A Dozen Times Good Guys With Guns Stopped A Massacre

From: dailycaller.com,  by Tim Pearce,  on Nov 12, 2017

A man armed with a rifle walked into the First Baptist Church of Southerland Springs, Texas, Nov. 5 and killed 26 congregants, fleeing in an SUV after exchanging shots with a church neighbor.

The neighbor, retired NRA instructor Stephen Willeford, and Johnnie Langendorff have been named heroes after the tragedy. Willeford shot the gunman and caused him to flee, while Langendorff drove his truck about 95 miles per hour in a high-speed chase to catch the killer.

In honor of the Texas heroes and the 2nd amendment that secures the right for good people to carry guns, The Daily Caller News Foundation has compiled a list of 11 other times in the past decade where a tragedy was cut short or wholly averted because of good people with guns.

Some of the following were originally gathered by Eugene Volokh for his column in The Washington Post:

  1. July 2017 – A politically motivated gunman attempted to massacre Republican congressman during a congressional baseball practice. He struck four people, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise. Congressional police attending the practice because of Scalise returned fire, pinning the shooter down until officers from the Alexandria Police Department arrived, eventually killing the shooter.
  2. September 2017 – An immigrant shot and killed a woman walking to her car in a church parking lot after the service. He entered the church where 22-year-old Robert Engle confronted the killer. Engle fought the gunman, suffering a blow to the head. The gunman, however, accidentally shot himself in the chest during the brawl. Engle, permitted to carry a pistol, retrieved his gun from his car and held the shooter until police arrived.
  3. May 2015 – Two gunman targeted a “Draw The Prophet” event in Texas where local artists were drawing caricatures of the Prophet Muhammed. An off-duty traffic officer working security for the event saw the would-be killers pull up in a black van, and he got out of his police cruiser to investigate. The two gunman then exited their van and opened fire. The traffic cop answered with his handgun, killing both assailants.
  4. April 2015 – An gunman fired into a crowd in Chicago’s Logan Square. An Uber driver with a concealed-carry permit drew his pistol and shot the assailant six times, knocking him down and ending the threat.
  5. March 2015 – An argument in a Philadelphia barbershop escalated until one man pulled a gun and began firing wildly. Another man with a concealed-carry permit brought out his own weapon, shooting and killing the attacker.
  6. July 2014 – A psychiatric patient entered a “gun-free” hospital alongside his caseworker. The patient had an appointment to see Dr. Lee Silverman, his psychiatrist. After arguing in the doctor’s office, the patient took out a gun and began firing, trying to kill Silverman. The attacker killed his caseworker instead, only grazing the doctor. Silverman took out his own gun, shooting and incapacitating his patient.
  7. September 2012 – A man in a Plymouth, Penn., bar, angry at being kicked out, took out a gun and began shooting, killing one and wounding another. He then trained his gun on others when bar patron Mark Ktytor, who has a concealed-carry permit, took out his gun and shot the attacker several times, dropping him.
  8. March 2012 – A man armed with a shotgun kicked open the doors to a church in South Carolina. Before any shots were fired, the pastor’s grandson, Aaron Guyton, pulled his gun on the man and held him at gunpoint while several other parishioners disarmed him. Guyton has a concealed-carry permit.
  9. May 2009 – Two armed robbers broke into an apartment filled with 10 people attending a party. The gunmen made everyone lie on the floor while they stripped people of their valuables. The accomplices then took two women into a back room where one of the armed me intended to rape and kill them, and then the rest of the hostages. One of the partygoers, Marine Sean Barber who was participating in a military program for Marines to attend college, retrieved a gun he had hidden in the apartment. Barber shot one robber, who fled. Barber then went to the bedroom where the other robber was about to rape the women, shot the man and chased him out of the apartment, where he later died of his injuries.
  10. May 2008 – A man killed two people in a bar in Winnemucca, Nev. When he stopped firing to reload his weapon, a concealed carry permit holding patron shot and killed him.
  11. December 2007 – A disgruntled man entered a church in Arvada, Colo.,, and proceeded to kill four people before being shot himself by volunteer church security guard Jeanne Assam. The man committed suicide after Assam hit him multiple times.

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Frankly, I was a little perturbed when I first read this list. By going all the back to 2007 for incidents, it could lead a skeptic to believe that occasions of defensive gun use happen only rarely – and I know that they’re much more common than the number implies. It seems that this list was compiled by the Daily Caller and I suppose that they felt that the issue was sufficiently covered by listing only a dozen incidents.

It should be noted that if anyone is reading this commentary with the mistaken idea that defensive gun use is a pipedream of gun nuts, I challenge you to check out this site which compiles incidents where a gun was used defensively: Defensive Gun Use. I scanned the site figuring that I’d count the number of DGUs that occurred during 2017 but finally quit when I’d surpassed 500. I don’t know how many there actually are listed that were in 2017 since they’re not exactly listed in chronological order, suffice to say that there are a lot of DGUs listed. Each individual item links to an article that describes the incident and also notes details about the victim and the person acting in defense.



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3 replies

  1. Posting these is always a good idea. Perhaps some leftist might accidentally happen upon Pesky Truth and read it!


  2. Great list, Garnet.

    And let’s not forget that every time someone decides not to commit a crime for fear of getting shot by police or by armed bystanders, an armed citizenry is a deterrent to a crime.

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  3. I sure wish there was a way to take this info and shove it in the faces of Feinstein and the other gun grabbers. Armed citizens DO make a huge difference and putting the information under their noses is the only way we’ll ever get their attention. I’d probably have to read it to them, but that’s okay – it would be well worth the time.


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