In the Age of Fake Everything: What IS and ISN’T “Racist”


Now and then we see documentaries showing the brainwashing that takes place in politically isolated nations, and we shake our heads at the peoples’ ignorance and childlike gullibility.  But here in the U.S. much of the same thing is going on, except without the benefit of dictatorship or state control, and that makes it worse.  While it’s sometimes hard to discern whether people truly believe the lies and myths that are fed to them or whether they’re just playing along with the game for some common objective, we seem to be in the midst of an epidemic of misunderstanding what it means to be a “racist.”  So I thought this might be a good time to do a bit of UN-brainwashing and straight forward clarification.  Here it is:

What IS racist:

  • “Black Lives Matter” is racist – because they reject the inclusive label, “All Lives Matter”
  • Making assumptions about race, good or bad, that have no basis in reality is racist
  • Restricting what truths someone is allowed speak just because they’re white is racist
  • Using skin color as the sole or primary qualification when voting for a candidate is racist
  • Assuming, as a matter of public policy, that race should be a factor when qualifying for public assistance is racist
  • For a U.S. President to suggest that it was germane to the pursuit of justice that if he had had a son, that son would have looked like Trayvon Martin (and not like George Zimmerman) is racist
  • Suggesting that an entire race of people is “privileged” based solely upon their skin color, irrespective of any and all evidence to the contrary, is racist
  • Assuming that a white cop cannot be objective when dealing with black citizens is racist
  • Painting any race – black, brown or white – with the same broad brush is racist
  • Making race a factor – positively or negatively – in selecting job or university applicants is racist


What ISN’T racist:

  • Truth: No matter how uncomfortable it is to hear it, the truth is never racist
  • Criticizing someone of a different race is not racist
  • Racial disparities in higher education, occupations or income when there are also disparities in cultural attitudes on education, aptitudes, high school graduation rates, I.Q., life choices, career choices and work history is not racist
  • Profiling for criminal behavior based upon actual criminal statistics and local experience is not racist
  • Following your natural instincts for self-protection based upon your experiences or knowledge of history and/or statistics is not racist; i.e., if a black man walking down the street sees what looks like a group of white skinheads coming his way, he would be acting wisely based upon knowledge – not racism – to quickly change his route.
  • Bank credit policies that favor credit-worthy borrowers are not racist
  • Immigration policies that favor unique and desirable work skills are not racist
  • U.S. border policies that prevent illegal entry are not racist
  • U.S. travel policies that protect U.S. citizens and U.S. interests from terrorist activities and other dangers are not racist
  • Describing a black person as “black” or a Hispanic person as “Hispanic” is not racist
  • Disagreeing with the Left on “climate change,” abortion, drug policy, foreign policy, the Second Amendment, healthcare, taxes or anything else of national concern is not racist
  • The state of being white does not make you a racist

I will not be one of those people who sits quietly by as terms like “racist” are transformed from useful components of our language to weapons for the benefit of the Left.  How about you?



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  1. Say something enough times and it becomes truth (or some words to that effect). This is what happens. Most people still get their news from the MSM, I think. And those who do only hear this junk and being the useful idiots they are, they believe it.

    Not sure how to stop this but maybe a takeover of MSM?


  2. Excellent lists, CW. When you become queen, I respectfully request that you outlaw “politically correct” as having any weight or consideration in making any determination about anything. Fixing that and revising the application of the “racist” labels should go a long way to fixing our society.


  3. It is pretty scary where we are at in society. We have devolved the past decade as a nation because of 24/7 information that feeds certain narratives which brain washes us into only one way of thought. I only see it getting worse and the race baiting will continue to devolve. In the meantime, Please excuse me while I remove Washington (Slave Owner), Jefferson (Slave owner), and Roosevelt (eugenics and segregation supporter) from Mount Rushmore.


  4. Good stuff CW and now that you’ve cleared that up, we just need to find a way to get the lefties to read and comprehend it. A huge task, to be sure, because they’ve heard it abused so long they now believe everything is racist.

    It’s a club they’ve bludgeoned us with to avoid an honest debate and when it’s hurled at the GOP leaders they draw back like they were bitten by a snake instead of repudiating it. Not so much for me – I challenge it every chance I get. Bring it.


    • The best we could hope for is that people will stop cowering and apologizing for innocent behavior when they’re the victims of these phony claims of racism, but even that would be a lot to hope for. The lefties are good at this game.



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