We should be assimilating, in preference to diversifying

In order to have a reasonable discussion on diversity versus assimilation, we first need to be sure that we’re working from common ground. We can’t rely on the left’s definition of words, they simply re-define words to mean what they want them to mean rather than the true meaning of the words. So, we’ve pulled the actual definitions of the words from the dictionary.

The term diversity really means:

The state or fact of being diverse; difference; unlikeness: variety.

And the term assimilation really means:

To bring into conformity with the customs, attitudes, etc., of a group, nation, or the like; adapt or adjust.

So, when we use the term diversity we’re describing differences or variety in kind, form, or character.

You’ll note that there aren’t any specifics limiting the meaning of the word to race alone. Yet the left uses diversity in a racial context – and only in a racial context. Not as it relates to any other aspect of human relations.

They certainly don’t celebrate diversity of thought or political ideas, you either think as they do or you’re wrong – or even worse; labeled a racist.

Just look at our colleges and universities, now firmly under the control of leftist “educators.” The mere utterance of anything conservative is apt to get a student shouted down, shunned, and perhaps even physically attacked. We’ve seen what happens when a conservative speaker is invited to speak at a university function, riots and violence break out, along with their favorite method of communicating with conservatives; the Heckler’s Veto.

And, of course, we can’t ignore the media who have exchanged vows with the leftists and promised to lie, honor, and obey. Where’s the diversity in the political reporting by the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, etc.? Yes, they purport to be objective, but their “objectivity” is badly tainted by their own leftist political views.

Let’s be plain, we’re not saying that all diversity is bad, it’s just not the most important aspect of human interaction. It’s being pushed by the left to ensure the forced integration of all-things-black into all aspects of life in America.

The problem arises when diversity is forced on people – when they’re not voluntarily assimilating, adapting, or adjusting on their own – they’re being forced to accept a variety of unlike people with whom they might not ordinarily choose to interact. And that goes both ways –some blacks would prefer to avoid whites and don’t want to assimilate with them and some whites don’t want to assimilate with blacks.

So, let’s examine assimilation and how it differs from diversity.

Given a choice, most people will gravitate to others like themselves. They’ll seek out those with similar likes, dislikes, and culture – its human nature. Most importantly, this gravitation is especially strong in language and cultural background aspects. Those aspects contribute to a natural assimilation of those of similar life experiences into a larger group with a familiar culture.

Indeed, we have celebrated the assimilation of immigrants from all over the world coming into the United States and becoming real Americans. They assimilate by learning to speak, read, and write English. They learn our customs, accept our laws, our system of justice, and when they make an effort to fit in, they are welcomed.

So, exactly why is the left so firmly resolved to force black diversity on us rather than assimilate blacks into the white majority? Let me offer one explanation for the direction chosen by those who would have us celebrate differences rather than similarities.

First, I’d like to suggest that there are really two distinct groups of blacks in our population. Yes, it is an oversimplification, but not out of reason. One group has assimilated with the white majority and that has resulted in similar attributes and lifestyles. Those blacks are educated, economically stable, and are very much like other middle-class American families. In this case, despite a difference in race, there are likely few differences in other aspects of their lives and they interact socially with white neighbors and friends naturally and their interests are similar. Many are likely living “the American Dream.”

The other group has been encouraged to celebrate their black heritage and intentionally disassociate themselves from anything related to the white majority. They’ve been led to believe that many of their problems are directly attributable to meddling by white people and many aren’t particularly fond of white people.

Accordingly, eager to show pride in their black roots, they begin by naming their children names like DeShawn, Shanice, LaShonda, Trayvon, etc., all names that are intentionally unlike traditional white names.

Over time, they’ve developed very different music and dance styles (rap, hip-hop, etc.), again diverging from traditional styles.

Many parents who want to see their child(ren) educated are uneducated themselves and are not in a position to assist their children. Many working, single-parents find it difficult to ensure that their child(ren) actually attend classes. And things become especially difficult when peers discourage young students from participation in formal education since that is viewed by some as “acting white.”

