Blowbull Warming Warning



Thank you for calling the National Weather Service.


We’re sorry, but global warming is not available in your area at the current time. All global warming resources are presently engaged elsewhere.


Please leave a message containing your address and contact information, and global warming will be issued to you as soon as it becomes available. Thank you.

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  1. I don’t know why we’re worried about global warming. The Democrats can easily solve this problem if we just hand over all our money and let them run our lives. They’ll still have their SUV’s, vacation homes and private jets, but they need these things to keep the rest of us in line.

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  2. I like me some warming that we’ve had (like Craw said) in DFW this past week. Still wearing shorts and t-shirts. It could stay this way and I’d be a happy camper. This old dude doesn’t do cold weather well.

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    • Except that the extremely mild winter last year is why we have a really bad flea problem this year.

      We need at least 3 really cold weeks in the middle of the winter.

      • We usually get them, in spades with ice and sleet, not the more beautiful snow.

        Plus current episodes of warming have refilled our reservoirs solving a more dire problem for now.


  3. Nothing I’m remotely concerned about. Anecdotal weather evidence is meaningless.

    Warmer temperatures mean greater food production and lower prices which is good for humanity in general.

    I agree the earth is warming, naturally, since the last Ice Age. Thank goodness, as ice kills all forms of life. Warmer is better, and climate is wholly beyond our control. Far too complex a system which we know very little about.

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  4. Yeah, we had it this week in DFW, and will have more this week.
    All time November high temp record got SHATTERED


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