How Leftism Makes Us Stupid


By Andrew Klavan November 5, 2017

Perhaps the worst thing about having an exclusively leftist media is that it makes all of us, right and left, stupider. Take for example that media’s reaction to the latest Islamist terror attack in Manhattan. . . In reporting the event, CNN Crime and Justice reporter Shimon Prokupecz refused to share the police description of the killer after he was caught. Because he’s a journalist, and the last thing we want is to have journalists going around giving people information!. . .

None of which is to make fun of a tragedy, of course, but only of the absurd reaction of the leftist press. Because, being leftist, they reduce every issue to a binary choice: their way or hatred. Ignore the worldwide connection between Islam and terror or you’re a bigot. Support gay marriage or you’re a homophobe. Buy into government health care or you want people to die. Buy into affirmative action or you’re racist. And so on. In each of these cases, there are rational arguments to be made on both sides and, as President Trump pointed out when discussing iconoclasm, “some very fine people” who support those arguments.

But the left has, for the most part, abandoned rational argument altogether, not because leftism is always wrong about everything but because it is wrong and has been proven wrong on its central premise. It is now irrefutable that socialism destroys every nation it touches. Small homogenous nations that are essentially protected by American might can fool around with confiscatory taxes and massive social programs, but even they will have to privatize industry sooner or later to stay solvent. Otherwise socialism gets you Venezuela, and that’s only if you’re lucky enough not to wind up with the Soviet Union or Red China, with over 100 million human beings exterminated in the name of paradise.

And since each of the left’s arguments is being made not in support of Islam or blacks or women or anyone else, but in support of a bigger government with an eye toward ultimately achieving socialism, leftists can’t afford to accept or even hear the arguments from the other side.

Thus, we end up with a press corps full of idiots: leftists too stupid to deliver the straight news. . . Life is complex. Criticizing a religion is a dangerous thing. Religious bigotry and oppression are real and can get very ugly very fast. But at the same time, ideas and philosophies are what shape societies more than anything else. And in a nation based on a creed like this one, that is especially so. We therefore have the right to question if a certain set of ideas, like Islam, is so inherently antithetical to our creed that the influx of believers needs to be carefully watched and even regulated. It’s a discussion that needs to be had by intelligent adults. But our leftist media is bent on turning us all into stupid children.




Not solely to pick on Islam, but can we seriously discuss the fact that it is at the same time a religion AND political ideology? I know people who speak of the beauty of the inner jihad conquering internal spiritual battles. Fine and good, Christians do the same in prayer and contemplation. Other types meditate and fast, as examples.


That’s the religious part of Islam. But you can’t separate it from the political parts that call for conquering the world with Islam’s armies and slaughtering or subjugating all others who believe differently. Some of those ladies in hijab above are raising little suicide bombers or other political jihadists in the privacy of their homes and mosques. That political Islam part is a direct threat to constitutional governance of a free people exercising their rights to worship freely according to their conscience.


Slaughter and subjugation do not allow for a concept like freedom of conscience.


Can we just dispose of this concept that Islam is like every other religion? It isn’t! It is an aggressive, revolutionary edict that commands the destruction of any other view. 


Much like modern Leftism is evolving towards with Antifa, BLM, and OFA.



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  1. We are facing a war with a force as powerful and evil as the Nazi’s along with the Japanese emperor. The force to rule the world is now Islam and its soldiers are seeking ‘asylum’ all over the Western world. We are indeed being killed and embattled from within our nation as all the other Western nations are doing as well.

    We will only win this if we realize what is going on.

    I don’t think we will.


  2. If we could easily separate peaceful Muslims who will ASSIMILATE into an American judicial system – leaving behind Sharia Law – from jihadists, we could be much more comfortable with an influx of Muslims, However, we’re not allowed to do anything to help us identify one from the other by the politically correct leftists in our government. Under those imposed rules, I’d feel safer not allowing ANY Muslims into the country. People who identify Islam as a religion and ignore the political aspects are intentionally ignoring the dangerous part of the Muslims who bring with them two problems: jihadist terrorists and Sharia Law, either of which can bring problems for American citizens.

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  3. Great comments, Curtis and similar to what I’ve said for a long time. Comparing Islam to other religions is far more severe than the apples to oranges argument because they’re not even close other than the labels, where at least both of the others are fruit.

    Until we’re willing to look at it realistically as more than a religion and ignore the personal attacks, the lefty media will continue to make us stupid.

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  4. Mr. Klavan is right. Leftism can only thrive within a culture of ignorance, so keeping people ignorant becomes their obsession. This is why the Left, following in the footsteps of their communist forefathers, must stringently manipulate and control the news; it’s why we have “political correctness,” which is really just another name for censorship of conservative thought; it’s why people like Barack Obama declare debates to be “over” before they’ve actually been had; and it’s why anyone who dares to try and share a different opinion in the Left’s training centers (a.k.a. college campuses) is increasingly threatened with violence. Rational debate cannot be allowed, because rational debate is to the Left what water was to the Wicked Witch of the West. It makes them melt away into the nothingness where they belong.

    It is important for people to understand that the threat posed by the spread of Islam in the U.S. and the threat posed by the Left are interrelated. Anything that undermines the conservative, Judeo-Christian values and traditions of the U.S. is considered helpful to increasing the power of the Left, and this means they’re all for it. Consequently, as any astute person could have predicted, the Left has acted as an enabler of the spread of Islam in the U.S. They are in bed with groups like C.A.I.R., working tirelessly to soften the American people’s resistance to a “religion” that rejects so many of the core values that are embedded in our Constitution. We are denounced as “racists” and “Islamophobes” if we object to the thousands of mosques being erected across our nation. If police attempt to surveille the mosques for evidence of dangerous radicalization, this is racist and Islamophobic. Consequently we can’t realistically expect to deal with the threat posed by the growing presence of Muslims in the U.S. without first defeating the leftists politically. Good luck to us.

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