Should we do away with Down Syndrome?

Man With Down Syndrome Slams ‘Final Solution’ Of Abortion (Video)

On October 25, 2017, Frank Stephens testified to the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies about the value of medical research in Down Syndrome.

In light of the actions of Iceland and Denmark in forcing women who are carrying Down Syndrome babies to abort them-KILL THEM-this man’s plea for his own human value and the value of all people with Down Syndrome are quite touching and reasonable. 

The countries mentioned above who are killing babies with Down Syndrome are Socialist countries (communist) who control health care and in this way force all mothers to abort such babies. As a result, people with Down Syndrome are almost non-existent now in those areas.

I think Mr. Stephens’ speech will make you understand that this ‘final solution’ is both inhumane and unreasonable. Abortion, euthanasia is never the answer. It shows our culture’s loss of respect for life and brings us to the lowest common denominator of humanity and existence. We lose out on many joys along with sorrows, pain but the wonderful humanness of life in all its passion.


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  1. A great and touching post, Tannngl. That speaker is an admirable young man. Who better to speak on this subject than those with Down Syndrome and perhaps the families who love them?

    This is, as you say, the great problem with socialized medicine or socialized anything. Whenever you socialize your personal obligations, you also socialize away your right to control profound aspects of your life. There’s a term for this. It’s called “selling your soul.”

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    • Indeed, CW. Selling your soul and we all know who we sell it to. (If we believe in him).

      The term used by Mr. Stephens, ‘final solution’ sure epitomized the whole evil of holocaust. Hitler tried the final solution on the Jews. These countries are trying the final solution on Down Syndrome. What’s next? brown eyes? arthritic knees? diabetes? heart disease? National health care is evil. We lose our freedom to be human and to live.

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  2. “I don’t feel that I should have to justify my existence.”

    Agreed. He shouldn’t, but we’ve become a country where it’s legal to kill perfectly healthy babies because of their inconvenience, so what’s to hold them back from aborting one with Down Syndrome? I wish we spent as much money on research as we spend on abortions.

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    • Life is precious, no matter how WE think it’s deformed, diseased or ugly. The life of a human is made in the image of God. That is the reason for the command to not murder.
      You’re right. The money spent on abortion should be spent on research. Leftists lead us to destruction.


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