Thousands Protested Trump Last November In Rally Organized By Russia

From:,  by John Sexton,  on Oct 31, 2017

Last November, a few days after the election, thousands of people gathered for a rally in New York to protest Donald Trump. The Guardian reported on the scale of the Nov. 12 rally at the time:

More than 10,000 people indicated on Facebook that they would attend a noon march from Union Square to Trump Tower, the future president’s home and corporate headquarters.

As marchers mustered at East 17th Street and Broadway, organisers estimated the turnout at 2,000. As the march began to move, however, the true figure seemed closer to the promised 10,000.

Chanting “Not my president!”, the crowd set off up Fifth Avenue under heavy police escort. A call-and-response developed, protesters chanting: “Whose streets? ‎Our streets!”…

Denise Mustafa, a video editor holding a sign that read “Adolf Trump”, said: “I want Donald Trump to know democracy is not going to be pushed aside. I want him to know we’re educated about what’s going on. This is a way to vent our anger in a healthy way and to let people know it’s not hopeless.”

It turns out those were also Russia’s streets. The Hill reports that this particular protest was organized on Facebook by a Russian group calling itself BlackMattersUS, which many people mistakenly assumed was some kind of Black Lives Matter offshoot:

The demonstration in New York City, which took place a few days after the election, appears to be the largest and most successful known effort to date pulled off by Russian-linked groups intent on using social media platforms to influence American politics.

Sixteen thousand Facebook users said that they planned to attend a Trump protest on Nov. 12, 2016, organized by the Facebook page for BlackMattersUS, a Russian-linked group that sought to capitalize on racial tensions between black and white Americans. The event was shared with 61,000 users…

The BlackMatters organizing group was connected to the Internet Research Agency, a Russian “troll farm” with ties to the Kremlin, according to a recent investigation by the Russian Magazine RBC. Facebook has identified the Internet Research Agency as the group responsible for purchasing 3,000 political ads on Facebook’s platform and operating 470 accounts that appear to have attempted to influence the perspectives of Americans during the 2016 elections.

This may have been the most popular event organized by the group but it was not the only such rally. In all, the group organized about ten events, including several before the election. The group also spent months doing interviews with well-known activists. A Google translation of an RBC story:

BlackMattersUS…managed to collect a whole portfolio of interviews with famous fighters for the rights of blacks. In addition to White, the community representatives talked with the legendary member of the Black Panthers movement Erica Huggins, the mother of the black teenager Ramarli Graham, killed by police in New York, the professor of Columbia University and the godfather rapper Tupac Shakur Jamal Joseph, as well as Ramone Africa, a member of the Philadelphia movement of black MOVE , one of the few survivors of the unprecedented local police raid in 1985…

Buzzfeed has more on the RBC story here. As the near-panic about Russian influence over the election continues, it’s worth recognizing that a significant aspect of that effort was telling people on the left what they wanted to hear and encouraging them to act accordingly.


Many of us thought that we could detect definite un-American undertones in many of the anti-Trump rallies and protests, this revelation just reinforces that we were right. We now know that what we were sensing wasn’t just disaffected Americans, it was Russia being active in recruiting black activists to lead such rallies, creating dissension and unrest among blacks and widening the gulf between the races, weakening us as a nation.

Here’s what Facebook General Counsel Colin Stretch will say in testimony he is set to deliver to the Senate Intelligence Committee on Wednesday: “The foreign interference we saw is reprehensible and outrageous and opened a new battleground for our company, our industry and our society, that foreign actors, hiding behind fake accounts, abused our platform and other internet services to try to sow division and discord — and to try to undermine our election process — is an assault on democracy, and it violates all of our values.”  

Are we still wrestling over Russian involvement in our 2016 Presidential Election?

It ought to be clear enough by now – even to brain-dead Hillary Clinton sycophants that the Russians WERE Coming and they depended on misinformation about Donald Trump to help create anger and disarray following Trump’s victory – anything to keep Americans from unifying around our new president. And, to a large extent, with the help of Hillary supporters, they’ve succeeded.






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6 replies

  1. If the Russians were behind these protests, doesn’t that add to the proof that Trump wasn’t colluding with them?

    This is confusing to me because I don’t see what the Russians get out of this. Like the libs, they didn’t get the president they wanted, but what benefit do they get from creating more chaos?


  2. This sort of throws the whole “collusion” meme for a loop, eh?

    It seems the Russians understand enough about Americans to know which of us would be easily duped by their ruse. They must have learned by watching Black Lives Matter, a communist group that masquerades as an advocate for black victims of police aggression.

    Someone needs to tell those damn Russians that only Americans are allowed to undermine American democracy!


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