The Congressional Black Caucus: Purveyors of Black Urban Decline

From:,  by Sheriff David Clarke (Ret.),  on Nov 3, 2017

America’s urban communities need a reformation. So why do they keep electing Democrats whose progressive policies hold them hostage on the plantation of liberal ideology?

Every week a prominent Democrat is in the news labeling their opposition as racist as if it is some sort of sport. Do you support school choice that helps struggling black parents end generational poverty? Racist. Call out black crime rates that disproportionately claim black victims? Racist. Criticize the welfare state that keeps black people hooked on government handouts? Racist. Are you a Republican? Automatic racist. And if you’re a black conservative like I am, it’s even worse.

No substantive conversation can take place in this environment. Liberal politicians that engage in identity politics have diluted what it actually means to call out racism. Democrats refuse to admit just how harmful their own policies are to black and other urban communities.

And oftentimes, the Congressional Black Caucus is a leading player in this putrid game. The CBC has been appointed gatekeepers by the liberal white establishment to keep blacks tethered to the plantation of liberal ideology and to go after anyone who dares escape.

Education is the vehicle to upward mobility for black people trapped in dysfunctional urban centers with high poverty rates, high infant mortality, high unemployment, and high crime involvement that results in high incarceration rates. After all, an educated black student is less likely to be involved in gangs and criminal activity. That’s something you’d never hear a liberal CBC member admit, but having spent my life serving the black community as a career law enforcement official, I have had a front-row seat from which to view this urban decay.

By standing in the way of the implementation of life improving-policies like school choice, they ignore the underlying conditions that fuel black crime, chronic unemployment, welfare dependence, and absent fathers. Democrats and the Congressional Black Caucus have failed their own communities, choosing political expediency instead.

School vouchers and charter schools are a critical initiative in improving urban education systems. It’s a winning policy. School choice has had a positive impact on student performance, which translates to educational and professional success. By allowing schools to compete for students, teachers and curriculum improve, parents are empowered, and students are given a chance to succeed. It helps break the cycle of poverty and get people off of welfare. With a proven record of success, school choice is exactly what black communities need. Sadly this isn’t even a part of the CBC platform.

There’s a reason why Democratic politicians are against it: they recoil at the thought of empowering parents or anybody else. Empowered individuals do not need big government or its supporters.

How do these politicians ignore the role of their bad policies in these deteriorating communities? With the help of an accomplice – the liberal media – they can hide the dirty little secret of failed urban policies.

With school choice advocates President Donald Trump and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos on board, now is the time to ensure better education for black communities. Unfortunately, the CBC and Democrats continue to push back against such reforms. In fact, they’ve manipulated the issue by labeling school choice advocates as racist. But the question remains: by preventing school choice – a policy that directly benefits black communities – are Democrats and liberal members of the Congressional Black Caucus really trying to help black communities?

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only policy they’re wrong on.

Every time one of our nation’s cities gets ransacked by riots, the CBC sides with radical groups and calls for greater restrictions on law enforcement. These politicians have no idea how dangerous their actions are to our communities. Or do they? They fail – yet again – to address the underlying issues: education, stable family structure with involved dads, and encouraging the adoption of a more mainstream lifestyle.

Be it in Ferguson, Baltimore, or Berkeley, liberal politicians respond to violent protests by standing with insidious groups such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa. The FBI now considers them domestic terrorist groups. These are groups that, by definition, use force and the threat of force to achieve their radical political agenda. Enabling these cop haters and standing by their side does not strengthen the black community, it perpetuates racial tension and ignores the reality that Democratic policies have destroyed American urban communities. It is the “nothing-to-see-here and move along” strategy.

By standing with such groups, Democrats and the CBC are telling them that it’s OK to continue making questionable lifestyle choices like dropping out of school, having multiple kids with different parents, drug and alcohol abuse, and gang involvement. These flawed lifestyle choices prove catastrophic.

The congressional districts in which these protests occur are represented by liberal Democrats, as is the case with Rep. Elijah Cummings and Maxine Waters. As members of the Democratic Party and the CBC, Cummings, and Waters join many of their fellow liberals in combating school choice initiatives and propping up the welfare state.

But when issues of urban violence, education, and economic opportunity arise, you don’t find these politicians debating actual policies that solve these problems. You find them manipulating the issue and labeling Republicans who offer remedies as racist. There is no accountability, and unfortunately, these politicians use the black community to hold on to political power and nothing else.

