Video: Good Guy Shooter Tells How His Actions Stopped Sutherland Springs Church Shooter

This is a great video where we hear, in his own words, exactly how he got involved and with his AR-15 stopped the church massacre shooter from committing any more murders.

That is, if you can keep from yelling at Steven Crowder for interrupting Mr. Willeford while relating his narrative. Crowder just seems to want to hear the sound of his own voice.

Mr. Willeford is very likely a true hero who ran barefoot towards the gunfire and proceeded to wound the church shooter and prevent any subsequent continuation of his cowardly massacre.

It’s both interesting and informative to listen to a good guy with a gun who shot a bad guy with a gun. Kudos to Mr. Willeford.



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  1. In a time where killing mass numbers of innocent people has become a perverse fad to those without souls, heroism is going to have to be the answer, and I humbly applaud Mr. Willeford.and anyone else who came to the rescue that day. Their names should be engraved in stone and placed on monuments while the names of the mass murderers should be quickly forgotten.


  2. The shooter didn’t factor in intervention from a civilian, and as Mr. Willeford said, he may have intended to do the same at the second church, so it’s possible he saved many more lives.

    Both he and Johnny the driver are heroes.


    • It would figure that he left his truck running with more ammo in it and fled in the direction of the second church. I think the chances were good that absent Mr. Willeford’s intervention, the scumbag may well have murdered even more innocent churchgoers.


  3. Kudos indeed. Humble, but worthy. The guy is my hero.


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