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  1. Why are we hearing about Moore’s alleged misbehavior only now, after a highly publicized battle between him and Luther Strange for the Republican primary??? Why do you suppose the accusers kept their mouths shut until AFTER Moore won the primary???

    Answer: they were waiting to see if Moore won so they could damage him when it was time to run against the Democrat. In other words they weren’t so terribly offended by his behavior that they wouldn’t turn it into political opportunity. That kind of calculating cynicism should not be rewarded.

    Moore and Republicans should take a page from Donna Brazille’s book and tell Democrats to go to Hell. That’s what they told us to do when it came to Bill Clinton, and when they nominated his enabler wife for POTUS, so who cares what they think now? Who cares about their phony outrage? Not me.

    I believe in pervert equality.

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  2. Just think of all the people who knew about this and kept quiet – it’s disgusting.

    Is it always the Dems, or are the Rs just better at hiding it?

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    • It’s not just the Dems, although I believe they are more in your face with it and may use a lower moral yardstick. Why else is this kept secret for 60 years? And nothing was ever done about Ted Kennedy allowing the death of his secretary over his infidelity. The Kennedy’s aren’t the only Democrats who were sexually immoral. LBJ was not faithful and there were others.

      Why is it the Republicans must face their sins in public?

      I believe Alabama should vote for Judge Moore. His sins, if there were any, are 40 years old and of no import right now. The Constitution is up for grabs.


  3. Neither political party has cornered the market on sexual affairs. I find the comment on JFK’s distrust of LBJ insightful, and also the “better red than dead” comment.

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    • No, men in positions of authority, especially those with mega-authority will dally. It’s been a fact since history began. But you’re right. I didn’t like the ‘better red than dead’ comment and I wasn’t surprised at Kennedy’s distrust of LBJ. He was a snake.


  4. I have to confess to partial ignorance about the depth of Kennedy’s affair. I had heard that he was cavorting with the “help,” but I really didn’t know that it was that serious. I read that Post article and my jaw dropped. He was more of a horndog than Bill Clinton was – at least while President. And little is said about Jackie – she must have known? If this was about a Republican president, it would be required reading in every college in the country.

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    • It has been my experience that men who acquire positions of power and influence have huge affinities for this kind of behavior and immorality. I won’t say all…but it’s very common. I think if you looked into any man’s life 40 years ago who is in political office, and decided these men should not be in political office, we just wouldn’t have any men in political office.

      We’ve been thrown messy dirty bones a month before the Moore election (and he was winning hugely) and Republicans are moralizing in stead of thinking of our Constitution and the implications of electing a leftist into Sessions’ senate seat. I believe we must elect Moore at all costs, if he stays in the race. THAT is our moral imperative.


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