NFL Commish Reportedly Asks for $50 million and Private Jet for Life

From:,  by Dylan Gwinn,  on Nov 12, 2017

Contract negotiations are always dicey when business is not going well. After all, what does a business leader have the right to ask for, when he’s essentially failing at his job?

Well, if you’re NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, the answer to that question is, a lot.

An anonymous NFL owner familiar with Goodell’s contract negotiations told ESPN, that Goodell has asked owners for $50 million per year, lifetime health insurance for his family, and use of a private jet, for life.

If you’re asking yourself whether it’s normal for contract proposals to become public knowledge during a negotiation? The answer to that is a definitive, no. Which begs the question: Who would leak the details?

It would seem clear that whoever leaked the info, would be connected to Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones, who has launched his own crusade against Goodell.

As Breitbart’s Daniel Flynn writes:

Many are the crimes of Goodell against Jones’s franchise: lowering the team’s salary cap as punishment for excessive spending in an uncapped season, suspending Ezekiel Elliott six games after the league’s investigator recommended no suspension, and blocking the team’s effort to honor slain Dallas cops with a decal all come to mind. But Goodell’s weakness against the anthem kneelers, rather than any offense against the Cowboys, that seems to primarily motivate Jerry Jones.

Jones, who knelt with players prior to the national anthem earlier this season, remains the owner most vocal in his displeasure with a pregame ritual to honor America turning into an anti-American publicity stunt. He acknowledges his conversations with the president on the subject. He bluntly says of Cowboys who decide to kneel for the national anthem, “They won’t play.”

Goodell’s refusal to take a similar approach leaguewide, or at least take action to quell the protests, irritates Jones and other owners losing millions because of the commissioner’s refusal to treat the protesters the way he might treat players wearing unapproved headphones or shirts that display logos of companies not sponsoring the league. Ratings plummet as viewers find another Sunday activity. Sponsors, including Papa John’s, begin to publicly complain. Even a visible number of stadium seats, for the first time in recent memory, consistently remain empty in various markets.

The release of Goodell’s contract stance seems to be just the latest front in Jones’ war against the commish. Will it work? Probably not. Does Jones have the purest of motivations? Probably not.

Is it refreshing to see someone pushing back on the worst commissioner in modern history, regardless of motivation?



I’m on Jerry’s side on this one. How can so many owners, who are supposedly astute businessmen, ignore Goodell’s actions (and inactions), especially in the past year? He made some bone-headed decisions, not the least of which was to allow the kneeling protests to go on unimpeded until they practically forced action by upset fans. It appears that the NFL is hemorrhaging fans and Jerry (and some others) are watching their profits wither away even as Goodell’s contract renewal is being negotiated. Personally, I’d like to see him fired, but if he is going to get a new contract, there absolutely ought to be some of the money based on his performance. I can’t imagine that these business guys would hire any upper-level management without basing their earnings on performance. If Jerry can’t stop Goodell from getting his pound of flesh, he ought to consider selling the Cowboys. They’re probably close to a peak right now and, if fan boycotts continue, the value of the team can only go downhill. The team (all of them) could be worth substantially less a year from now.






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  1. I know this is off point a bit but I can’t get past the idea that a guy who’s demanding a raise from $40 – $50 million is so petty/greedy to also demand health insurance. If I were an owner this alone would sufficiently annoy me that I would insist on finding someone else to do the job. Someone who could find the extra money in a $40-$50 million salary to pay for their own damned insurance.


  2. Is Goodell trying to intentionally price himself out of the extension so he can get out of the job and still be able to play the role of victim?

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  3. Jerry made his opinions about Goodell known long before Ezekiel Elliott’s issues, so the treatment Elliott’s gotten may have contributed to Jerry’s current stance, but it wasn’t his primary motive.

    The team owners are apparently liberals. They’re not making sound business decisions and they’re letting players’ emotions run things. They haven’t set their players straight on the lack of facts behind the protests, and it seems they’re okay with Goodell’s decisions since Jerry’s being made the only bad guy in this.

    There was a concentrated effort to boycott more games this weekend in honor of our veterans and it seems to have had quite an effect, as I saw pictures of more half-empty stadiums at this weekend’s games. Somebody had better pull their head out and quickly or the NFL will be history.

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    • That’s an important point, Kathy, and it’s mentioned in this story, but I’ve read other articles that leave out the timing and make Elliott’s suspension look like a driving force in Jerry’s anger. I believe that Jerry sees what’s going on and with the sports’ world’s most valuable franchise, he doesn’t want to watch it crash and burn because of dumbass moves by the commissioner. I think that he’s entirely justified and if the other owners don’t see the facts in front of them, they’re sorry businessmen and deserve to lose their asses.


  4. He should be dismissed, not renewed.

    From what I’ve read, the Compensation Committee has placed incentive clauses into the contract. But the required metrics to “earn” those incentives are so easy, the money should be guaranteed for sake of clarity.

    There is a majority of NFL ownership who are died-in-the-wool Leftists (look at franchise locales), and will gladly sacrifice a share of their fortunes to press the Leftist cause further. Think Tom Steyer and George Soros as models. I personally view them as traitors, but most of the muddle-headed masses drunk on MSM propaganda can’t see the forest for the trees.

    Dang! Did I say that? Must be a Monday morning, or something! LOL!

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  5. Right off the start I would be saying NO, no you don’t get a private jet, no you don’t get insurance for the whole family for life and NO NO NO NO you don’t get $50 Million a year
    Our best players only make 25 and you want 50? Who the hell donyou think you are Mr Goodell

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