In the inner cities, we even hear differences in the language where many blacks speak Ebonics, a dialect of English as their primary spoken-word communication. We also see a tolerance for things that are not common (or as accepted) in the white community such as dealing drugs and an acceptance of out-of-wedlock births.

There is a propensity for being short-tempered, argumentative, and violent when confronted – especially with law enforcement. And cooperation with police is frowned on, rather than encouraged. These anti-police attitudes are taught, if not by a parent, by their peers. These attitudes don’t help to reduce crime in black neighborhoods, and they almost guarantee trouble with the police.

And, most recently, black FL players have inappropriately protested against the country (as being racist) and against law enforcement (for being too quick to shoot blacks) even though the evidence doesn’t support either accusation. They’ve hurt the National Football League with their ill-timed protests, perhaps beyond repair, because of a selfish, self-serving, protest against social injustice that they say is rampant in America. And don’t forget that the NFL consists of over 70% black players – they’re a large majority.;

Half of the black community is racist against whites and believes that whites should still be accountable for slavery that happened 150 years ago. It’s going to be very difficult (or impossible) for this portion of the black population to assimilate with whites, no matter what whites do to pacify black resentment.

What I’ve seen over the past few decades is that because of black activists, black people have intentionally undertaken to move further apart from white people – to intentionally diverge from anything and everything white – and no, I don’t like it. If blacks want to go their own way, that’s fine, just don’t expect whites to like it or help the move to segregate. We’ve been there, we thought we’d overcome it and that we were coming together as a country, blacks, and whites living side-by-side, in equality. But that didn’t satisfy Barack Obama or the others who profess to celebrate black power. They’ve damaged immeasurably the unanimity of Americans as a result.

It is my view that the country would be much better off if blacks made more of an effort to assimilate rather than continually move away from things that are important to whites. Blacks are only about 13% of the population; they’re a minority – they don’t get to make the rules.

And the government forcing more diversity on us doesn’t help – it only breeds resentment.


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  1. I’ll take it one step further, Garnet. Diversity is NOT a good quality for a country. The left speaks of diversity as if it is the end goal. They WANT different views, cultures, languages, etc to REMAIN different!

    Until these people assimilate into our culture etc, we should stop ALL immigration. Period.
    Diversity is ripping our country apart.

    Great post!


  2. This was an excellent assessment! Of course, there are some of us who are convinced that all this is a part of a greater conspiracy to eradicate whites globally. Despite our majorities in Europe, the US and Australia, to name a few, globally whites are a minority. We also have amongst the lowest birth rates in the world, and that seems to be declining. Meanwhile, blacks and other dark skinned races tend toward higher birthrates and make up the largest part of the global population. Now, mass immigration out of regions with specifically dark skinned people are being herded into our native homelands is such numbers, that it ought to be cause for alarm for all white Europeans.
    Now let’s look at what’s going on in America. There is very loud and clear anti-white sentiment. It even goes to far as to make some whites hate their own ethnic group. What happens when whites become the minority in a country where they are the target of racism? Have a look at Africa to get an idea. In some parts, there are genocidal practices still being committed to this day, and no one does anything to stop it. One black group genocides another black group, blacks in South Africa are committing violence against whites, or so I’ve heard.
    We see the lack of civility amongst intercity blacks in the States, and we see the rise in rape and violent crime in Europe with the rise in refugees. The same anti white sentiment is also being espoused here in Europe. So, is it not reasonable to predict that things will turn very ugly for white people in the years to come?
    Say what you want, but what I see in Europe is a trojan horse, a passive invasion, but it will only stay passive until their numbers have increased exponentially. And more come everyday.

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  3. Very well said, Garnet.

    The whole diversity propaganda has been nothing more than a grand scheme to coerce white people into subjugating their traditions and culture to other minorities. Since the campaign began some 25 years or so ago, the country has not changed for the better. That’s what happens when you encourage people to lower their standards of behavior rather than raise them. The moral to the story is this:

    Never trust a leftist who wants to fix what isn’t broken.

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