Come election time, the black community needs to send a message to the CBC that they won’t be exploited any longer. President Trump successfully appealed to black voters in the 2016 election, with an increased number of black Americans voting for him while others helped him win by staying home. Hopefully, that pattern continues in the 2018 midterms.

Sheriff David Clarke now serves as a Senior Advisor and Spokesman for America First Action, dedicated to supporting the Trump/Pence agenda. He recently retired as the Sheriff of Milwaukee County after nearly 40 years in law enforcement.


It would be more accurate to label them as the CRC (Congressional Racist Caucus) since they are every bit as racist as the KKK ever was. As Sheriff Clarke noted, the CBC works alongside the left-liberal establishment to keep blacks on the plantation. They’re like a mini supreme court of racial matters and make their determinations based on racism and their word is black law.

Sheriff Clarke has long been one of our (conservatives) heroes. It does take guts to be a black conservative but he wears it well. He tells the truth about the problems of the black community, it’s a shame that more of them don’t listen to him.

On the other side of the political spectrum is Elijah Cummings. He is about as useless as a true servant of the people as they come. A pure political hack, he has exhibited his loyalty to the party at the expense of citizens of the United States and black Americans. A politician with a capital “P” and with no other redeeming value.




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  1. So when did the CBC advocate having kids out of wedlock or being violent toward people. If I don’t know enlighten me. The FBI labels every black liberation organization a terrorist group.


    • Welcome to PT and thanks for your comment. Of course, you’re right that the CBC doesn’t advocate having kids out of wedlock or violence, but I can’t ever remember hearing about or reading of any direct condemnation of those artifacts by them either. I just believe that they would serve the black community better if they were more vocal about supporting less aggressive attitudes (especially towards police), more emphasis on education, and two-parent families raising children rather than single moms.

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      • Well they do. Often these leaders speak out on these issues inside of black churches and other black spaces. They don’t do it in public because it will simply be fodder for racist to attack us. Chastising black people should be done in black spaces. When done outside it simply adds to separation.


      • I can see that and agree with it to a point, but the downside is that it leads to a mistaken impression (including mine) that there was little/no emphasis placed on at least slowing the rate of out of wedlock births. We both know the problems with that from an economic perspective as well as an emotional one. Kids really do need a family, with a responsible dad present. While not impossible, it is extremely difficult for a single parent to produce offspring who will be educated, economically self-sufficient, and emotionally well adjusted – and to keep them out of trouble.

        I can agree with your statement that chastising black people should be done (primarily) in black spaces with that one addition.


  2. Great article by Sheriff Clarke. An amazing backer of our Constitution and with most blacks standing behind the victim word, he stands up for freedom and responsibility.
    I’ve never heard him say anything I didn’t like.

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  3. Sheriff Clarke was spot on in everything he said, but most especially with this – “Empowered individuals do not need big government or its supporters.”

    That is the one most important thing the black people on welfare need to learn and work hard to overcome. They have to help themselves because the government never will. They only sustain the current situation.


    • I could be wrong, but I think that many black adults simply haven’t been convinced that they can do the right things without the government. They’ve been indoctrinated to the point of being brain-washed that they just can’t do it on their own. There’s probably a lot of ingenuity and invention that’s in them and they just don’t yet realize it. It would be a great benefit to themselves and the country if someone could just wake them up (I refuse to use the term “woke” as it’s being used today).


  4. I’d vote for Sheriff David Clarke for POTUS in a heartbeat. He’s great, and always spot on. If more black leaders were like Sheriff Clarke the future would be radically improved for blacks in America; but alas, blacks seem far more interested in electing race baiters and socialists.


  5. I have lived in Sheriff Clarke’s county have met him personally ( in our local grocery store numerous times) a good man but one that was always elected as a Democract ( he hadn’t)
    His thoughts and actions as a black man speak volumes

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    • I’d consider meeting Sheriff Clarke an honor. I didn’t know, nor would it matter, that he had been elected as a democrat. As the Republican Party exists today, I am NOT a Republican, I just have to vote that way as an alternative to voting democrat (shudder). Every time I’ve seen Clarke on TV he was espousing a conservative position on guns, crime, and black actions that meshed with my own. So, he is one of my heroes, having shown the strength of character to publicly state his honest opinions that differed greatly from the democrat’s black plantation rule book.



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