to not placing themselves in a position of being alone with a woman under any circumstances – like riding an elevator. I know that sounds ludicrous, but we’re moving in that direction.


  3. Sexual harassment and predatory behavior knows no political ideology. I think what people forget to remember is that most predators prey on family members (wives, children, and yes sometime husbands). Over 75% of these types of crimes happen to family member. Democrats were being Naive if they thought they were immune to such behavior.


    • Agreed, Patrick, but of course only one Party has gotten to claim credit for being the benefactor of women when it comes to sexual harassment, even when the whole word watched them circle the wagons around Bill Clinton. And now we know they circled their wagons around a lot of people, all while taking credit for caring so much about victims of sexual harassment. So harassment may know no political ideology, but things definitely lean to one side when it comes to fooling the public.

      Predators are a big problem, but I think the danger of the way this has evolved is that we’ve blurred the lines between bad behavior and criminal behavior. “Unwanted advances,” which may be something as innocent as asking a co-worker out for a date, is being lumped in with aggressive behaviors like groping and even rape. An injustice to women is being answered with an equal injustice to men who are being tried and convicted in the court of public opinion with very serious consequences for some of them. I think as a nation we need to take a breath and put some clarity in place.

      I appreciate your comment, Patrick. Hope you’re coping okay.


      • Agreed. I did not disagree with your comments. I just don’t think people realize that there are probably predators within a stone throw away from their own home. I also agree the line is blurred in our politically correct world. With people easily annoyed and offended, it is sure to lead to false harassment claims. Maybe there is a silver lining to all these cases: draining the media and Washington swamp.

        I am coping. It is becoming more difficult, but I am still not ready to throw in the towel yet. Hopefully, I have a few more years of competing in cycling. My doctors are really dumbfounded as to why I keep getting better on a bike, but most other activities I can no longer do without a real struggle.

        I will be passing through your area later this month to see the in-laws.


      • >>”Maybe there is a silver lining to all these cases: draining the media and Washington swamp.”

        It certainly looks that way!

        As always, Patrick, I greatly admire your determination to persevere in spite of the physical challenges you have now and all of the challenges you endured as a youngster. I’m so glad that the doctors are surprised by your success, and not the opposite. You’re an inspiration!

        Will you be near Dallas or near Houston? I am in Houston now.


  4. Interesting analysis. So many things in this to analyze. I think you’re on to something.

    I find it so interesting also that most of the actors are leftists. Of course there are some R’s but they seem far and few between. And by now if there were a lot, they would have been outed, I think. But still watching as things unfold. It seems to be a continuing train wreck!


    • I asked myself this question, Tannngl: Why do men purport to support “women’s rights” issues (like abortion, equal pay, preferential treatment and harassment laws) when in reality they don’t really see them as equals, which is what we’ve been seeing with all these revelations? Why not support policies that supposedly favor men and keep the power advantage to themselves? What else might their motive be? Well in addition to getting women to join the Democrat Club and empower the men who run it, the “revolution” gave these men responsibility-free access to women like they’d never had before. They don’t have to marry women, they don’t have to behave like fathers even when they make children and even if they’re president they can cheat on their spouses and tell the world to mind it’s own business – stop being so judgmental. If you want to understand human behavior, follow the motive.

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  5. It’s funny how whatever topic the Dems are indignant about, or are busy bashing Republicans for, turns out to be what they’re guilty of and when that is exposed, they can’t change the subject fast enough. And, as you say, they always find newly discovered principles.

    It’s true with all the Russia/Trump hype, it’s turned out to also be the case in the wave of sexual assaults being aired, and it’s true on just about any topic you choose. They’re so busy putting out fires, they’re running out of fire extinguishers.

    I just hope that all of these well-timed burps don’t turn out to be empty charges. There’s a big difference in being groped and being scrunched next to someone in a crowded elevator. If the lines get blurred then lives are ruined needlessly, instead of justice happening.


    • >>”….whatever topic the Dems are indignant about, or are busy bashing Republicans for, turns out to be what they’re guilty of…”

      You mean like when Barack ‘Apology Tour’ Obama asked, “why is it that Republican politicians are so down on America?”

      Or when he accused Republicans of (wait for it) “playing politics?”

      Or do you mean like when leftists call Republicans “fascists?”

      Or when BLM accuses Republicans of racism?

      Yes, projection of one’s owns sins onto your opponent is a classic tactic that’s probably taught in “Rules for Radicals.”

      >>“If the lines get blurred then lives are ruined needlessly, instead of justice happening.”

      Great point, Kathy, and precisely why I’m looking at this whole situation with my usual cynicism in spite of just glee at seeing the fall of some big-time Democrats. These are people who would think nothing of encouraging a witch hunt for a few minutes of attention or the slightest political advantage.

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