Bill Whittle: “These People Can’t Stop Themselves”

Conservative commentator Bill Whittle discusses the best way to end the mass murders the US has suffered during the past twenty years or so, and like so many other things it comes down to the media. It’s not just the leftist media this time – it’s all the media.

In the video Bill plays a blurb of an interview with Richard “The Iceman” Kuklinski, the infamous mafia hitman who killed over 200 people and when you watch it, pay particular attention to his cold dead eyes.

The same theory applies to the lefty celebrities and mouthpieces who spew out vile statements and the very next moment we’re seeing them blasted from every media site there is. Just stop it. Stop giving them a free platform because they’re famous, because it only builds their strength. Just as it does with the insane people who intend to murder large numbers of people just to get their 15 minutes.


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  1. “There’s no such thing as bad publicity’ is attributed to P. T. Barnum, the circus owner and that must be the belief of the insane nuts who commit these mass killings. You and I may not want others to think badly of us, but that apparently doesn’t stop these murderers. I’d be just as willing to accept demonic possession as anything else since there doesn’t appear to be a logical reason for these guys to murder scores of innocent strangers. Realistically, there is little that can be done to eliminate any chance of another mass murder. It is something that we just hope and pray doesn’t happen again – like an earthquake, volcano, or other natural disasters, but we can’t stop them.


    • No, we probably can’t prevent more mass murders but we can try to help to slow down the frequency of them. For years, I’ve said that all the talk in the media about the details and mentioning the guy’s name repeatedly just gives ideas to the loons sitting at home on the edge of full-blown crazy. After watching the stories over and over, he’s now worked himself into a ready state of mind. The media is feeding that, but just like the loons, they can’t stop themselves either.


  2. Excellent but Bill Whittle is always excellent.

    “Some people blame the gun because some people are psychologically unwilling or unable to defend themselves, so consciously or not they make sure that everyone is unable to defend themselves as well.”
    Bottom line, leftists are afraid of a gun.


    • It’s possible that leftists are afraid of guns, but they sure don’t mind the protected afforded them by those willing to carry and provide cover.

      Anyone who’s unwilling to defend themselves is mental and has no business telling others what kinds of weapons we can have.


  3. I’m guessing the media, in its own defense, would say that they are only giving their customers what the customers want. I could be wrong but I assume that news outlets have a way of measuring whether people are tuning in or tuning out when stories like this are aired, and judging by the usual breathless, 24-hour non-stop coverage I would say people are tuning in. So as much as I’d like to blame it all on the media, the public bears responsibility too.

    I don’t realistically think we can ask either the public or the media to be the agent of change in these mass killings by pretending news doesn’t happen. Instead I think people should go in the direction of becoming proactive in self-defense, and go on the offense against these lunatic monsters. When the heroes become the story and take the spotlight away from the maniacs maybe then we’ll see a change for the better.


    • I don’t know, CW, I’m not so sure that’s what the people want, but instead it’s what we’re fed and have become accustomed to seeing. The media has a way of forming the story the way they want it presented. They decide how much of the truth we hear, how much drama they add to it – the only decision we get to make is whether or not to accept it.

      In this most recent one, at least we are seeing more about the heroes, and that’s a good change regardless of who’s responsible.

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  4. I love Bill Whittle and have been one of his Citizen Producers for years!

    He is correct that making these deranged predators into media celebrities is a partial motivation for the increase of such actions. If you were a suicidal loser, wouldn’t you want to make big splash as you made your dramatic exit from the mortal coil?

    Mental illness is growing along with the proliferation of lifelike digital shooting games, where you get rewarded for higher body counts. Couple that with mental illness and psychotropic drugs, that have side effects such as suicidal and homicidal urges, and you have a Devil’s brew for sure.

    Further the ongoing secularization of society is removing the moral, ethical, and spiritual underpinnings of society. Meanwhile Diversity is destroying the sense of community.

    Gee! What could go wrong???


    • Right on all counts, Curtis, and we know full well the media will never downplay these horrid attacks, because it’s a contest between them to see who can be first to publish their ‘ongoing’ or ‘developing’ stories.

      Access to news 24/7 has its pros, but the cons are the over-saturation and the disparity of details from one site to the next.


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