Trust in the News Media?

Sharyl Attkisson believes the news media bias can be fixed. But first we must admit we have bias and error.

I really don’t think they will admit it!


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  1. I don’t disagree with Ms. Attkisson’s assessment of the media, except that I would suggest it’s not a new phenomenon at all. It’s been going on for as long as I can remember. But here’s my problem with her message: she seems to assume that the biased journalism we’ve been witnessing is the consequence of sloppiness and of journalists forgetting what the rules of journalistic ethics are. I disagree. I believe the bias is intentional and that calling journalists’ attention to will do absolutely nothing to change it. We need to view the leftwing media in the same light that we would view the hijackers on 9-11. No amount of reminding the hijackers about proper piloting techniques would have saved us from the terror of 9-11 because it wasn’t that the hijackers were sloppy or forgot how to fly airplanes. They were on a mission to destroy. Similarly, no amount of scolding about journalistic ethics is going to change the way leftwing journalists do their jobs because they too are on a mission to destroy (or as they like to call it, “making a difference”).

    The last time I checked more than 80% of “journalists” self-described themselves as Democrats and/or liberals, to say nothing of the owners and editors behind the scenes who are also overwhelmingly liberal. This is a fatal problem for the news media industry, because truth and progressivism are incompatible. Progressivism cannot survive in an atmosphere of truth, therefore the truth must be manipulated. This is why we have massive corruption in the news reporting industry, and that won’t change as long as progressives are running most of the show.

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    • Your Majesty,

      I think you’re right. Attkisson thinks it is sloppiness and error. But look at where their retractions (if there is a retraction to their fake news) are-small areas on the page bottom many pages into the paper. They certainly aren’t on the front page!

      And I also agree that this isn’t new. I was asleep most of my life watching the news. But now when I look back, it was always biased although not in your face biased. Like Satan, they were sly and smart with the slight twists and wording that made you think Conservatives were dumb, evil, wrong. Now I’m woke!

      It’s not going to change, even if they admitted their error. But there will be no such admissions!

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      • LOL, Tannngl! No need for formalities here. I grant you leave to call me ‘CW.’ 🙂

        Back in the presidential election legal fight of 2000 an astute radio host I listened to pointed out that a liberal newspaper in Florida used subtle differences in headlines to manipulate its readers. When Gore won a round in court on a 4/3 split decision the headline read something like: “Court rules in Gore’s favor.” But when Bush won in a similarly split decision the headline read: “In 4-3 Split Decision Court Rules for Bush.”

        That was almost 18 years ago. Bias can be, and typically is, very subtle. It’s like subliminal advertising, except legal.

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  2. Sharyl Attkisson is a journalist that people can trust to tell her story objectively and truthfully – there aren’t many that can qualify to have those terms (objectively and truthfully) used when describing their reportage. Most, especially those associated with the mass media, are simply “water carriers” for the democrats.

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  3. I don’t think we need to admit it either, tannngl, and it seems like a lot of it started when cable news went 24/7. It became even more obvious during O’s eight years and has been over the top ever since Trump set foot in the presidential race.

    Great video with Sharyl – she nails it every time.

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    • It is just amazing they think their opinion ‘news’ is the news!
      It turns my stomach. FOX does the same, appealing to conservatives in the mornings and evenings while using a leftist (Shep Smith) in the afternoons.
      I would like to just have factual news!


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