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  1. We probably already have it in use


  2. I believe these technologies are already in use. Laser guided drones have already been openly admitted. AI capability is a minor next step.

    “Rocket Man” is a logical target to serve as an example, even to the occupants of the Forbidden City. Perhaps even with their blessings, so long as a reunified Korea is not set up as an offensive military viability vis a vis China.

    Yes, frightening, but very real!

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  3. You’re scaring me, Curtis!

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  4. This is a very good representation of not only technological capability of AI, but also how powerful it can be in the hands of good guys and bad guys alike. As terrorists these days have proven, anything that can be weaponized will be weaponized. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. That is downright creepy and to think this is already in the works, or perhaps already a finished product makes one wonder what happens when the bad guys get their hands on this.

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  6. Da-yum – frightening doesn’t do the concept justice. It’s right around the corner and, as you say, it may already be too late to close the barn doors. What’s presented in the video is already here in a rudimentary form, it only needs a little more evolution in A.I. and miniaturization to be a reality. Everyone who is the least bit engaged should watch this video and ponder the question, how can it be stopped?

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